How to Use Photostick Mobile for Android Devices?


Most people keep their pictures on their mobile devices and consider it to be the safest. It so often occurs that the pictures they love get corrupt in the android devices. Apart from that issue, the photos get accidentally deleted, the phone gets lost, etc. are occurring every now and then.

And the Photostick device can be a probable solution to this problem. The Photostick device automatically saves all the photos from your device and keeps them safe for a long period of time. So, let’s make a clear discussion on how to use Photostick Mobile for Android devices?

Our Summary
ThePhotoStick Review

ThePhotoStick Review

  • Instant plug and play
  • 128GB big storage capacity
  • Quick backup
  • Store all files safe
  • Weekly auto backup
  • Works without any software
  • Keep original files

Does Photostick Work on Android Phones?

The Photostick device is one of its kind to keep all of your photos safe. It works on android devices of a great range due to its huge compatibility. Any android device that runs Android version 4.4 or above is compatible to work with the Photostick device.

Does Photostick Work on Android Phones

The android devices which run Android version less than 4.4 are hard to find nowadays, so it can be said that Photostick device works on any android device. How to use Photostick Mobile for Android devices?

The Photostick device cannot run directly on android devices; an application called “TPS mobile” is required to connect the Photostick device to your android device. Using the TPS mobile application is very simple, and anyone above age 4 can handle the application by himself.

If you are an android user and worrying whether the Photostick device will work on your device or not, then stop worrying and get the Photostick device right now.

How to Use Photostick Mobile for Android Devices?

The Photostick mobile is a type of USB device that works on any android device and automatically copies all the images from the device. This device is great for copying and backup any and every photo that you have on your device, thus saving space and keeping it safe. The process of using a Photostick mobile is very easy.

Does Photostick Work on Android Phones

Buying a Photostick Mobile Device:

The Photostick mobile works great on any android device, though a good Photostick device should be chosen. You may look into many Photostick mobile reviews to find out the best one for you. Some key factors to look for:

USB Port:

First thing to consider while choosing a Photostick device is the supported port. USB 3.0 port is available in Photostick devices, which are very fast. For example, our tests show the USB 2.0 port is almost 10 times slower than the Photostick device with a USB 3.0 port.

Only considering the speed is not the best option, though. Your Android device compatibility is equally important while choosing Photostick mobile devices. If your device does not support a USB 3.0 port, then choosing that type of Photostick device will be a waste of money.


The storage size is very important while choosing the best Photostick mobile. So, if you need a high storage capacity, then you can choose 256 GB Photostick devices. If you do not want to spend that much money on a Photostick device, then there are devices with only 8 GB of storage as well.


Different Photostick devices provide a different arrangement to attach the Photostick device to the android device. These can be chosen based on the preference of the consumer while choosing the Photostick device.


The Photostick device requires an application to work with. The application that will assist you using a Photostick device is known as “TPS Mobile.” This Photostick application is available in the google play store and is suitable for any android device.

All you have to do is to log in to the google play store with any Gmail on your android device and search for the Photostick mobile application. The application will be available at the top of the search list. Click on the Photostick application from the search list shown on the screen. The Photostick application is free of cost for any android user, and anyone over age 4 can use the application. The Photostick application is very small in size as it weighs only 4 MB.

Connect the Photostick Device:

Once the Photostick application is downloaded and installed successfully, you can connect the Photostick mobile device to your android device.

Usually, you’ll find two sides in a Photostick device. On one side, the USB port is relatively smaller, which is perfectly compatible with android devices. The other side consists of a bigger USB port suitable to connect to any laptop or pc devices.

Insert the smaller port of the Photostick to your android device in order to create the connection required to transfer your images.


The main task to create a backup on the Photostick device takes place at this stage.

First of all, launch the TPS mobile application that you just downloaded. And the simple interface of the application allows the users to navigate easily. On the homepage of the TPS application, a backup option is available. Press the backup option on the TPS mobile to start copying the images to the Photostick device. It searches through each and every folder available on your android device and identifies the image files. Once identified, the TPs mobile instantly copied these images automatically in the Photostick device.


The Photostick devices are compatible with storing any images safely. Just copy the images from your android device, and the Photostick device will keep them safe.

If required, you can copy all the photos from your Photostick device to your laptop or PC.

Where to Buy Photostick Mobile

How to Use Photostick Mobile for Android Devices? 1

The Photostick mobile device should be bought from a trusted site; if not, then the chances of fraud and corrupt devices is very high. However, you can visit our link to purchase your favorite Photostick mobile for your device. You will get good offers to buy Photostick mobile on this site as they offer different promotional offers throughout the year.


The Photostick is a great device that you need to have if you are an android user. The Photostick mobile is kind of a USB device that is easy to use and can save and store any images.

But how to use Photostick Mobile for Android devices? The use of the Photostick device is very simple, and if you have pictures that are important for you to keep, then the Photostick device is the best option available.

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