How To Get Phone Icon Back On iPhone: 4 Methods To Try


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The Phone app is an important app icon on your iPhone. As a core feature, the Phone app icon allows you to make calls. It also provides access to your voicemails and contact list. That said, it can be quite annoying if you can’t find the phone icon right away. This article shares 4 easy methods on how to get phone icon back on iPhone.

What Is The Phone Icon?

As mentioned before, the Phone app icon is one of the most essential apps on your iPhone. This is a built-in app that stores all your contact lists. It is also where you can manage your calls and voicemails.

By default, the Phone icon is typically located on your iPhone’s Dock, which is the bottom part of your screen, regardless of the iPhone model you have. If it’s missing from the dock, then you’ve probably removed or dragged it somewhere accidentally. Take note, however, that since it’s a built-in app, the Phone app can’t be completely removed or uninstalled.

4 Methods How To Get Phone Icon Back On iPhone

how to get phone icon back on iPhone

Since it’s essential for calls and voicemails, it’s important to have quick access to the phone icon. However, if you can’t find it on your dock or menu, here are ways how to get phone icon back on iPhone.

1. Search The App Library

In most cases, a missing Phone icon means that you may have accidentally dragged or removed it from the dock or Home screen. So, the first thing you want to try is to search for it in The App Library. This is your first best option on how to get Phone icon back on your iPhone.

First, you need to open the App Library by swiping left until it appears. Here, you’ll see all your installed apps. Scroll down to find the Phone icon. Or you can also use the search tab to find the Phone icon.

Once you’ve found the Phone icon, long-press the app and tap ‘Add to Home Screen.’ Or you can also drag it to your Home Screen. You can do the same to put it back on the dock.


If there’s no ‘Add to Home Screen’ option, this may be because the Phone icon is already on the Home Screen, included in a hidden app folder.

In addition, if you’re using the latest iOS version including 14 and higher, then this method may be different. When you go to the App Library, you’ll see a collection of folders instead of a list. Find the Social folder and look for the Phone icon. Then, simply drag the Phone icon to the Dock or Home Screen.

2. Use The Spotlight Search

Aside from the App Library, another option to search for the Phone icon is to use iPhone’s Spotlight search. Unlike the App Library, the Spotlight search can help you find apps and icons that are hidden or in a hidden app folder.

To use the Spotlight Search, swipe down on your Home Screen and a search bar will appear. Simply type Phone and it should show relevant folder names and apps. The Phone icon should be on the top of the list. Simply drag it to the Dock or home screen.


If the Phone icon doesn’t appear in your Spotlight search, go to your iPhone settings. Find ‘Phone,’ then tap ‘Siri & Search.’ Look for the ‘Show App in Search’ and turn it on. Then repeat the above steps. It should show you relevant Apps on your search results.

3. Look For Hidden Folders And Pages

For iOS14 and higher, you have the option to hide folders and app pages. If the Phone icon isn’t visible, then it may be included in a hidden folder or hid it accidentally.

To unhide, you simply need to tap and long-press on an empty area on the Home Screen. The Edit mode should appear. From there, tap the page dots at the bottom of your screen and look for a hidden app folder that contains the Phone icon. Mark that folder to unhide then tap ‘Done.’

4. Reset The Home Screen

If you can’t still find the Phone icon after trying the above methods, then this last option should do the trick. It’s also the easiest method how to get Phone icon back on iPhone. Take note, however, that it will re-arrange all apps on your Home Screen as well as remove your customized screen widgets.

To reset the iPhone’s Home Screen, simply go to your iPhone’s Settings, then General, and choose ‘Reset.’ Choose the ‘Reset Home Screen Layout.’


On my iPhone, where can I find a lost app icon?

It’s possible that an app’s icon was removed if you can’t find it on your iPhone. Open the App Store and select the ‘Updates’ tab at the bottom of the screen to look for a missing app icon. If the application’s icon is gone, it will have a cloud icon beside its name. To download the app once more, tap the cloud symbol.


As you can see, you don’t have to be frustrated when the Phone icon is missing on your iPhone. With the four methods mentioned above on how to get phone icon back on iPhone, you can easily put it back on the Dock or your Home Screen. This way, you get easy access to your contact list and call history, as well as make a call right away.

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