How to Transfer Photos From Android Phone to USB Flash Drive


Those who use android phones know the struggle of fulfilling the storage. Most of the time we have to remove our favorite photos, videos, and files because of this less space. Sometimes we also delete our favorite memories because of this problem.

But now there is a great way out of this problem. You can use a Photostick device and easily transfer your necessary data and files within a second. This article will show you how to transfer photos from android phone to USB flash drive. Read Photostick mobile review for more updates.

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PhotoStick Mobile Review

PhotoStick Mobile Review


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How To Transfer Photos From Android Phone To Usb Flash Drive?

It doesn’t matter how much storage we use on our device. The more we get, the more we want to utilize it. Sometimes we had to delete files. But, to keep it in a safe place you need a strong and secure device to transfer. Here we came to describe how to transfer photos from android phone to USB Flash drive?

How To Transfer Photos From Android Phone To Usb Flash Drive

There are so many ways you will find to transfer photos from android to flash drives. But we will show the process with Photostick mobile to transfer your data and files step by step. For your convenience, I will add some photos with steps.

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Process Of Transferring Photos From Android To Flash Drive With Photostick

You can easily transfer your photos, files, or videos on your flash drive through a photostick device. For transferring through a photostick you will need a computer, a photostick device, an android phone, and a flash drive. Now come to the process.

Process Of Transferring Photos From Android To Flash Drive With Photostick

Step 1– At first, connect the photostick device to your android phone. If your android device has a Type C- USB port and your photostick device is Type-B then you can use an OTG.

Step 2– When you connect the photostick device, a notification will appear on your bar. Select the option of USB drive and your files will be shown there.

Step 3– Select the files that you want to transfer. You can select the copy, or move the option to transfer data from photostick to an android device.

Step 4– When the data transferring is complete, disconnect the photostick device.

Step 5– Now connect the flash drive on your android phone. You can use the OTG cable if two USB ports don’t match.

Step 6– Here you will get the same notification on the bar of the USB drive.

Step 7– Now, go to your android phone storage where you saved the file that you copied from the photostick device. Select the files and go for a copy or move option.

Step 8– When you select the option, it will show you the USB drive option along with others.

Step 9– Select the flash drive to transfer your data and wait.

Step 10- The files or photos will automatically be transferred on your flash drive.

This is how you can easily transfer your photos from an android phone to a flash drive. If the port is different from each other you can use the OTG cable.

Also, the photostick has an app that you can download from google or the app store. Then connect the device and store all the data through the app. For saving photos and files you can select the “back up” option from the app. This way your all info will be saved in the storage. You can collect your data from this backup storage anytime you want.

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Where to Buy Photostick Mobile?

Where to Buy Photostick Mobile

As the Photostick mobile almost looks like a flash drive people are confused about where they can purchase it. To avoid fake devices, you can visit their online store or visit Photostick Mobile. Recently they made a great offer to buy this product. Also, as a regular customer, you will get some money-back guarantee with a discount.

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Final Thought

For quick transferring and secure backup Photostick devices are doing great. This device has two-port. You can connect with a mobile phone and with a computer or laptop at a time.  This article also gives you a proper description of how to transfer photos from android phone to USB flash drive? By following those steps, you can easily transfer the files. Also, you will have a backup on the photostick. For its lightweight and portability, it’s become popular to the users.

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