How To Update Android Software On Samsung Galaxy Note 2


Do you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and want to update its Android software but don’t know where to start? Today is your lucky day because you have just visited the right place. In today’s post, we will show you how to update Android software on Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Update Android Software On Samsung Galaxy

A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Update Android Software On Samsung Galaxy

Follow the steps below to successfully update your Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Please note that before you proceed with the update, make sure your Galaxy Note 2 is connected to WiFi and fully charged.

Step 1: Press the Menu key from the phone’s home screen.

Step 2: Go to “Settings”

Step 3: Tap the “More” tab

Step 4: Tap on “About Device” go to “Software Update” and then “Check for Updates”

Step 5: In order to download and at the same time install the Android update, simply follow the steps shown on the screen.

Step 6: Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will restart automatically after the new software is installed successfully.

If you want to make sure that the Android update is performed successfully, you can actually check it with ease. First, press the Menu Key on your device’s home screen and go to Settings. Tap the “More” option followed by About Device. If the build number and baseband version match the newest update information, then your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has the newest software.

Is It Possible To Perform System Update While You’re Roaming?

While you will not be able to receive a system update notification, you can actually perform a system update while you’re performing. To update your phone while you’re roaming, you will need to stay in a place that has a stable internet connection.

To begin with, turn on your WiFi if it isn’t yet enabled. Like what you usually do, tap WiFi to view and pick the available WiFi network. Once you’re connected, a notification about the update will appear on your device.

In case there is a problem in updating the system, you will receive an error screen. But keep in mind that this will only mean the software didn’t properly install. Remove the battery and re-insert it and turn on your device. The device will start with the original software as well as prompt you again to install the update.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Should You Update Your Phone?

Here are some of the benefits of updating your software.


Like computers, mobile devices are running software which is the OS on its hardware. When there are any changes made to the software, they will affect the performance of the entire system. Such changes can be caused by applications and additional services such as Adobe Flash, which is being utilized by the majority of phones these days.

Having said that, to prevent any problem, the manufacturers of the device and developers are working together in order to test out software and applications that may cause instability to your device and afterward release software fixes in the form of a software upgrade. This, in turn, will help your operating system stay in its best shape possible and well and improve the stability of the device.

Fixes Bug

A lot of times, some versions of OS are found to be one of the reasons smartphones are getting in trouble, resulting in a poor user experience. As a matter of fact, these problems are also found in handsets that are newly launched.

In addition to the battery, there are other essential components residing in your phone that need to function optimally in order to perform well. However, if malfunctions occur, they can be corrected by doing system updates.

Improve Security

One major concern that phone users have these days is the security of all the data and information that is stored in such devices automatically. What’s more, people are doing online purchases and financial transactions on their devices.

As of the moment, cybercriminals and hackers are exploiting mobile devices in every way just to look for loopholes in security so that they’ll be able to steal confidential information or data for their benefit. This is without a doubt why smartphone manufacturers are also investing in legit hacking of devices to find any loophole that needs to be fixed right away to prevent more serious problems.

When there are loopholes found, security fixes will be released by the company either as an individual improvement or as part of a major update file to protect users from these attacks. For instance, Android has been in news for security problems. But the good news is that security upgrades, most especially for Android phones, were being released regularly to protect all their users.

What Happens Once You Choose Not To Update Your Android’s Software?

Please bear in mind that if you don’t update your Android software in the forthcoming, your device will not be able to handle the latest versions. Meaning to say, you will be the only one who cannot access improved features others are surely enjoying and using. One of the reasons for this is that the mobile applications should be able to adapt with the new OS the moment they’re released.

Can A Software Update Damage Your Device?

It isn’t uncommon for you to upgrade your phone to the newest version of Android software. But during the process of upgrading, there is a chance that your device will stop working or become broken. However, you have nothing to worry about most, especially if you are doing the right thing.

Is It Safe To Update The Software In Samsung Phones?

If you received a notification that you need to perform a Samsung note 2 OS update, then proceed. Upgrading the device of your software will add new features and, most importantly, enhance security. In actual fact, Samsung recommends keeping the software of your device updated. To avoid any problem, be sure to update all your data before performing any update.


Knowing how to update Android software on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is very important as it can offer you many different benefits. Hopefully, after reading today’s post, you will be able to update your device without any hassle. By if you want to uninstall updates for your system applications, you can actually do it by doing a few tweaks.

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