How to Use Readyboost? Step by Step Guide 2022!


Microsoft has introduced this Readyboost technology that is capable of using free space to make your windows faster. Besides, people usually use this service by inserting a flash drive or SD card.

But this little-known technology isn’t compatible with all systems and it’s mandatory to know how to use Readyboost and how to enable it for your system? If you’re unable to unlock the procedures smoothly, your effort will fall apart.

What Is Readyboost?

So, what do you understand about the term Readyboost? When the technology was invented, the flash USB-drives could offer faster ways to transfer files from RAM. But in recent times, the technology is used to cache the frequent files to the removable discs like memory cards, flash drives, or other external storages.

In 2007, Microsoft introduced this technology in Windows Vista but the claim fell flat for most of the people. With the advancement of technology, the system does work efficiently in Windows 10.

How to Use Readyboost?

You are ready to use this technology on your PC and let’s get it in the following section. We consider Windows 7 to use ReadyBoost technology here.

How to Use Readyboost

Step 1:

So, you need a flash drive that comes with at least 1 GB free space and precisely, it might be two to four times than the existing RAM of your system. For example, if the system has 1-GB built-in RAM, it would be ideal to have 2 to 4 GB free space external drive. When you plug in the drive, the autoplay menu will appear and click on the Speed up my system.

Step 1

Step 2:

After that, you’ll find ReadyBoost options after the speed up of my systems function of the first step. Here the options will be available:

Step 2

  • Don’t use this device: turn of the ReadyBoost
  • Dedicated Device: The middle button will indicate this function.

This option will calculate the amount of space available on the system and you can’t adjust the slider with those options. .

Step 3:

In this step, you need to configure the ReadyBoost technology for allocating the proper space used through up-and-down-arrows. If you want to leave free space on the external drive, you should limit it lower than the total free space on your drive. When you’ll click Apply or Ok, then you’ll be notified that Readyboost is configuring the cache.

Step 3

Step 4:

Now it’s time to turn off the readyBoost technology and as soon as you turn it off, it will release the free space. It’s mandatory to turn it off to get free space and if you plug the drive to another computer without doing so, you won’t get the space. Right-click on it and get the properties at the bottom.

Step 4

Step 5:

Now it’s time to click on do not use this device from the menu bar. And you can get free spaces again by doing this.

Step 5

How to Enable Readyboost?

This is the last step that you should trigger before starting to use it. You’ve already aware of using this technology and let’s start the discussion about how to enable the Readyboost?

When you’re ready to enable it on Windows 10, make sure that your system holds the SysMain or SuperFetch is active. It depends on the version of the windows you’re running on your PCs and make sure that your PC is ready to use this technology.

For example, if you’re using the version 1809 or later of Windows 10, the procedure is known as SysMain. Besides, you have to ensure the minimum requirements like SD card, CF card, or USB flash drive to enable the ReadyBoost technology on your PC. The system will use any of these chips as a hard drive to enhance the performance.


Hopefully, you’ve got a clear idea about how to use ReadyBoost technology to boost your computer performance. After the invention of this technology, people used to fall flat and thankfully, it works with Windows 10 to free up space. You can also try Xtra PC for more boost.

So, it’s mandatory to know the right procedures to use this technology and otherwise, you won’t make your system compatible with this feature of Windows.

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