How to Use Bondic? Does it Really Work?


Often we break something accidentally in home, office and everywhere. We use different types of glue to fix broken things. The ordinary glues are sticky and messy, which harms our skin. Also, super glue cannot fix all things permanently. The super glue’s bond breaks down in a low pressure, heat and using the machine.

The finest solution is the Bondic UV light glue. It can repair any broken things in just 4 seconds. Its rock-solid bond ensures a permanent bond for a long time. The Bondic is different to use and safer than the super glue. Here, I will explain how to use Bondic to repair personal goods permanently.

Does Bondic Work?

Bondic works to repair all broken parts. It has an advanced liquid plastic formula that hardens after exposure to UV light. It ensures a rock-solid bond that provides a permanent repair. Within 4 seconds, you will see that the crack is repaired from both sides. The bond withstands at high temperature, water, cold and oily conditions. The replaceable glue kit allows you to repair more than dozens of cracks. The glue has natural liquid stability that means it will not dry out until the UV light is applied. It is not messy and non-toxic that ensures our safety while using it.

Does Bondic Work

When I got this Bondic liquid plastic welder, I started researching various sites and forums that bought it like me to verify its integrity. For this reason, I am sharing some Bondic user’s reviews to prove that it really works.

“This product was fun to experiment with. After about 4 repairs, I am getting hold of it. I used Bondic glue to repair broken electrical wires instead of using electrical tape as usual. I also used it to strengthen the wire on my Bluetooth earphone and the belt. When the light of its laser shines on the liquid plastic, you can see that it becomes solid so that you can understand that it is hardening. It has been effective so far. The thing to keep in mind is that it’s not glue and it’s more of a welder. ”

“I had to use it to repair a crumbly piece of the air filter that broke in several places and I have to say it did its job. As mentioned, it is not glued. If you put it between two broken pieces where the UV light can’t get to it, it won’t work. I put a bead of it on both the cracks’ inner and outer surfaces that cover both sides of the crack and cured with light and it seems to hold well. It’s been about a month and the repair is still solid. It is much easier to use and will bond different materials where actual welding will not.”

“There is a bit of a learning curve on first use, so I used it a little more than necessary in the beginning. Once I was able to see exactly how it reacted and how best to use it quickly, it was a breeze. I used it on both a new hairbrush that broke for my wife the day she bought it and the case for a laptop monitor that broke at the hinge. I’m already thinking about buying new refills as soon as I get paid.”

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How to Use Bondic?

Bondic is used in 4 simple steps: cleaning, filling, curing and shaping.

How to Use Bondic

  • Cleaning: At first, clean the cracked materials and make them smooth.
  • Filling: Apply the Bondic liquid plastic glue on the cracked part.
  • Curing: Use the UV light on the liquid plastic until it hardens.
  • Shaping: Now, use the machine sander to give a smooth shape and paint as you want.

Bondic Review: Why Is Bondic Better Than Super Glue?

Bondic uses UV light and the liquid plastic formula with useful features that make it better and effective than super glue. The useful features of the Bondic are mentioned below:

Bondic Review: Why Is Bondic Better Than Super Glue

  • Quick and Robust Bond: Bondic’s liquid glue and UV light fix the broken part with the solid bond. The bond is so sturdy that you can use the cracks again like the new one. It creates the bond within 4 seconds with the permanent joint.
  • Multi-Functional: Most of the glues do not work on uneven surfaces. The Bondic works perfectly on the uneven surface. You can repair wires, plastics, metals, wood and other materials.
  • No Messes: Most of the superglues are sticky and messy. Bondic’s liquid glue formula is totally different. You can wipe out the adhesive with a wet cloth and it will not be stacked on the fingers.
  • Risk-Free: Basically, glue liquids are irritating to the skin, which can lead to big health issues. But bondic has no harmful chemicals and does not need heat to dry up. If its liquid plastic is stacked on your finger, you can easily remove it without skin irritation.
  • Easy to Use: The bondic fixes any joints in cleaning, filling, curing and shaping processes. It does not dry out if the bottle cap is always open. You can use it for a lifetime.
  • Resistant: The bond of the Bondic glue lasts at high temperature, water and all-weather condition.
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Where to Buy?

Where to Buy

The Bondic is the best and safest solution to fix any joints. It is available in nearby hardware shops and online. I recommend you to get the Bondic from here. You can see their different packages of Bondic with attractive discount offers.

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Final Verdict

Bondic allows us to repair personal goods and other materials. It works where super glues fail. It uses advanced liquid plastic formula and UV light to repair cracks. You can use it on all types of materials, and even it works on uneven surfaces.

The glue requires 4 seconds to dry up. The liquid formula always remains in liquid format until the UV light is applied. The glue in the kit will never dry out, so you can use it for a lifetime. To know more How to use Bondic, Go through the Bondic review.

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