How To Connect Bose Soundbar To TV In 3 Simple Ways?


how to connect bose soundbar to tvYou will have plenty of options when deciding what you love to hear—having a help of AirPlay Apple 2, Wi-Fi, Spotify Connect, and Bluetooth, where you can possibly stream music anytime and anywhere. Once you already have your most favorite contents ready to stream, you will have the best choice to hear it from the Bose-Soundbar. And now how to connect bose soundbar to TV?

Level up your sound experience by adding an appealing Bose-Soundbar entertainment system. You can trust these devices for a cinematic and deafening kind of experience. Choose Bose-Soundbars in different variations, namely, Bose Smart Soundbar 300, Bose Smart Soundbar 700, and Bose-Soundbar 500. And rest assured that this soundbar is easy to set up and easy to use.

Best Options to Connect Bose-Soundbar To Smart TV

The best tree options to choose from in connecting Bose-Soundbar, and which one will you prefer? Still, it is based on what is available you have, the Bose-Soundbar you have or choose, and your TV supports. Latest televisions may connect using ARC (via HDMI), Bluetooth, or optical.

Also, adaptors are needed for these methods if your smart television is an older version or if you needed them. HDMI is considered the best option to connect Bose-Soundbar to smart television because it gives the flawless audio quality. Then the optical option is a close second. And if you choose the muddier sound, the Bluetooth is viable option too.

Check below the options on how to connect Bose-Soundbar to smart television.

How to Connect Bose Soundbar to TV In 3 Methods

Check and read below the options on how to connect Bose-Soundbar to smart television.

Use HDMI Cable to Connect Bose-Soundbar to TV

The simplest way to connect Bose-Soundbar is through HDMI cable to your TV. You must prefer to use this when your TV has an HDMI-eARC or an HDMI-ARC connection.

  • First, Turn OFF both the TV and Bose soundbar.
  • Prepare the HDMI cable that will be connecting Bose soundbar to TV.
  • Then, connect the one end of HDMI cable to Bose-soundbar and the opposite end to the to your TV.
  • Power ON both your Bose soundbar and your TV.
  • In the settings options from the TV change the audio output to HDMI.
  • Lastly, change the input of the audio in your Bose soundbar to HDMI.

Use An Optical Cable to Connect Bose-Soundbar to TV

In this option, your TV does not have an HDMI way of connection; therefore connect the Bose Soundbar to TV using this optical cable.

  • First, have an optical cable.
  • Then, connect the optical cable one end to TV and the other end to Bose soundbar.
  • Go and check the audio output settings in your TV after that choose the optical cable.
  • Finally, go to the audio source of your Bose soundbar and choose the “Digital in”.

Use Bluetooth to Connect Bose-Soundbar to TV

At this time when your smart TV and your soundbar both supports Bluetooth, just follow these simple steps to connect.

  • By pressing the Bluetooth option either on Bose soundbar or through remote and keeping it pressed till the pairing mode activated.
  • On the TV go to Bluetooth menu and choose from the list your Bose soundbar devices available.
  • Then pair it with the Bose soundbar.
  • Check connectivity on the TV and you may now enjoy the best sound experience.
  • After all, to complete your setup download Bose Music app.


Question: Can I connect with other compatible products to Bose-soundbars?

Yes, the Bose Simple Sync kind of technology enables you to pair your Bose Smart Soundbar with other well-matched Bose products.

Question: Can I connect headphones while watching favourite movie late at night?

Yes, you can pair Bose soundbar with headphones for a TV listening without disturbing anyone.

Question: Can I listen to similar music in different rooms at a similar time?

Yes, You can pair your bose soundbar with a particular Bose Bluetooth speaker to add more sound in the house.


Together with controlling Bose Soundbar, you can also control your smart TV and your external cable with simply just your own voice. Power on your smart TV and then ask Alexa to play in your favourite and loved channel. I was hoping that these helped you how to connect Bose Soundbars to TV.

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