How To Jam A Drone Signal And Is It Perfectly Legal?

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how to jam a drone signal

With these amazing inventions, our lives improve. However, in the hands of pesky people, those kinds of inventions only mislead the peskiness. This invention is true for cell phones, cars, and other amazing inventions. And it is also applicable for drones, and the most asked question is, how to jam a drone signal?

Let’s dig deeper and discuss everything about drone jamming, including legal issues surrounding it. And trust us, you need to read about those BEFORE you take any action.

How Jamming The Drone Frequencies Works?

Drone jammer is significantly used to jam the drone frequencies. This device or equipment comprises a transmitter that goes in various shapes and sizes. This kind of transmitter sends the electromagnetic noise to override the similar signals that a drone requires to operate.

The time it is aimed at a drone, the said jammer breaks off radio signals and GPS that are helping that drone to be able to reach its desired location. In some other cases, the jammers can attain this from kilometers away of drone distance.

This drone jammer jams or blocks the frequency use that a drone uses to communicate with its ground station. This kind of frequency is neither  5.8GHz nor 2.4GHz. When jamming a drone, you are forcing it to land immediately; if not, it is to return to its first location because the drone is built and designed to return to its origin if a connection mishap happens.

How To Jam A Drone Signal and Why Do It?

Today there are many situations in which drones can be considered unethical and also malicious for some reason, they are being exploited for voyeurism.

Dangers are also associated with drones when it comes to interrupting emergency response operations, suspending commercial flights, and other more important transactions. This will drive you to participate in jamming a drone signal using this drone jammer equipment.

Is Jamming A Drone Legal?

how to jam a drone signal

The simple and direct answer to this question is not legal. Therefore it is illegal to use any jamming device, as the “Federal Communications Commission” defines and states, that any devices that are used to interfere or block with the radio communications clearly violate the federal law. Selling, advertising, and distributing jamming devices are also against US law or illegal.

So if you still wish to continue with this mission of drone jamming, keep in mind that you will be paying huge penalties when you get caught. And it will accompany imprisonment.

This law gives perfect reasons. To begin, jamming a drone signal is risky, and you are interfering with very important communications for public safety. You will also harm the property or people when the drone falls out.

In the year 2018, in Hong Kong, there was an incident of drone jamming that caused chaos. More than 40 drones’ GPS signals were disrupted throughout a light show by jamming equipment they fell from the sky while on the show. This incident caused more or less a 1 million Hong Kong dollars in damages and approximately around USD 130,000!

Danger’s Of Drone Jamming

The biggest risk of using these drone jammers is the probability of creating collateral damage. Besides possible property damage and the personal injury that a crashing drone can cause, there is also a cause of interfering with the signals of other devices nearby.

The outcome of this can be measured from a little inconvenience going to a huge disaster, particularly in the situations like highways, very crowded events, and airports.

So far, these drone jammers used in the places where security is sensitive or in crowd-drawing kinds of events. The best examples where this drone jamming technology has been deployed include the Olympics, events by the NFL, and the Superbowl.

As long as your drone doesn’t fly into a high-profile event or location where drone flight is obviously prohibited, and so no need to worry about these drone jammer’s issue of concern. When it comes to drone concerns, consider this DroneX Review for the best reference of relevant information.


Drone use is now very continuous, and the use of this technology of anti-drone has been tested to be controversial. The technology of drone jamming may offer serenity to those who are afraid about how drones can break their privacy and even their security, and the technology side can be exploited. And now you all know how to jam a drone signal and its legality.

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