How To Screenshot On iPhone 6 Using This Simple Guide


How To Screenshot on iPhone 6

With the availability of screenshots on the iPhone 6S, you can easily get screenshots of everything from game scores, text messages, and chat conversations. Does it seem easy? Probably not. Many people are confused about how to screenshot on iPhone 6 due to the position changes of the buttons.

So if you’re having trouble taking a screenshot of your iPhone 6, check out these simple solutions below. If you’ve just bought an iPhone 6 and are thinking about taking a screenshot, it’s very simple.

As with other versions of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod, the default way to take a screenshot of your iPhone 6 is to press the Home and Power buttons at the same time. See below for detailed instructions.

Guide On How To Screenshot On iPhone 6

How To Screenshot on iPhone 6

Using the ‘Power’ and ‘Home’ button

  • On your iPhone 6 press and hold the power button.
  • And now, without releasing the power button, press the ‘Home’ button.

Remember, you can as well try doing it the other way around. But if you are trying a screenshot on iPhone 6 of the Lock screen, the Touch ID might kick in, preventing you from taking screenshots of the Lock screen. This might also end up invoking Siri. 

You can as well do it by pressing the buttons simultaneously. But you might find it to be a bit more error-prone on your iPhone 6.

You will know that your screenshot is successful if the screen flashes and makes a sound. This is also like taking a photo using a camera – the camera shutters and makes a sound.

Using A Third-Party App

Using a third-party app when taking a screenshot on your iPhone 6 is also one of the good ways to consider.

What if your iPhone’s Home button and Power button are broken? Are you thinking that taking a screenshot using your iPhone 6 is now impossible? Well, I bet no! Because fortunately there’s still a working solution you can try.

ApowerManager is a third-party app you can try on how to screenshot on iPhone 6 You don’t need to press and hold any buttons when using this app. Taking screenshots using this app is easy and one, two, three.

Literally, all you need is one click. Even more convincing is that this program is just as full of many other features. To be specific, users can transfer, view, back up and restore mobile files. In addition to these features, you can also take screenshots with the click of a button.

All you have to do is follow these steps on how to screenshot on iPhone 6 using this app.

  • Download the software to your computer. Download
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer with the supplied lightning cable.
  • After successful connection, you’ll see the live screen of your iPhone in the left panel of the app
  • Prepare the image or application you want to take a screenshot of on your iPhone 6.
  • Just click on the camera icon located in the left pane of the ApowerManager, which is at the bottom of your phone’s photo.


Q. How to screenshot on iPhone 6 with one hand using Assistive Touch

If you have Assistive Touch Accessibility enabled, you can take a screenshot with one hand by following these steps:

  • Tap the on-screen floating menu button.
  • Click ‘Device’
  • Click ‘More’
  • Tap ‘Screenshot’

This means that the screen will flash and will make your camera shutter sound that the camera app usually makes when you are taking a photo.

Screenshots are saved in the Camera folder in Photos. You can just launch the Photos app to access it.

Q. Is there any other third party app aside from the ApowerManager?

Definitely yes! There are a lot of third-party apps you can use on how to screenshot on iPhone 6. You can do some research on some possible third party apps compatible with your iPhone 6 to use when taking screenshots.


Whether you are using a default method or third party applications when taking screenshots on your iPhone 6, the choice is yours. Either way, you can still use both at ease. If you have tried already how to screenshot on iPhone 6, let us know the result. If you have anything in your mind please share it in the comment section below, we would love to know.

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