How To Download Pictures From Canon Rebel T6 to iPhone?


Downloading pictures from Canon Rebel T6 to iPhone is not as hard as you think. In fact, if you are doing the process over and over again, you will definitely familiarize every step needed. But the question is how to download pictures from Canon Rebel T6 to iPhone? Would you like to know the answer? If so, then keep on reading.

How to Connect Rebel T6 to iPhone?

Before we proceed with the download process, it is very important that you connect your canon to your iPhone first.

  • Firstly, from the App Store, download the “Canon Connect” application and then open it.
  • On the Canon Rebel t6, choose any shooting modes apart from the movie/video mode.
  • Press the button found on the back of your Camera. From there, you will see different settings menus on the top of the screen display.
  • Go to the 3rd yellow “Wrench/Spanner that has three dots” menu.
  • Pick the “WiFi/NFC by pressing the up and down buttons.
  • Select it by pressing the SET button.
  • Using the left and right buttons, navigate to pick Enable. Then select enable by pressing the SET button.
  • If this is the first time to connect your iPhone, you will need to register your nickname. You can change it to anything you’ll recognize using the on-screen keyboard or leave it as a default. Please note that this becomes the name you’ll see on your iPhone in the WiFi list when you connect to your Canon Rebel T6.
  • Press the MENU button to confirm it.
  • On the following screen, press OK and then press the SET button to save your nickname.
  • This will lead you to the spanner or wrench menu. Choose the WiFi function using the down button and press SET to enter. You’ll see four options but choose “CONNECT TO A SMARTPHONE” and press enter. Choose “EASY CONNECTION MENU,” and you’ll see “WAITING TO CONNECT” and then look for “ENCRYPTION KEY” at the bottom of the screen.

Please take note of the encryption key since you will use it as the WiFi password to enter your iPhone later.

Additional Steps

  • Go to the SETTINGS on your iPhone and open the WiFi settings. Make sure that it is turned on. Now your Canon Rebel T6 is attempting to establish a connection with your device by transferring the signal of WiFi to your device.
  • On the list of devices to connect, find the EOS Camera. This should have the nickname you set a while ago on your Camera.
  • Once it appears, select it by tapping.
  • From there, type the ENCRYPTION KEY as your password. After which, the WiFi connection of the Camera is running and established.
  • Open your Camera Connect application and check if the Camera has been found.
  • Once you see it, tap on it in order to connect.
  • Then go back to your Canon camera; there will be a verification to “CONNECT TO THIS SMARTPHONE: IPHONE” on the rear screen of the Camera.
  • Connect to the iPhone by selecting OK and then enter (press OK).
  • Now, you can use your iPhone to download photos to your iPhone, and you can even use your phone when shooting live as a remote control.

How To Download Pictures From Canon Rebel T6 To iPhone?

How To Download Pictures From Canon Rebel T6 To iPhone

Let’s now talk about the main topic for this article which is how to download pictures from Canon Rebel T6 to iPhone.

In the List or Grid Page, you will see the option SELECT in the upper right of the screen. Tap on this, and empty circles will become visible on the thumbnails. Select it by tapping on any circle, and it will then be filled with a tick or a solid checkmark. Please note that you can select several pages.

After selecting, you can now import the photos to the Photo Gallery of your iPhone. Go to the lower part of the screen and press the Import option in the center. Then a screen will ask you if you wish to import the pictures at the original size or reduced size. After making your choice tap OK.

Once imported, choose to open the photo application on your iPhone in order to view, edit, and even share the photos. If you want to go back to the list or grid view of your thumbnails, tap the “X” found at the upper right of the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Transfer Photos From The Canon Rebel T6 To The Computer?

In addition to how to download pictures from Canon Rebel T6 iPhone, I will also show how to do this to a computer. While the Rebel T6 can’t be connected to computers wirelessly, you can still transfer photos. To do this, you will need to use a card slot or a card reader on your computer in order to download photos.

Additionally, you can make use of a card reader to save movies or photos on a memory card to computers without a cable or Canon software.

How To Transfer Pictures From The Canon Rebel T6 To Your Mac?

To do this, on your Mac, launch the iPhoto app and then click the File Button. After which, click “import to library.” Under DEVICES, choose the Canon Rebel cam and select all the pictures from the Camera that you wish to import into the iPhone. To select several pictures at once, simply press and hold the COMMAND button.

Why The Canon Camera Can’t Connect To The Phone?

To troubleshoot this problem, turn off the Camera and then wait a few seconds before switching it on again. Also, make sure that your iOS device and Camera are both connected to one network. Or your iOS is connected to the own WiFi network of your Camera.


Undeniably, a camera is one of the best gadgets you can have in your possession. If you are using Canon Rebel T6 and want to download the files to your iPhone, know that you can possibly do that. By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily access the files from your Camera on your iOS device without any hassle.  

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