How To Uninstall Software Update On Android Like A Pro?


Wish to downgrade your Software and app to the former version? So you are in the correct place. Today’s post will discuss how to uninstall software update on Android.

More features are added as developers update Software and apps, while some other features will be removed. To return those features, the right option is to uninstall previous updates as well as a downgrade to the former version. As a matter of fact, this is not the mere reason why you need to uninstall updates on your Android.

The latest update might have bugs or some other app problems. It might be incompatible with your device version, or possibly your device may not have additional hardware requirements. There are so many possible reasons why you wish to uninstall updates. Whatsoever the reasons it may be, check below the methods that will fit for your Android.

But before that, there are some different methods how to uninstall updates. Downgrade or upgrade the android version through ADB (android debug bridge). However, this requires a personal computer. Without the use of the personal computer, there will be some limitations to what they can do. You may also apply these updates through ADB.

For the methods mentioned below, a PC is not a requirement.

how to uninstall software update on android

Uninstalling App Updates On Android

The process of uninstalling App updates on Android is simpler than the software updates. Despite messing up the procedure, you can simply restart from the beginning. You may also install the updates after uninstalling those.

Uninstalling Updates For Your System Apps On Android

The procedure of uninstalling an app’s system is easier compared to the process of third-party apps. Just uninstall the updates from the app settings. Still, the app will not return to the previous versions; however, it will rather return to the factory version.

  1. Presson Settings of your smartphone. Access the settings using the Notification panel or using the
  2. Scroll-down and then press on apps. Now all the apps will be shown and Tap-on the three dots located in the upper-right corner.
  3. Tap-on the show system apps. And then, look for the apps that you will uninstall updates.
  4. Or also, go to the app settings using the Home itself; all you need to do is Tap and Hold the app, and next choose app info.
  5. In the App info “menu” again, select the three dots and choose the uninstall app updates. This method does not apply to all the apps. The three dots on the upper-right portion only appear once the said app is updated formerly. Once you can’t see that sign, it simply means that you can’t uninstall updates for the said.
  6. You will be questioned, to install or not to uninstall the said updates, select “Ok” and then the app will return to its factory version or initial version.

how to uninstall software update on android

Uninstalling updates for Third-party apps

You can directly uninstall updates of the third-party apps. However, you may have the previous version. But on the other hand, you have to download the “app” from external sources.

But before proceeding, makes sure to have the correct software information about this; an additional app is needed. And the app is acquirable on Playstore for free.

The said app is helpful when it comes to getting information on the device, storage, camera,  system, etc. It gives every detail about the CPU and memory utilization.

  1. From Playstore download, the Droid Hardware info and its size is only 2.3 MB.
  2. Now open the app, then provide the needed permission to operate the app.
  3. Run to the device section and then note every detail of OS version and Software density. Just get a screenshot for the better.
  4. Now run to the section System and write down the Instruction set and CPU architecture. Once the system is 64-bit, you may install a 64-bit app, or else you have to run with the 32-

After having the needed device details, now find the former versions of the apps online that support the device. Apps downloading from external sources may cause some issues with security, so be aware of downloading the apps from external sources. In this process, use the APK mirror.

The APK is trustworthy compared to some other sites. It comprises apps that are certified by most app developers.

  1. You have to uninstall the present application before you can download the Previous app. Uninstall the app directly from Home itself, or simply you can go to apps, and then choose the required apps and choose on uninstall in the app info.
  2. And also, you have to turn-on the “Unknown Sources” in App settings. Or directly search this setting if you find it hard.
  3. Open any browsers or Chrome on your phone. Key-in at the address bar and tap enter. The ApkMirror is consists of previous versions of the app.
  4. Then search for the needed app. For the results, tap the app.
  5. Choose on “All variants.” It will display all the previous versions of that app. Choose the app which is based on Cpu articteure.
  6. And download the needed version and then install it.

How To Uninstall Software Update On Android

Uninstalling software updates is quite complicated. With a tiny error, it could mess-up whole things. But with the use of a PC and good knowledge about Android, it may simply undo things safely.

Once updated to higher versions, the device loses some other features. Sometimes, it will lose primary features, such as WiFi, because of some bugs in the software update. Or else choose the older version of the Android for some great reasons.

For the method below, you will not need to root the phone. It will work without rooting.

  1. Shortcut master is the app needed, so simply download shortcut master from a “Playstore.”
  2. Tap to open the app and tap on the three
  3. Clickon Apps explorer.
  4. And alter the list from “All apps” to “system apps.”
  5. Locate the app called “wireless updates” and click on it. Possibly it will be different on other different So try to check the options that are related to upgrade or update.
  6. Now locate the “Option” called “ServerSetActivity” and choose Put it to the Test Server Internal Address as well as select on set “OTA” Server Address.
  7. Return and select “TestActivity.” And launch it and adjust it to permit updates to the older versions. Tap on the simulation original And lastly, click on the OTA Test.
  8. And in the OTA Test. click on Check OTA Update in few times.
  9. Now a new version window will be pop up regardless it displays the latest version; it is really the older version. So just install it, and now you are ready to Go.

There you go; given the simple steps above, you will surely know how to uninstall software update on Android like A pro. And you will shape your android device back to its best performance.

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