How To Remove TotalAV From My Mac: In 2 Simplest Way


how to remove totalav from my mac

How to remove TotalAV from my Mac? TotalAV has always been an excellent antivirus that would defend you from a wide range of internet threats.

However, there may have been moments when you needed to remove it completely. Perhaps you don’t like/want anything about it, and you’ve selected a good solution that meets your requirements. However, you may want to remove TotalAV Mac. While there were multiple fantastic antivirus alternatives available, there were also numerous fake options while looking for the best antivirus software. Although TotalAV was not a complete fraud, it must be used with caution. Regardless of the reason, we will be here to assist. As a result, you will learn the simplest way, how to uninstall TotalAV on Mac in this post. And also you can learn how to uninstall other programs from another guide.

how to remove totalav from my mac

How To Remove TotalAV From My Mac Manually?

TotalAV could have been manually deleted from any Mac device, and it would have come with a money-back guarantee. However, if you’ve been happy with TotalAV and don’t want to uninstall it, that’s fine. There will be no risk to the PC. Be wary of any charges and transactions, and keep an eye on your account.

In general, when you remove TotalAV on Mac from the App folder, different extra files, such as some of the program support files and preference files, will remain largely on the hard disk drive, just in case users want to reinstall it later. However, users must remove practically all of TotalAV’s capabilities from its residual and leftover files if they want to remove it totally and possibly save additional space. If you must uninstall it, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Select the option “Applications” after launching the Finder.
  2. After that, search for and choose TotalAV Safe, then right-click and select “u nin” or drag the app to the Trash.
  3. After that, go to the “Applications” folder and find the “Utilizes” folder. Then begin the cleaning procedure for the entire system, including leftovers and cache files.
  4. After that, open the Terminal App.
  5. Erase the following folders and files by using the “rm” control command.

Turn your attention to the folder, Library, Containers, and finally to the folder TotalAV web shield. Go to the folder, then go to the Library, then to the container, and delete the folders and the next. Mac.adblockupdater and the TotalAV Safe Site from the directory. Lastly, remember that you must restart the device after deleting the software.

How Does MacRemover Automatically Remove TotalAV?

To remove TotalAV from your macOS, use an automatic removal solution.

  1. First, download MacRemover and install it.
  2. Go to the Finder menu and select Go -> Applications from there.
  3. Double-click the MacRemover icon to open it.
  4. The TotalAV icon will appear in MacRemover’s Apps listview, and you can click it.
  5. Then select “Run Analysis” and “Complete Uninstall.” TotalAV will be uninstalled completely and automatically.


how to remove totalav from my mac

Is Total Av For Mac Free?

How much does TotalAV cost? TotalAV can be downloaded for free. This application, however, has restricted functions because it simply scans for infections.

Is Total Av Required For My Mac?

Yes, your Mac needs antivirus. Viruses and other malware on Mac computers have resulted in many Mac targeted attacks. When securing your device, using built-in security features can assist; however, using antivirus software to protect your device further is another option.

Is Total Av For Mac Safe?

TotalAV’s malware scan detected practically all of the malware I had downloaded from numerous computers, Macs, Android, and iOS devices in a test. It received a perfect score of 99. It performs as one of the top antivirus scanners in 2022, detecting only 6% of harmful applications.

What is Totalav, and why do I need it?

With TotalAV will improve your overall security. Even for free users, it offers enough protection against online and general cyber threats. Malware prevention has expanded to encompass more complex approaches. These programs provide paid users real-time protection. All of the bases will be covered at once.


Overall, the entire uninstallation operation may only take a few seconds to complete, following which all items associated with TotalAV for Mac will be permanently removed from your Mac.

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