How To Make Your Computer Like New Again (Windows 7,8,10)

, December 5, 2020

Over time, the computer may end up running slower and slower. Sometimes the problem is simply that there is some malware installed or too many applications that run at the beginning and you have to remove it, but other times it is already old computers in which any saving of resources can make a difference.

In this article, we will present how to make your computer like new again? You do not need to change computer accessories because the Xtra PC device runs your slow PC like the new PC. You have to know some basic ideas and configurations to increase PC speed with the Xtra PC.

How To Make Your Computer Like New Again?

Our computer has become slower and less reliable after using long years. But most of the users cannot afford to buy a new computer. Also, some people don’t want to give up their trusted PC for simple problems. Here, we will discuss how to make your computer like new again using the Xtra PC.

How To Make Your Computer Like New Again

Privacy protection

If you like to economize, you will be surprised how much you can get for your money’s worth with this gadget. The Xtra PC device can also be used to protect your privacy while using it. You can browse the internet anonymously on your computer. As long as you are using it, you will not access anything from your old operating system.

Security against malicious software

The Xtra PC USB allows you to surf the internet without infecting you with viruses and malware so that you can use an old PC like new. It runs on the Linux operating system that is a well-protected system against viruses that is not totally safe.

Speed up old PC

It prevents our old laptops and PCs from going to waste, and even those with hard drives that you thought were lost. If only the words “speed up PC” or “speed up computer” are on your mind, don’t hesitate to become part of the happy Xtra-PC customers. You can also enter “speed up PC” or “speed up computer” and can access several websites with interesting opinions regarding this gadget.

Restore systems

If you are using Windows 7 PC, the first step you need to take is to click on the Start and type the term restore in the quick search bar. Select the item Restore a previous condition of the computer in the menu that opens. In the opened window, click on the Open System Restore button and choose the date to restore the PC state.

You can choose to restore the computer state to the restore point immediately before the current one. Keep the recommended restore option selected to browse all available restore points by placing the checkmark. To choose a different restore point, click on the Next button and then presses on Finish.

If you use Windows 8 and Windows 10, you can restore your computer using the restore points by pressing the Start button. Type the term restore in the search field that is shown to you and click on the Restore icon that appears in the search results. After that, you need to launch the system restore utility by clicking on the Open System Restore button.

Does Xtra PC Work With All The Computers?

The Xtra PC works with all computers that have a USB port. Also, it works with Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10 without any specific requirements. It has several version that has different storage capacity. They are Turbo 16, Turbo 32 and Turbo Pro.How To Make Your Computer Like New Again

Turbo 16 has 16GB storage capacity that is enough to use the internet, stream videos, and play online games smoothly. The compact size of the Computer USB Flash Drive fits perfectly in your pocket that makes it the ideal choice for laptops and desktops.

Turbo 32 has 32 GB storage that allows you to use your PC faster than the Turbo 16 and keep more files. This small USB memory is the perfect model for you, of course, if you are looking to transform your computer laptop or outdated PC into a fast machine. If you go to an Xtra PC review forum, you can confirm that this is the highest-rated device.

The Turbo Pro is the latest version of the Xtra PC device and it has 64GB capacity that allows you to keep all your photos, documents, music and movies. It leaves enough space for intense internet browsing speed. Also, it comes with FileRez software that helps you find and recover files from your old PC, even if it is not working. This device is recommended in the Xtra PC opinions forums for those users with greater purchasing power and those who want better speed and greater privacy.

How Good Is Xtra PC?

Xtra PC is a small PC USB stick that works by bypassing your computer’s operating system. You can enjoy fast browsing and surfing without changing any parts of your old PC.

How Good Is Xtra PC

To start using Xtra PC, just insert the USB device into the port and then follow the onscreen instructions to configure it. Your PC must be restarted before using the device. After that, you can start using your PC as new.

It works on older computers and those with missing hard drives. It has default storage that helps you to keep files and runs on a completely different OS without affecting your RAM. In fact, your existing data will not be changed or formatted.

Where Can I Buy Xtra PC Device?

Where Can I Buy Xtra PC Device

I recommend you to purchase the Xtra PC from their official website. You will get 60 days or 2 months money-back guarantee so that you can replace it if you are unhappy with the PC speed booster. You can also get it from Amazon, eBay and Best Buy because they are trusted and provide all facilities same as the official website.

Final Thought

I hope you have got the answer to the question: how to make your computer like new again? The Xtra PC is the ultimate solution to speed up your computer without changing any parts. It works with any PC that has USB ports and can boot from USB.

You don’t have to format or delete anything. It already has every software that is essential for a PC user. Due to its speed up feature, you can save a bang of hours and get back to using an old PC. I gave one to my dad and has started using the old PC again.

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