Is Bondic Stronger Than Super Glue?


It is actually a big concern to ask is Bondic stronger than super glue? Ask by most people to purchase wiser and avoid some unwanted expenses. On the other hand, users found out that their bond broke a week or two after using it with other forms of materials. Unluckily, this also happens to some other kinds of brands.

Many users prefer to use Bondic compared to super glue because of the UV (ultraviolet) light that turns a stronger bond and is also more cleaner to use. While the exceptional UV (ultraviolet) light fully sets the glue, there is nothing to worry about once it’s set. And also, you don’t have to jeopardize your glue tube of drying out before you could be finished applying it.

What Is  Bondic All About?

is bondic stronger than super glue

In some other cases you did not recognize, Bondic is specifically not a brand of glue. Bondic is a secondary adhesive that serves a purpose finer than glue. Once the glue fails to work, the next alternative resolution to fix your trouble is using this Bondic. The liquefied plastic welder is much more efficient compared to glue because you don’t have to wait for BHondic to dry; since it dries anytime, you wish it to be dry.

You probably do not believe me, just how about this? Try to leave the plastic welder open and unattended as long as you want, and you’ll be amazed by the reality that the solution will not dry-out. This is economical because you can use it anytime without being upset.

To repair any damaged item, you have to spread a small amount of Bondic to the damaged area. Later on, you need to use particular UV light for about four seconds to dry it. With this, you will be amazed that the liquid plastic welder dries faster and magically.


Q Can I Use Bondic on Unsmooth Surfaces?

Bondic really works better on an unsmooth surface because Bondic requires creating a rough portion using sandpaper before applying Bondic to assure the longer bond.

Q If Accidentally Spill Can I Remove the Bondic on the area?

When you accidentally spill out the Bondic on the area or put it someplace that is not needed to glue, be relieved that it is easier to remove the Bondic than the regular glue itself.

First of all, try to keep Bondic away from the sunlight, as this might start the process of drying. Try to use a wet fabric to wipe the spilled portion on the area. If the excess Bondic dried in a place not intended, your best bet is to use sandpaper. Work leisurely to remove the glue until it totally removed.

Q. How To Assure That Bondic Effectively Works?

For Bondic best result, the recommendation is to use it in layers. Simply apply on layers 1 to 1.5 millimeters at a time; this method will surely create a stronger and very effective bond. Be sure to make the surface you are applying with Bondic free from grease or oil.

And when you are applying Bondic on a wider area, move the light tool (UV) around perfectly in its entire place.

 Q. If I get Bondic on my Skin, What Should I Do?

Getting Bondic on your skin has been a concern; however, you will find that the Bondic applier reduces the risk of this occurring. Naturally, please keep it away from the kids. This Bondic is not toxic, so therefore while you don’t wish to get it into your hands, Bondic is not as dangerous compared to some other glue materials.

If ever Bondic gets on your skin, instantly put the skin area under the running water, then apply soap to wash. And gently rub the affected skin area before completely rinsing it. A hard rub will be enough to take out the glue on your skin, and then as the glue does not set until you add the UV light, you’ll find it’s easier to remove than super glues.

Q. Without the Ultraviolet Light Will Bondic Work?

Definitely no, the LED UV (ultraviolet) light is necessary when you are using this Bondic. Bondic will not harden completely not until the ultraviolet light is being applied. Once you use this Bondic, a strong adhesive in some area where the light cannot reach, it won’t fully set. One of the two portions you are connecting will need the light that can reach the glue.

Q. A Tube of Bondic Once Open Will Last?

For the Bondic refills, it will last approximately a year once unopened. To attain this, make sure always that your Bondic tube is tightly closed as well as in its metal box stored. Other glues dry once the air reaches them; however, the Bondic only sets when a UV light is present. This simply says the keeping life of Bondic is longer than the other regular glues.


For anybody who fixes items regularly around the home, is Bondic stronger than super glue? Well, Bondic is the perfect solution for your solution needs. If you have a damaged item around the home, DIY projects, craft projects, or anything that needs a permanent bond, Bondic UV glue will be neater and easier to apply than the usual glues.

On the other hand, if Bondic works on most materials, there are exceptions where it is not applicable and effective as the Bondic glue dries only when LED UV light is present. It’s less untidy and troublesome to apply. You’ll find the instrument offers fine applications so that you can use this on even the small wires and daintiest projects.

The Bondic refills are easy to buy once your first tube is completed. The complete kit known as Pro-Kit offers some great add-on’s, so it is worth considering for the small additional charge. Bondic is somewhat priced and worth keeping in your home. After the first try of this Bondic, we think it will soon get over to a staple in your home moving forward.

Looking forward that you already getting your answer to this question, is Bondic stronger than super glue? If not check on this Bondic Review for further definition.

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