How To Get Grid On iPhone Camera: 6 Advantages To Know


how to get grid on iPhone camera

Do you want to take a good-looking photo using your iPhone? Are you wondering how to get grid on iPhone camera and take your photo to the next level? One cool feature of using your iPhone camera is what you call the ‘camera grid.’  The use of this feature is simple, and no downloads are required. Continue reading to learn more about how to get grid on iPhone camera.

Why You Should Use The Camera App Grid

The grid does this by superimposing four thin lines across the camera app’s screen. Nine different squares are formed by the lines overlapping. The concept is that by assisting you in orienting the screen such that each of the factors in the picture is balanced, it will help you capture more professional photos. It makes it easier for someone with a novice eye to align objects with squares of grids for a professional-level photograph.

However, you may not need these grids if you’re just taking informal shots for yourself, in which case you might just wing it. You might even find the tiny white lines bothersome. The steps for turning on how to get grid on iPhone camera are shown below.

How To Get Grid On iPhone Camera

How to Enable the Camera Grid

  • Open the ‘Settings’
  • Tap the ‘Photos and Camera’
  • Choose ‘Grid’ and then turn it on
  • Turn On your camera application, and you will see the grids

If you are using earlier than OS7, follow these steps:

  • Open your camera application
  • Tap ‘Options’
  • Select ‘Grid’ and then turn it ‘On’

Whether you like or not using the gridlines feature, we all know that it is simple to toggle it on and off. Now you can measure and balance the photo you are taking using these grids.

Advantages of Using How To Get Grid On iPhone Camera

how to get grid on iPhone camera

The camera grid on your iPhone device can add something to your photos.  Below are some of the advantages why you should know how to get grid on iPhone camera and start using it.

Professionals Use This Technique

The “rule of thirds” is the foundation of the camera grid. Professional photographers are familiar with this method, which has been utilized in artwork since the 18th century.

The ‘rule of thirds’ comes naturally to the majority of photographers and painters. It’s not as clear to amateur iPhone photographers. The camera gridlines come in handy in this situation. Everyone can shoot shots like an expert using the camera grid.

The idea behind the “rule of thirds” is to divide your scene into thirds using a 3 x 3 grid and align your subjects accordingly. As a result, your images become considerably more interesting. Then all you need is a fantastic iPhone filter. It really is that simple.

Level Your Photos Perfectly

The use of camera grids allows your photo to level perfectly by matching objects using the lines on your screen. You can avoid uneven and wonky photos by lining up things perfectly. This only means that you don’t need to angle or rotate your photos when editing.

Improve Your Landscape Photos

This camera grid is incredibly helpful for taking landscape photos since it indicates how to position the horizon to produce the most visually appealing image. It’s boring to have the horizon in the exact center of the image. Anyone can complete that.

You can align focal points in the foreground with the lines to ensure that they enhance your photo and direct the viewer’s attention to the area. Two-thirds of the frame should be occupied by the part of the image that interests you the most. Things are quite simple to arrange that way because of the grid.

Frame Your Photos Easily

We frequently place the subject squarely in the center of the frame when using our phones to take pictures without giving it a second thought. The subject should be in the middle because it is the entire focus of the image, right?

Professional photographers dispute the such assertion. That approach is not only boring and unoriginal, but it is also not the ideal way to present a subject. The subject is really more prominently highlighted when the camera grid is used to line up the subject with lines on various sides of the screen in subtler, artistic ways. You may maximize the use of your photographs in this way. Align the subject’s eyes with the grid while taking portrait pictures; they are typically the focal point of the image.

Improve Your Photo Composition

By turning on the grid, you can clearly see the precise composition of the frame by highlighting various portions of your photos. You are compelled to pay attention to the full frame instead of just the subject.

You may make a picture considerably more balanced and use less negative space by arranging objects of interest along the grid’s lines. As a result, the composition of the resulting image is significantly richer.

More Likes for Your Photos

You want to be certain your images are getting a fair amount of attention, given the abundance of photos on social media. One surefire way to achieve this is to use the camera grid. You will already be one bit ahead of many others if you begin using it.


And there you have it! Things on how to get grid on iPhone camera may have helped you in some ways when taking a perfect shot. Take advantage of the camera grid, but avoid becoming overly engrossed in it. It exists to assist you, not to direct to you. The ‘rule of thirds’ should be used as a general guideline rather than being completely adhered to. The subjects need not exactly match the grid; merely positioning them close by may be sufficient. Throw caution to the wind and go your own way if you believe it doesn’t fit with your scene.

Please do not hesitate to share your ideas and opinion on how to get grid on iPhone camera in the comment section below. Have a good one.

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