How To Make Super Glue Dry Faster?


In doing some craft projects and art crafts, the first thing to wish is how to make super glue dry faster? With this, you could do that project faster as the glue dries faster. Admit or not, it would be very frustrating to wait long hours just to make the glue dry.

Mostly, people wait for long hours to dry the glue naturally. But before checking into various ways on how to make super glue dry faster, it is essential to keep all surfaces dry and do not use too much glue.

Still, depending on the kind of project that you are working on, it is not always required to apply dense layers of super glue just to stick objects firmer together. In other situations, a thin portion of glue will work better, then this will allow the glue to dry faster.

Best Ways on How To Make Super Glue To Dry Faster?

Try to check these best ways how to make the super glue to dry faster, and you will surely find it simple and quick.

By The Use Of Heater

Working on an indoor project and there is not much sun heat outside, the best thing to do is to use a heater at home, for instance, during the rainy and winter seasons. This is also a perfect method when you can’t leave your things outside in the sunlight for a longer period.

Just turn on the heater in the area and keep the area as warm as possible.

In using this kind of technique, it is essential to continue the heat running in a single room, and closing the door of that room would be a good way to do it.

LettingIt Dry Under The Sunlight

how to make super glue dry faster

If you have a backyard, then the next thing to do is select a perfect spot where the sunlight is shining directly to leave your project as long as possible. When leaving the glue to dry out in the sunlight, you also need to monitor it to perfectly dry the glue.

If the case is you do not have a back yard or outdoor space at home, then pick a sunny place inside your house, and there on that spot, let the superglue dry.

Using A Hairdryer

If you cannot wait long hours for a limited time, it is the best way to use a hairdryer. The heat that comes from the hairdryer can dry much faster than the glue compared to the other two ways mentioned first.

Be careful in using this hairdryer when working on the activities with paint and glitters. You might splotch the portion with paint or glitters of your project at a higher speed. Keep the hairdryer at a good distance once using it.

It is also not advisable to leave children alone with a hairdryer. Children at a young age may accidentally move the hairdryer and focus on their face, which can burn them.

UsingAn Electric-Blanket

This method is not generally used by most people. All you need to do is put your activity on top of the heated blanket and just leave to dry the glue. Still, this method can mess up your blanket, particularly if you use paint on your activity.

Once you are working on many activities and wish to use a heating blanket for a faster drying method, it is best to have a second-hand blanket. Likewise, there is the possibility of the super glue sticking on the said blanket.

Using A Fan

how to make super glue dry faster

The fan is one of the most common tools or appliances used inside the house. So simply place your activity in front of the fan, then let it run for hours. Make sure that your fan is facing directly to the glued part of your project.

Using An Accelerator

The accelerator is considered a specialized product designed to make the glue dry faster, specifically when working with super glue. The accelerator comes in a spray bottle container. Keep the bottle away about 30 cm from the activity you are making in using it.

And then spray it equally across the glue field. Don’t put much amount in one area alone and little in other parts. Just spray the accelerator evenly.

The drying procedure only takes a few minutes once using an accelerator. It is a suitable and a fast way if you have limited time and your project needs to be submitted fast. When using this product, remember not to use so much of the spray. Sometimes it can make the place you are working on a mess of many white.

Using A Compressed Air

The compressed air comes in cans. So just turn the compressed-air can upside down in motion. Next, spray it on the glue portion. This kind of method is unsafe for children to use because it can burn skin when it is not used correctly and accordingly.


Q Once opened, how long does super glue last?

Super glue lasts about six to eight weeks once opened.

Q Do water harden Super Glue?

You must know that Super Glue adheres strongly if added a small amount of water before applying it. The glue adheres rapidly when interacting with the hydroxyl ions found in water. Once this happens, the molecules that form the chains that form a strong and imperishable plastic mesh that finally hardens.

Q How to make the super dry glue to wet again?

If the end does get obstructed with dried glue, heat a needle or pin in a flame and poke the heated pin into the opening of the glue container. This heated pin or needle will melt the super dried glue similar to a hot cutter through butter.

Q Why is my super glue not drying?

The Super Glue polymerizes more quickly in the presence of water. Trying to wash it off promptly with water will really help it set faster. Your skin has moisture on it, which is the reason to set quickly, while the things you’re trying to fix are dry.


Given all the simple ways to make super glue dry faster, you could now plan on how to make your project done before the designated deadline. You will surely enjoy the process of making it more perfect and beautiful. And also, try to consider this bondic review for more reliable information about super glue.


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