How To Connect Galaxy Buds To Macbook In 6 Easy Steps?


how to connect galaxy buds to macbook

Today, Galaxy Earbuds are considered the best and true wireless earbuds when compared to other companies in the market. At the same time, you might be using MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iMac and decided to use and connect these Galaxy Earbuds to serve as your everyday controller.

And now, in this guide list, you will find out how to connect galaxy buds to MacBook (MacBook Pro, iMac, and MacBook Air) and MacBook.

What are Samsung Galaxy Buds?

The Galaxy earbuds are entirely made of plastic like the Jaybird Vista. The unique edgeless design of the earbuds gives its user a whimsical kind of feeling, plus the round-triangular touch-pad gives sufficient space to input commands without prevailing errors.

Lack of onboard storage is an important difference among the Gear IconX and the Galaxy Buds. Samsung gives a dual style of microphone display that can decrease the background noise also to transfer your voice through switching among the two microphones.

Luckily, these earbuds can’t function well outdoors especially during the strong winds, but they are capable to block the background noise of the crowd in the coffee shop.

How to properly charge Galaxy Buds?

The charging case is a plain oval plastic piece with a hamburger-style opening. There is only enough internal space to enter the required space to charge the buds. And while the USB-C is charging on the back, this LED flag warns for the battery level from red, yellow or green.

If it happens that you lose the cable or either don’t like to use it, just place on top of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and assure that the function, Wireless PowerShare is turned on. It is relevant to know the proper process of charging Galaxy earbuds.

How To Connect Galaxy Buds To Macbook by Pair & Connect

Today, it is not unusual to increase a trove of devices that makes life easy and with pleasure. The cross system compatibility is not that important or demanding. It is our pleasure to help gadgets lovers connect and use their latest technologies in the manner they want and need them.

So, let’s go straight to step-by-step instruction. Here’s how you can connect the Galaxy Buds (Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds Pro & Galaxy Buds Live) to a MacBook or Mac:

  1. First, open  “System Preferences”
  2. Next, choose and tap on the “Bluetooth.”
  3. And, choose and tap on the “Bluetooth Turn On.”
  4. To start the pairing of Galaxy Buds, just simply open the case of “Galaxy Buds”
  5. Once the “Galaxy Buds” option appear on the list, choose and tap on “Connect.”
  6. Lastly,  your Galaxy Buds is now successfully connected to your MacBook

In the opposite situation if you have to disconnect or unpair the Galaxy Buds from MacBook or Mac, simply go to “ System Preferences” go to “Bluetooth” and choose the “x” or simply right click and tap on “Disconnect” next to listing for the Galaxy earbuds.


Can Galaxy buds connect to multiple devices?

The Galaxy Buds can’t connect to multiple devices at the same time however can rapidly switch between two devices. From the time your devices are paired,  automatically they will connect the next time they are being used again. No need to do the disconnect and the reconnect option with the second device.

Can I use Galaxy Buds with MacBook live?

Until the Bluetooth is enabled with your Android phone, the Galaxy Buds Live will still send a request to initiate the pairing. Samsung GalaxyBuds Live boast “Dual Audio”, states that you can connect the two pairs of Live earbuds to the Samsung device for synchronous listening.

Can you connect Galaxy Earbuds to a laptop?

Absolutely Yes, If you paired them to a phone previously, just put the earbuds back your ears and hold and press both touch-pads until you hear beeps indicating that you are now the in pairing mode. And just navigate to your laptop’s menu on Devices, “Select,” and your Galaxy Earbuds are now paired to your laptop.


And That’s it. You’ve learned how to connect galaxy earbuds to your MacBook. With just six simple steps you can now enjoy and play your most loved movie and music videos on your Mac or MacBook; simply connect your galaxy earbuds, and enjoy!

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