How To Screenshot On Chromebook


If you don’t know how to screenshot on Chromebook, know that you’re not alone. In actual fact, a Chromebook is more confusing to use compared to Windows PC and Macs, for one because of its keyboard.

Knowing how to properly capture a screenshot on Chromebook is very important. Taking screenshots can be extremely beneficial in many different ways. The list is actually endless from taking ideas to showing someone problems you are trying to resolve.

In today’s article, you will find relevant information that can surely help you take screenshots on Chromebooks with ease.

How To Screenshot On Chromebook: 3 Methods That You Can Try

Use A Keyboard Shortcut

Use A Keyboard Shortcut

If you are taking lots of screenshots using shortcut keys, come in handy. For this method on how to take a screenshot on Chromebook, there are the shortcut keys you can use. Keep in mind that every shortcut utilizes the Window key, the key on the upper row of your keyboard. Actually, it looks like three rectangles.

To screenshot on your Chromebook, here are the shortcut keys you can follow:

  1. Ctrl > Shift > Window

With this keyboard shortcut, the Screen Capture tool will be opened and let you capture partial screenshots.

  1. Ctrl > Window

If you want to take full-screen screenshots right away, this is the perfect shortcut for you.

  1. Ctrl > Alt > Window

Similar to the first keyboard shortcut, this will open the Screen Capture tool. The difference is that it will ask you to choose the window to capture.

Keep in mind that for partial screenshots, you need to drag the cursor of your mouse over a certain area to select what you wish to screenshot and then click “CAPTURE”. When it comes to window screenshots, click the area of the display or window you wish to screenshot.

Nevertheless, whichever keyboard shortcuts you will use, know that the screenshots can be found in the right lower corner of your screen. You can also Delete or Edit the screenshots.

Take Screenshots From The Quick Settings

If you are not used to memorizing shortcut keys and looking for another way on how to screenshot on Chromebook easily, this one’s for you. Luckily, Google has created a button that will allow you to access the Quick Settings panel easily for the screens.

Located on Chrome’s Shelf, be sure to click on the time so that the Quick Settings menu will pop up. Simply click the Screen Capture and the toolbar will automatically launch.

Take Advantage of Your Stylus

Does your Chromebook have stylus input? If yes, know that you can make use of it to take a screenshot. There are two ways to use this method.

  • For full-screen screenshots, with the stylus paired with the Chromebook, click the pen icon found in the taskbar. Then from the pop-up menu, select “SCREEN CAPTURE”. The screenshot appears in the lower-right corner of your screen to be copied to the clipboard. From there, you can delete or edit the screenshot from the preview thumbnail.
  • For a partial screenshot, simply, click the pen icon in the taskbar. From the menu, choose “CAPTURE REGION”. You can use your stylus to select the part of the screen you wish to capture. To take screenshots, lift the pen from the display. The same with the first method, the screenshot appears in the lower-right corner of your screen to be copied to the clipboard. Lastly from the preview thumbnail, you can either delete or make changes to the screenshot.


Where The Screenshots Are Saved On Your Chromebook?

Where The Screenshots Are Saved On Your Chromebook

Now that you know how to screenshot on Chromebook, perhaps you’re wondering where they’re saved. When taking screenshots and even recordings, they are accessible from your Clipboard right away. In this place, you will retain the last five screenshots you saved. If you want to see what is available, press the Search key and letter V.

On the other hand, Chromebooks have a holding place on the Shelf known as Tote. It is actually where you will see the recent screenshots. What’s more, you can even pin a file to Tote.  It means you can keep a crucial item and open it right away without makings searches.

For screenshots that are no longer accessible on your clipboard, know that you can find them in your files. To find these screenshots, on your Chromebook, access the Files application and you will see screenshots in the Image folder.


Like taking screenshots on Windows, taking screenshots on your Chromebook doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply follow the methods above and you’re good to go.

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