Android TV For Windows 10: How To Install It Easily?

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How to Install Android TV For Windows 10? So, you’ve finally acquired a brand-new Android TV Box and have begun to use it for entertainment purposes. Not all of these are supported by Android TV Box. You can also view movies, listen to music, and do various other things. You’ll discover even more functions as you spend more time with it.

You begin to realize that there is so much more than this box can do. But what if this android TV box has something even greater in store for you? What if you could install Windows 10 on it and transform it into a full PC? Yes, something like that can occur.

On your Android device, you can install the Windows 10 operating system. And we’re here to help you obtain it quickly with an easy-to-follow tutorial.

android tv for windows 10

Benefits of Installing Windows 10 on Your Android TV Box?

Installing Windows 10 on your Android TV box allows you to achieve the following:

  • Use the best application that One Click has to offer.
  • By using the press and hold feature, you can create shortcuts to your most frequently used applications on the desktop.
  • Access other apps with ease.
  • Use Windows 10’s File Explorer.
  • Make folders, cut, copy, paste, move, and share files, among other things.
  • All of your disks, SD cards, storage, music and video files, and images are listed in a PC-style format.
  • Now that you’re up to speed on everything, let’s get down to business.

 Installing Windows 10 on an Android TV Box

To install Windows 10 on your Android TV Box, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the HOME page – Take out your Android TV remote and press the HOME button.
  2. Go to the PlayStore – Almost all Android TV devices have access to the Android PlayStore. You’ll find it if you do a quick search. Then choose it with the Select button.
  3. Look for Computer Launcher on the internet – This is the hidden program that allows you to run Windows 10 on an Android TV box. All you have to do now is set it up.
  4.  Install and run the app – Go to settings after installing the app. Set “Computer Launcher” as the default home launcher.
  5. After that, all you have to do is select “Home,” where all of the settings are pre-configured so that the app can start working with the optimal settings right away. It was literally as simple as that! You may now use Windows on your Android TV Box with ease!

If this strategy didn’t work out for you, we have another wonderful option for you. This one is a little more involved, but with this simple instruction, you’ll be up and running in no time.

android tv for windows 10

How to Install Windows 10 on Your Android TV Box Using An Alternative Method

You may also install Windows 10 on an Android TV box using a different way.

  1. Open the PlayStore first – Search for PlayStore by pressing the “HOME” key. Open it now and proceed to the next stage.
  2. Download and install JPCSIM – Now go to the Playstore and look for JPCSIM. Install the app on your Android TV Box once you’ve found it.
  3. Select Yes on the initial launch – Like the previous software, the majority of the critical features are already set up. All you have to do now is get beyond the prompt that appears when you initially start the program.
  4. Decide on Windows 10 – You should now see a sliding bar that allows you to move left and right. You can now select the correct version of Windows to install on your Android TV Box by pressing the Select button on your remote.

It will take a few moments, but then Wow!


Is it possible to install Windows 10 on an Android device?

You’ll need a copy of Windows 10 to install it from your Android device. The quickest way to get the latest version of Windows 10 is to use the Windows Media Creation Tool. Select the Download tool now option on the Windows 10 software download page. Start by launching the Windows Media Creation Tool.

Could it be possible to run Windows on an Android device?

You can’t install Windows on an Android tablet, but if you have a spare Windows PC, you can utilize remote desktop tools like Chrome Remote Desktop or subscribe to a cloud Windows virtual machine like RemotePC by Drive.

android tv for windows 10

Can I use my phone to operate my Android box?

The Android TV Remote Operate app is the simplest method to use your smartphone to control your Android TV device. The app works on iOS as well as Android devices. It is absolutely free and compatible with set-top boxes, streaming sticks, Android TVs as well as other devices.

Without the remote, how do I switch off my Android box?

Simply connect your USB or wireless keyboard and mouse to your computer. You may also use the mouse cursor or the arrow keys on the keyboard to control your Android TV box.

Is it possible to run Android TV on a PC?

Google LLC’s Android TV Core Services is a utilities software, and BlueStacks is the finest platform for running this Android app on your PC or Mac for an immersive experience.

How can I get Windows 10 to stream to my TV?

Simply go to the display settings and select “link to a wireless display,” then select your smart TV from the device list to quickly mirror your PC screen on the TV.

So what was the best way to use Windows TV on Android?

Using the provided remote control,

  1. Models of Android TV:
  2. On the remote, press the HOME button. In the Apps category, choose Screen mirroring. NOTE: Make sure the TV’s built-in Wi-Fi option is turned on.
  3. For TVs that aren’t Android TVs:
  4. On the remote, press the INPUT button. Screen mirroring is selected.


You have now successfully installed Windows 10 on your Android TV Box using the steps outlined above.

That concluded the method. On your Android TV Box, you can begin studying the brand’s operating system. This guide will show you how to set up Windows 10 on an Android TV box. You can find more excellent tutorials like this one.

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