How To Remove Phone Number From Snapchat Account


How To Remove Phone Number From Snapchat In this recent time, no one is ever affected by social applications. Most applications involve your phone number to run. Snapchat, like other apps, also uses your phone number to find your friends.  So, how to remove phone number from Snapchat account? What if you could do all these things without having to give your phone number, wouldn’t that be great?

Even if you are installing it for the first time, you can even use your email address for verification. It will be safer and more private.

In this blog, we will tell you how to remove phone number from Snapchat. If you’ve already used it during the first installation. Even though Snapchat is an interesting application, it’s not easy to use sometimes.  Because of the hidden features. On the other hand, if you knew the basics of Snapchat then you’re good to go.

How To Remove Phone Number From Snapchat

To remove phone number from Snapchat go to ‘Settings’ then tap the ‘Mobile Number’.  After that tap ‘Verify Phone Number’ and lastly ‘Delete Phone Number’. However, there’s a trick how to delete phone number from Snapchat. Here’s how:

The Trick on How To Remove Phone Number From Snapchat

How To Remove Phone Number From Snapchat Last 2014, Snapchat announced an update allowing its users to unlink their phone number from their Snapchat account. It was announced after the news that 4.6 million of users’ information leaked out.

So, to remove your phone number from your Snapchat account, create a new account using your number. Then follow the steps below:

• Open the Snapchat application in your account.
• Log in to your primary account.
• Go to ‘Settings’
• Log out of your Snapchat account.
• You’ll now see the login page. Then click the ‘Sign-Up’ button.
• Now enter your first and last name. And click ‘Register and Accept’.
• Then enter your ‘Birthday’. Click Continue.
• Select a user name and click Continue.
• Now enter your password. And click Continue.
• In the “What’s your email address?” Section, click “Sign in using your phone instead.”
• Now enter your primary phone number (the phone number you want to recover from your primary account).
• Next, verify your phone number and enter the code.
• Now, log out of your new account, then log in to your real account (main account).
• Then your phone number will be effectively removed from your primary phone number.


Q. How to Replace Your Phone Number

This is more of a suggestion than a tip to protect your Snapchat account and your phone number. All you have to do is change the linked phone number to your Snapchat account.

• Open Snapchat.
• Tap the profile icon.
• Tap the Settings.
• Tap on Mobile number.
• Add any phone number that you rarely use.
• You’ll receive a code via SMS or call. Select an option.
• Snapchat will ask you to add a password to confirm. Be sure to replace the current phone number with another phone number that is less important to you.

What’s the point of switching for security reasons if the phone number you’re replacing is your regular number, right?

Q. Can I Delete Snapchat Account

It’s not the most popular solution. And there seems to be too much to remove your phone number from Snapchat.  But if you think about it, it might appeal to you.

Unlike other messages, Snapchat doesn’t store your media sent to you. It’s just a platform for passing snaps. So when you delete your account and create a new one, you have to add your former friends to the new account. This doesn’t really take time.

When you’re done adding friends, you’ll realize that your new account is the same as your old one. When creating a new account, be sure to verify it via email and you can get started.


Even deleting your linked accounts does not mean that you can’t enjoy using Snapchat or keep your account secure. However, if you like to open another account, use e-mail instead of phone number. You can now enjoy using your Snapchat account without worrying with your phone number. It is better to use a safe account and not at risk because you know that your phone number is secured. If you have something in your mind, let us know in the comment section below. Hoping we can help.

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