iFlash Drive vs Photo Stick: In-Depth Comparison 2022

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Those of you who are very addicted to photography must save plenty of photos. When you are the one who collects all the pictures of family and friends in his pc you must look for a backup. One bad virus can ruin your system and you will have to set up your pc.

Just imagine what you would do if your hard disk damages that had thousands of pictures you wanted as memory. Then you should find a solution from our iFlash Drive vs Photo Stick comparison guide.You can check my Photo Stick review for more info.

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After a ton of research, we’ve documented each and every information that you need for a precise decision. Hopefully, the following table might look sexy to you.

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Well, along with a detailed review, we’ve also sorted the important features that will help you to purchase wisely.

Details of Product  iFlash Drive Photo Stick
Storage Capacity Upto 400GB Highest 128 GB
Compatibility Windows PC and Mac Windows PC and Mac
Removes Duplicates N/A Yes
Ease of use Medium Easy
File Types Document, Image, Audio,
Mobile Compatibility IOS Android and IOS
Warranty N/A 30 – Day Money-Back Guarantee
Where To Buy iFlash Drive Photo Stick

iFlash Drive vs Photo Stick: Key Differences

Hence you’re struggling to choose the right one from these devices, we’re here to assist you. You will see the basic difference of  iFlash Drive vs Photo Stick in detail.

What is iFlash Drive

For your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone, the iFlash Drive is the quickest and easiest way to free up space. The iFlash is a little device that will assist you to back up your valuable documents. You may purchase one that acts as a reader for microSD cards.

What is iFlash Drive

This model has built-in storage that enables you to use it with a device or with a lightning jack with virtually every Apple product. This makes it a strong backup option for someone who uses goods from Apple.

What is Photo Stick

The Picture Stick is configured to securely save your photographs from your smartphone, free up enough storage space, and move them to and from other devices. The Photo Stick advertises itself as a versatile image and video storage system.

What is Photo Stick

For all your precious memories and your career, it is designed to store your images in a safe and secure location, and the manufacturer’s claim they will even track down pictures for you.

How to Use It?

You’ve got to know the main differences between them but little bit confused about the procedures of using them.

iFlash Drive

It functions pretty much like every other flash drive in the market. Plug it in, and you’ll get much more capacity all of a sudden. This can be used to store backups of important data as well as to enable your phone to make more space.

It is really easy to run. Just plug the iFlash drive into your computer or mac, and you can start to backup your files. There’s also an iOS app that will help make it simpler to back up all your stuff. If you have it plugged into your machine as well as your phone or tablet, you can also charge it to your iflash drive.

For Mobile:

  • You can use iFlash as an OTG storage device for Iphone and Android.
  • The Iphone has an I-easy app on the app store.
  • Download the app.
  • Connect your iFlash Drive on Iphone
  • Allow the prompt popup.
  • Then you can manually select the files to backup.

Photo Stick

Simply plug into an available USB port to power the PhotoStick. And the features are pretty friendly and precise to start using.

  • Plug ThePhotoStick in a free USB port on your device
  • It will take your machine a moment to identify the stick.
  • Your computer screen will show a window.
  • To launch the program, double-click the button.
  • To run the check, click the green GO tab.
  • And everything will backup automatically

For Mobile:

Photo Stick works with both Android and IOS.

  • Go to Play Store / App Store and find Photo Stick Mobile app
  • Insert the Micro USB in the charging point in your Android/Iphone
  • Launch the app
  • Press backup option from the app
  • And wait for the app do its magic

Benefits of iFlash Drive

Benefits of iFlash drive

  • This single device works on IOS, Windows PC and MAC. So, you don’t have to get multiple storage devices or 3rd party software for easy file transfer.
  • You can add any type of files. It has proved that it can handle any files you throw at it. JEPG, BITMAP, GIF, PNG whatever it is your file is safe.
  • Stores Audio and Document with Image and Videos. This feature makes it much more than a photo-video drive.
  • Has personal cloud storage facilities. You can use your iCloud, Dropbox account to backup files directly from it.
  • The company claims to point down any image you backup. Even if you lose your photo in the huge number of backed up photos, the company will find the one for you.
  • Card Mount design for user defined storage. With iFlash Drive Mini you can use up to 400 GB SD card for your backups. You can choose your memory card size and price.

Benefits of Photo Stick

One photo drive for any device you want. Android, iPhone, PC or MAC no matter what is your primary device it can adapt.

Benefits of Photo Stick

  • Inbuilt storage option. Unlike any card reader this one has its storage and you can choose the size.
  • Add files automatically. The smart AI in the device does all the work on its own. Giving you the time to do your other jobs.
  • Search Photos and videos on its own and take backup. Searches files from every folder on your system and backs up automatically.
  • Removes duplicates. Even when you try to put the same file twice it will detect the duplicate and remove it. Very handy right!
  • Very easy to use device. No need to have a lot of tech knowledge
  • No monthly fee. Better than cloud storage. Affordable and convenient.
  • Safe from online hacking
  • Compact durable design that stays long.

Where to Buy Easily?

iFlash Drive

iFlash drive is a comparably new product in the market. As we know you can’t expand the space on Iphone and IOS devices. But storage is limited and sometimes it’s less than you need. That’s why iFlash is specially for Iphone users. And Some USB drives are a little technical to use on MAC Computers.

iFlash Drive

iFlash Drive is very convenient with a MAC. It doesn’t need any special allowance to work on MAC. Now you can buy it from any store only dedicated to selling Apple Products. Or you can visit iFlash Drive official website to know more.

Photo Stick

Photo Stick is Much more known to all. The convenience of this device is unnoticeable.

Photo Stick

You can get it from any well-known electronic gadget shop in your city. Yet if you want to be sure you don’t get counterfeit products Check their official website.

Get Photo Stick Now

iFlash Drive vs Photo Stick: Which Is Better?

Now to conclude part-what should you get between iFlash Drive vs Photo Stick? Well, those who are looking for backing up photos and Videos Photo Stick is the better option. iFlash drive is only dedicated to Iphone and Apple product users.

That device is targeted for those who are Apple fans. And our result is on a Universal level. Now you may say hey flash drive allows 400 GBs of Storage how can you forget that. Our answer is very simple. You can add up to 400 GB SD Card on iFlash mini that is an OTG.

But the iFlash with storage comes with a maximum 128GB just like Photo Stick. And moreover, Photo Stick works fine on all devices. You don’t even have to do anything.  Go on a trip, click thousands of photos and videos then just connect to the device it’s all backed up automatically.

And even after that if your device contents older photos with new ones. The Photo Stick will keep only the new ones and remove the duplicates. Get your Photo Stick now from this link.

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