5 Simple Steps On How To Delete A Reddit Account On iPhone


how to delete a reddit account

If you have an account on Reddit and decided not to use it anymore, please be guided by our simple steps on how to delete a “Reddit Account” on iPhone.

But before starting the process of deletion, be aware that once your profile on Reddit is deleted, there is no reactivation process. Even your username can’t be recycled and won’t be used if you want to create a new account with the same personal information.

Also, you have to manually and individually delete all your posted contents and comments by your profile because Reddit doesn’t delete your content upon the deletion process. If you wish to copy all of your subreddits to your new Reddit account, visit Reddit and follow the steps listed below.

  1. Log in to your current Reddit account and go to /subreddits/mine — this will lead you to the old website of Reddit.
  2. Now, find the multireddit of your subscriptions, look in the sidebar on the right side and copy the link address.
  3. And login your new Reddit account and paste the copied link in your browser’s search bar. And see in the sidebar, and finally, click all the join buttons.

how to delete a reddit account

What You Should Know Before Deleting Your Account on Reddit

Remember that Reddit gives you the selection to “deactivate” your account only. This action of deactivation is permanent. Right after you deactivate your Reddit account, your profile will forever be removed from Reddit world, and also your username will also vanish from Reddit.

O the other hand, whatever Reddit comments or posts you have created will remain on the website. They won’t have your username associated with them. As the Reddit puts it, they will be”unattributed,” and no one will know who posted those content or comments. Your messages will become unattributed, too.

Here Are The Steps How Delete A Reddit Account on iPhone

Your all Reddit Account information will be fully deleted after performing with this simple step, so, therefore,  you downloaded the data on your Reddit Account.

  1. First off, on your iPhone phone open the Reddit app and log in to your account details.
  2. Then, tap the menu icon to open ( the menu located on the top right ).
  3. After that, tap on Settings, and then the “Account Settings”.
  4. The optionDeactivate Account will appear at the bottom or last in “Account settings”.
  5. Just simply, Tapon the Deactivate Reddit Account, and your account will deleted.

That’s how you basically delete your Reddit account using your phone, whether it is an iPhone or simply an android phone. As we told you previously, you can’t directly delete the “Reddit Account” on the app.


Q. If I delete my account on Reddit, will it also delete all of my contents and comments?

Your comments and posts will become disassociated. Any of your posts or comments made from your deactivated account will stay on Reddit; merely, people can’t see who they came from.

Q. What’s Reddit Delete vs. Deactivate?

Simply Reddit provides its users an option to Deactivate Account so that you can delete your Account. Reddit will take some length of time before your Reddit account be deleted.

Q. Deletion process of my “Reddit Account” is available on my iPhone?

Of course, Yes, How to delete a reddit account, is basically deleting your account on Reddit with your iPhone through the browser ( Safari, Chrome, and Opera). Merely log in your details on Reddit and follow the simple steps.

That is how easy to delete your “Reddit Account” through your mobile phone, however, you can’t delete the account directly through the Reddit app.


If data privacy is one of the reasons you are leaving Reddit, be cautious about sharing your data on other social media sites. Sharing details such as location, age, and holiday announcements online can lead to burglaries and identity theft. Better go through the privacy policies first of the social media sites and be careful with the personal data that you share on them.

Now you know how to delete a Reddit account simply by deleting the contents and posts and then using the deactivation link to proceed with the process. The steps are basic that you could perform it straight forward. This will only take a few minutes, but it still depends on the amount of time you spent posting and commenting on Reddit to remove your post. There is no easy way to delete posts and comments in bulk up to now.


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