How To Tell If Someone Restricted You On Instagram in 3 Ways


How To Tell If Someone Restricted You On Instagram

Nowadays social media platforms are on the heat, especially the use of Instagram. But how to tell if someone restricted you on Instagram? By limiting one user, the goal is to place and limit the interactions they may have with each other. This is great because you prevent users from ever following you. By imposing restrictions, the other party cannot control the status of your activity. They also can’t read what you’re sending them in instant messages.

But the best part is that all such restrictions will change. You can turn the tide back at any time if you feel you need it. In addition, you can add comments on Instagram. Here’s how to tell if someone restricted you on Instagram.

How To Tell If Someone Restricted You On Instagram

How To Tell If Someone Restricted You On Instagram

Make a new account

Because you already suspect that you’ll be restricted by the other party, you don’t need to verify this account. So you have to have a new account from here. To make a new account, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch Instagram

Step 2: Go to the lower right corner of your feed. Tap and hold the icon with your image.

Step 3: When you do this, the option will scroll from the bottom of the screen. Click “Try a new account”.

Step 4: Pick a username and then enter a password.

Step 5: You can add your phone number and email ID to make sure your account is secure.

Step 6: Click “Complete Sign-up” when done.

You can now connect the new account to your Facebook. If not, click “Skip”. Skip everything, because the account is solely used to check if you are restricted by the user.

Browse Comments

Step 1: Find the user of the new account.

Note: You can only check a new account if the user account is public. This doesn’t work for private accounts.

Step 2: Publish a user account, if you find one, click on their profile.

Step 3: If you’re on her profile, go to the post you commented on earlier. The comments section is an icon with a dialog box between the Like and Share buttons.

Step 4: If you are in the comments section, you’ll find comments.

If the user did restrict you, your main account comments will no longer be here.

Sending an Instant Messaging

The second way to check if your Instagram restricted you is through instant messaging.

Step 1: In your new account, find the user in the search section. You can access it with one click on the magnifying glass icon. Right next to the IGTV icon.

Step 2: When the user you are looking for appears on your screen, click their profile.

Step 3:  You can still send an instant message, even if their account is private.

Step 4: If you are in her profile, go to the upper right corner. Click on “…”

Step 5: Click “Send Message”.

Step 6: Write a message and click “Send”.

Step 7: If their account is public, you can click on the “Message” field.

After sending your message, wait for a reply. Even if there’s a chance that they won’t respond, it’s still worth a try. If and when you receive an answer, it’ll confirm your doubts that it’s holding you back.


How do you know if you’ve been restricted on Instagram?

If the account is private and you cannot find it, you’re probably blocked. If your account is public and you visit their site, you don’t see their profile picture, the number of messages they follow or follow, and the photo frame says “No posts yet,” you’ll be completely blocked.

What happens when someone restricts you on Instagram?

The Instagram Restrictions feature, which was introduced as an anti-bullying feature, provide you more control over what comments and your followers see on your posts because it limits account publish on your profile. If you block someone, their comments and posts will be hidden in your profile.


So here are three ways to find out if someone is restricting you on Instagram. You can now enjoy taking Instagramable photos using your camera and other features of Instagram.  If you have any doubts about our instructions on how to tell if someone restricted you on Instagram, then don’t be afraid to mention them in the comments section below.  If you have any thoughts you can always share them with us.

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