How To Make Mobile Stand With Hanger In 6 Easy Steps?

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how to make mobile stand with hanger

If you suddenly need a mobile stand, and you don’t have any time to go out to buy it and maybe you don’t have extra money for it. So the best thing to do is make your own out of available materials at home, like with a hanger. So how to make mobile stand with hanger?

A hanger could be informed of wood, plastic, and metal. You will need the metal hanger to do this task. You have to bend the wire in order to form a holder that can hold your phone. You have all the freedom to make it more advantageous on your part.

Given the simple steps below, you will have a design that might be suitable for your needs. The design is for you to be able to hold your phone in the visual field at the same time performing other small movements. Another idea is to mount it on the shoulder and around your head area.

6 Easy Steps On How To Make Mobile Stand With Hanger

Moving forward, check on these easy steps listed accordingly for you to enjoy your very own mobile stand.

1. Prepare The Materials Needed

  • A coat-hanger is the same as the ones from the dry cleaners, the metal one.
  • A string of1meter long, and also a pair of scissors for cutting purposes.
  • Needle nose pliers(the one with smaller end pliers).
  • Super Glue to help secure your smartphone to the coat-hanger.

2. Unknot The CoatHanger

With pliers, hold the hooked end to the portion where the two ends of the wire are wrapped. Rotate the coat hanger in one correct direction to unknot the twist. Some “spring” might possibly be left in the wire, so release it slowly and carefully. And now you may straighten the wire.

3. Create Few Bends

First, try to make a little “U” shape that bends on both ends that have not got curve parts using the pliers; this is one of the endpoints the string will be connected.

To the opposite end of the wire, do a rectangular “U” shape, just about 1.5 times of length and the width of your mobile phone, and the parallel bits approximately 4 or 5 centimeters apart.

Using the needle-nose pliers to curve the endpoint of this up in a right angle measure, and then once more from this point at a distance which is bigger than the thickness of the mobile phone.

Curve the wire at a similar level as the end-point of the wire, next curve down, so it is parallel to the sides of the holder. You can likely do this better and neater than me.

4. The Shoulder Area

Put a small bend in the wire used below the phone holder bit just; therefore, it is at a more reasonable and good angle.

The blended wire will rest or get its support on your chest; therefore, hold it at a distance where you like to have it and turn the portion of the wire going to your right neck area/shoulder. You may also bend the wire back, so it is near horizontal to reach the neck area. You can now turn the rest wire in a smooth bend that would go around the back of the neck.

This simple step would require quite a bit of more test and more error, also adjustments, but to help you all along, here’s some measuring suggestion of mine:

  • For the distance from the top of the smartphone holder, along the wire to the meeting point chest at about 42 centimeter
  • For the distance from your chest point to your top shoulder or neck bend about 16 centimeter
  • For the distance of the wire at the back of the neck around is about 27 centimeter

The measurement suggestions listed may vary on your project; it will depend on the size of the person that will be using the mobile holder, as well as the size of the smartphone.

5. The Finishing UpPortion

Putting some extra strings across the wire is good for the reason to stop it from falling down when putting the phone into it. It is more useful to place a small twirl at the neck or shoulder area. Bend or curve it out right after the bend using the needle nose pliers, then bend it back right after the curve to follow the original direction.

Then attach the cord, use double knots to tie it, but put a small excess just in case a few adjustments are needed. You might perform this wearing with the smartphone on it to measure where it would rest; still, be careful; the smartphone might have bruises from the unpreventable fall.

It will be a good idea to put super glue on before aligning. The initial string goes from the twist to the right portion of the smartphone mount hook, and the 2nd string goes from the end of the neck portion to the left portion of the smartphone mount hook.

6. Now Run SomeTest If It Works Out

Once a piece of metal string is pressing your chest, and this really annoys you, The best thing to do is attach a piece of paperboard to stretch the load. And also, it can be somewhat tricky getting a good balance on it because it has the possibility to ‘flop over’ to the right or left direction.

If you encounter this kind of problem, bending the end resting on the chest all over to the left portion so that this part lays a little flatter on the chest side. Create the correction you need to to the strings so the smartphone will rest at the level you want.


At this time, you now have the answer to your query on How To Make Mobile Stand With Hanger? And your mobile stand is made. This peace of ideas will surely give your hanger a reasonable improvement and usage as a mobile stand. You will surely gain more great ideas about mobile stand if you check on this godonut review.

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