How To Reset iPhone Keyboard: 4 Steps To Know


how to reset iPhone keyboard

Are you annoyed that your iPhone’s auto-correct vocabulary “learned” a bad term and wondering how to fix it? Concerned that an autocorrect mistake could prevent you from sending a message or regular SMS to a crucial contact? Apple doesn’t provide you with many options for altering dictionary entries, but if your iPhone has developed a habit of constantly auto-correcting incorrect words, this article will provide you with information on how to reset iPhone keyboard.

How To Reset iPhone Keyboard

The iPhone keyboard suddenly quit working? Your iPhone keyboard’s prognosticative text recommendations suddenly include a strange word? In most cases, we want to reset the iPhone keyboard to fix latency issues or remove inappropriate or humiliating word suggestions. We usually get detailed instructions on how to reset iPhone keyboard, what will be deleted when you reset the iPhone keyboard, and what to try to do if the iPhone keyboard reset is unsuccessful.

Why Reset The Keyboard Dictionary On Your iPhone?

how to reset iPhone keyboard

Like PCs, the iPhone is unable to perform all of its functions when the soft keyboard is not functional. The iPhone’s computer code keyboard, however, can occasionally experience difficulties, just like physical keyboards in computers. And the fact that the keyboard doesn’t function as it should makes it obvious that something is amiss.

The good news is that there are some solutions for simple keyboard issues.  Learn how to reset iPhone keyboard. One of these options is to pretend that the keyboard settings have been reset, as shown by the following steps.

1. How To Reset The iPhone’s Keyboard Lexicon?

It is quite simple to reset the iPhone keyboard dictionary. The procedures are outlined below. Look them up. Here’s how to reset the iPhone keyboard lexicon.

  • Select “General” from the drop-down menu next to “Settings.”
  • Tap the “Reset” option after that.
  • Tap “Reset Keyboard Dictionary” from the “Reset” menu.
  • You must enter your passcode before tapping “Reset Dictionary” a second time.

Your iPhone keyboard is reset once the reset is finished.

2. What Occurs If I reset The Keyboard On My iPhone?

So, we usually know how to reset iPhone keyboard. What transpires once the iPhone keypad is reset, though?

  • Delete all custom words that you had typed on the keyboard.
  • The prognosis text on the iPhone had certain terms omitted.
  • Your iPhone’s keypad is cleansed of your frequently used and most recent emojis.

The keyboard lexicon resumes its default settings.

3. What Will Resetting Your iPhone Keyboard Do?

The iPhone keypad can operate significantly better after being reset. You can reset the emojis you frequently used with the help of the technique. Additionally, it resets the previously saved text and resolves several keyboard-related issues with the iPhone.

  • Lag on iPhone keyboard
  • Shortcuts on the iPhone keyboard don’t work
  • Letters on an iPhone keyboard become useless
  • Letters on the iPhone keyboard are untapped
  • iPhone keyboard not working with numbers

The iPhone keyboard can perform a ton of things. It will almost certainly also be fixed if you experienced any other keyboard-related issues.

4. Does Resetting Your iPhone Keyboard Not Working?

Unfortunately, it’s possible you’re dealing with anything serious if resetting the iPhone keyboard didn’t even somewhat fix your keyboard issue.

Although a simple reset should have solved the problem, there is a chance that the iOS system’s bug caused the keyboard difficulty you are experiencing. If the problem is tough to resolve, iOS system repair abuse is the only option.

  • Open the software, and then connect your iOS device to your computer.
  • You must now download the related code from the internet.
  • Click “Download” after selecting a route.
  • Click “Repair Now” to fix the package after downloading the code.

You shouldn’t be concerned that iTunes will download the software for this iPhone error.

Other than resetting the iPhone keyboard lexicon, this may also be an effective step when fixing iPhone keyboard issues.

What Occurs Once A Keyboard Dictionary Is Reset?

Playacting this reset will remove all the words from your prognosticative text recommendations in addition to breaking down random keyboard glitches. You might also consider performing this reset to get your iPhone to stop suggesting strange words that are illegal in your prognosticating texts.

Misuse of the underutilized iOS Keyboard Text Replacement function can even solve the problem of misspelled or erroneous autocorrect suggestions.

You can use this tool to override an inaccurate autocorrect suggestion and substitute the right word or phrase. If resetting the keyboard lexicon is not the best option for you, this could be considered an alternative response.

How To Clear The iPhone’s Keyboard Dictionary

  • On your iPhone, open the Settings app.
  • Click General.
  • You must scroll all the way to the bottom to tap Reset.
  • Reset Keyboard Dictionary by tapping it.
  • When prompted, enter your password.
  • Only if a password is enabled will you be able to access this stage.
  • To confirm that you want to reset the keyboard dictionary, tap on Reset Dictionary in the popup menu.

All done. Your iPhone should now have the default keyboard dictionary set. It ought to have fixed any amusing spelling errors by this point.


Is there a quick and easy way to calibrate the keyboard on my iPhone?

Yes, you may reset the iPhone keyboard from the settings menu on the phone, under General > Reset, by tapping on the Reset Keyboard lexicon button.

Where is the iPhone’s keyboard configuration located?

The iPhone keyboard options are accessible from Settings > General, Keyboard, then Keyboards.

Is it possible to make the iPhone keypad larger?

The iPhone does not provide you the option to increase the keyboard’s size, but you can use display Zoom, a built-in iPhone feature. When Show Zoom is turned on, everything on your iPhone, including the iPhone keyboard, will display at a larger size.


It is a good thing if you can send a message directly and with no issues at all. The above-mentioned information on how to reset iPhone keyboard is helpful when you send a message with no glitches. You can now use iPhone keyboard at ease when sending messages on social media like facebook, communicating thru SMS, and other ways to get in touch with your loved ones.

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