How To Use Siri On iPhone 12: Everything You Need To Know

, June 28, 2022

how to use Siri on iPhone 12

You can accomplish things quickly by speaking to Siri. Ask Siri to do a variety of things, like translate words, set an alarm, discover a location, and report the weather. If you are having trouble with how to use Siri on iPhone 12, we got you covered. Keep on reading.

On most supported devices like iPhone, voice input is processed, but Apple receives transcripts of your inquiries so that Siri can be improved.

This information will only be kept for a brief period of time and is not connected to your Apple ID. Additionally, you have the option of sharing your voice recordings with Apple to improve them.

The iPhone has to be online in order to fulfill some requests. Cellular fees might be applied.

How To Use “Hey Siri!”

It’s simple to set up how to use Siri on iPhone 12, but saying “Hey Siri! ” is absurdly simpler by design. You start your conversation with Siri by saying, “Hey Siri.”

  1. Put yourself in your iPhone’s audio range.
  2. Try to say “Hey Siri!” sufficiently audible to your iPhone.
  3. “Call mother on speaker”, “make a dinner reservation”, or ask Siri about the “weather in Bermuda?”

How To Enable Siri On iPhone 12

You must first make sure that Siri is turned on on your iPhone 12 before using the new Siri functions that were added in iOS 14.

  1. Launch Settings.
  2. Decide to use Siri & Search.
  3. Make sure the following three choices are turned on on the Siri & Search page.
  4. Keep an eye out for the wake phrase “Hey Siri” to start a conversation with the voice assistant.
  5. Press the Side Button to Wake Siri. You may wake Siri by holding down the Side Button on the right side of your phone for a long period of time.
  6. Allow Siri When Locked: This option enables Siri to use while your phone is locked.

How To Use Siri On iPhone 12

how to use Siri on iPhone 12

Saying “Hey Siri” or holding down the button on the right side of the phone for a long time will bring up Siri after it is turned on on your iPhone 12.

With the iOS 14 Siri upgrade, the voice assistant no longer occupies your entire screen. Instead, a vibrant indicator indicating that it’s listening to your query or request is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

The responses then show up as widgets and banners on a piece of your phone’s screen when you reply, but they still won’t fill the entire screen.

How To Set Up Siri On iPhone 12

Now, when you say, “Hey Siri,” it tries to latch on to your voice to get rid of unintentional or malicious activation. When you first set up how to use Siri on iPhone 12 or at any time thereafter, you can configure it under Settings.

  1. Your Home screen is where you launch Settings.
  2. Search by tapping Siri.
  3. Toggle it on by tapping the “Hey Siri” switch.
  4. To teach Siri to listen to your commands, navigate to the Setup page. Once there, go to the Train section to complete the setup.

Activate Siri With Your Voice

Siri speaks back to you when you ask her a question.

  1. Ask Siri a question or have her complete a task for you by saying “Hey Siri.”
  2. Simply ask Siri, “Hey Siri, what’s the weather today?” or “Hey Siri, schedule a wake-up call for 8 a.m.”
  3. Say “Hey Siri” once more or tap the screen to perform another task or ask Siri another inquiry.
  4. Put your iPhone device face down to stop it from responding to “Hey Siri” commands.
  5. You may also select Settings, then Siri & Search and deactivate the Listen for “Hey Siri” feature.

Activate Siri With A Button

When the iPhone is in silent mode, Siri answers silently when you press a button to activate her. Siri speaks when the silent mode is off. See Alter Siri’s responses to learn how to use Siri on iPhone 12. Choose one of these:

  1. Press and hold the side of an iPhone with Face ID.
  2. Press and hold the Home button if your iPhone has one.
  3. Press and hold the call or center button on your earbuds.
  4. Touch and hold the Home button on the CarPlay Home or press and hold the voice command button on the steering wheel.
  5. Press and hold the voice command button on your steering wheel to activate Siri Eyes Free.
  6. When Siri appear, try to do a task for you or ask a question.
  7. To let Siri do another task or ask another question, just tap.


How does the iPhone’s Siri function?

Siri will launch on your iPhone if you press and hold the Side button. When Siri has awakened and is ready for your command, you will hear two brief vibrations or beeps and notice the Siri icon on the screen. After Siri has been turned on, you can ask her a question or direct her to send an email or text.

What is the real name of Siri?

It appears that it took us a long time to see the genuine woman who spoke as Siri’s voice. The voice of the Apple assistant, Susan Bennett, reportedly revealed his involvement to CNN in 2013 according to a story by Slash Gear. Bennett initially said that this voice-acting project started in July 2005.


In today’s technological advance, ‘Siri’ makes life so much easier and more comfortable when using iPhone 12. Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips on how to use Siri on iPhone 12 have helped you. Continue to live with comfort using Siri on your iPhone.

Do not hesitate to leave your ideas in the comment section below. Have a good one!

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