How To Set Up Xfinity Internet With An xFi Gateway In 2 Ways


how to set up Xfinity internet

Are you thinking of getting Xfinity service? Thinking about how to set up Xfinity internet effortlessly? Depending on your location, you can choose a self-installation that could lessen your expenses. Xfinity can ship you a self-install kit for US$14.99 and may take a 2-hour setup

Are you ready to get started? Learn how to set up Xfinity internet and get connected with Xfinity in this article.

How To Set Up Xfinity Internet with an xFi Gateway Effortlessly

If you have an Xfinity internet with an xFi Gateway modem, then just follow these simple steps on how to set up Xfinity internet :

If You Have A Mobile Phone

  1. Download this Xfinity Xfi app.
  2. Follow each of the prompt steps in the app on how to install the xFi Gateway modem and set up the Xfinity home wifi network

If You Don’t Have A Mobile Phone

  1. Connect the cables by placing the xFi Gateway in the middle near the cable wall outlet. Connect one end of the coax cable to the RF In or Cable In port on the Gateway and to the cable wall outlet on the other end. Twist until tight.
  2. Connect power by plugging the power cord to the back of the Gateway then into the electrical outlet. Wait for one minute until the Power, Online, and US/DS are solid and stop flashing.
  3. Connect with wifi. Look for the Network Name and Password on your Gateway, either on the side back or bottom.
  4. Enable wifi on your device by accessing the wifi settings and choosing the Network Name and entering the Password.
  5. Activate the service. Visit the Xfinity registration page and follow the prompt steps to verify your account. This will activate your service and you can set up a new home network and password.

Once the activation is done, you are now ready to start your extended home wifi with the Xfinity internet service. You can also enjoy watching your favourite movies while using the service.

Setting up the Xfinity Internet Using Your Modem

Xfinity gives you the option to use your internet equipment instead of their Gateway. If you like to buy your Xfinity-compatible router, just follow the instructions to get your internet service set up.

If Your Connection Is Slow

Put the xFi Gateway three feet from the ground avoiding cramped space. Place it somewhere in the middle location with no walls and furniture that blocks the signal.

If An Issue Is Affecting Multiple Devices

First, check your websites or apps to make sure that it is a network issue, not your website or any other apps. Visit Xfinity Status Center Outage Map to see for local outages. Make sure that all cables are plugged-in and intact, especially in your modem or router. Refresh your equipment by simply unplugging it and then waiting for a minute and plugging it back in. If you are still having issues then it is time to contact the Xfinity customer service.


Q. Why I cannot install my equipment?

For most of the addresses, you will have two options on how to set up Xfinity internet, it’s either pay for a professional installation or self-install your Xfinity internet service. On the other hand, some cases need the help of professional installation service, such as:

  • The Xfinity service has never been set up in your place before.
  • The location has not had any Xfinity service for more than a year.
  • The installation is too complex or sometimes includes four or more pieces of equipment.

Q. How to change the wifi network name and password?

To change your Xfinity wifi network name and password, just log in online or you can also use the Xfinity Xfi app. Look for the network name and the password. You can change them per se.

Q. How to restart the Xfinity Gateway?

There are three options to consider when restarting the Xfinity Gateway:

  1. Log in to your Xfinity account then select the ‘Manage Internet’ button. Select the ‘Restart Modem’ and then tap the ‘Start Troubleshooting’ button to start the reset.
  2. Open the Xfinity app and tap the ‘Internet’ button. Select modem and then tap the ‘Restart this Device’ to begin the process.
  3. Restart the Gateway manually by unplugging the power cable. Wait for a minute and plug it back in.

If you are having issues during the self-installation or how to set up Xfinity internet you can always contact the Xfinity customer service to help a visit or any help.

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