Is Norton Antivirus Compatible With Windows 10? Solving Norton Issues on Windows 10


is Norton antivirus compatible with Windows 10

If you’ve been a loyal customer of Norton, then it may be quite frustrating if you suddenly experience Norton antivirus compatibility problems and other issues when you upgraded to Windows 10. One of the questions that pop up in your mind is ‘is Norton antivirus compatible with Windows 10’?

Don’t worry!

This article will guide you through a variety of fixes when using Norton issues on Windows.

Is Norton Antivirus Compatible With Windows 10?

So, is Norton antivirus compatible with Windows 10?

A big yes! Norton antivirus is compatible with a Windows 10 computer, starting with the Norton version which was released on July 20, 2015.

It supports Windows 10 builds and should not encounter bugs or errors when running the antivirus on the latest Windows OS update.

How To Install Norton Antivirus on Windows 10?

If you haven’t installed Norton Antivirus yet, follow the steps below.

  • First, go to the Norton official page.
  • You need to create an account or sign in if you already have an account.
  • Then, click on Download Norton.
  • From the “Get Started” page, choose Agree & Download.
  • Once the download is complete, find the file and run the installer.
  • The installer window will appear. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installations.

How To Fix Norton Antivirus Issues on Windows 10

is Norton antivirus compatible with Windows 10

Although Norton Antivirus is compatible and easy to install on Windows 10, some people still encounter an error. Users sometimes report Norton issues that prevent them from using this antivirus on their Windows 10 computer.

Below are some of the most frequent Norton antivirus issues on Windows 10 that some users encounter, as well as the possible fixes.

1. Incompatibility

We did say that Norton is compatible with Windows 10. However, after upgrading your computer to the latest version of Windows, you may encounter a message saying that your version of Norton product is incompatible with your current Windows 10 version.

It’s an easy-to-fix problem. You simply need to update your Norton antivirus.

Simply go to the “Norton Update Center” page and click on the “Update me now” button. Then, wait for the tool to be downloaded. Once downloaded, double-click the installer to run it. Wait for the tool to finish the process. Then, follow any on-screen instructions.

Note: The Norton Update Center will download a .exe file that checks for installed products and will guide you on the correct product download page with further instructions.

2. Missing Norton After Upgrading To Windows 10

If you’ve just upgraded to Windows 10 and can’t find Norton antivirus, then you can simply Recover Norton after the upgrade.

First, you need to download and install the Norton Fix Tool here. After downloading, right-click the file and click on “Run as administrator”. Accept the Usage Agreement. Then simply follow the installation prompt window.

After running the fix tool, you can download and install Norton from your Norton account.

3. Norton Not starting After Windows 10 Upgrade

If you can’t start Norton after upgrading to Windows 10, then you will need to uninstall and reinstall the antivirus.

In this case, you need to use the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool. This tool is developed by Norton to assist you with multiple issues such as update problems or installation errors. You can download it here.

Note: If you have Norton Family, make sure to uninstall the program first, before downloading the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.

Once downloaded, run the file and follow the instructions for windows to install the tool. After installation, double-click on the tool’s icon and accept the license terms. On the next window, click “Remove & Reinstall” then choose “Continue”.

Click the “restart Now” button to finish the uninstall process on your computer. After restarting, follow the onscreen instructions to reinstall the antivirus.

4. Norton Error 3048, 3

The Norton error 3048, 3 is an error that appears and crashes the active program window. This mainly appears during a program installation, during Windows shutdown or startup as well as a Symantec-related software program running.

To solve this issue, open the Norton app. Go to “Security” and click on “LiveUpdate”. Wait for the update to finish and then click “Ok”.

Run the “LiveUpdate” until you get the message that your Norton product has the latest protection updates.

After that, restart your computer.

5. Norton Error 8504 104

This Norton error occurs when there’s another security software installed on your PC or if Norton experienced failed installation while upgrading or updating to a newer version.

To solve this issue, you need to use the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool and remove Norton antivirus from your computer. This essentially solves the problem.

However, it is also recommended to check your graphic adapter driver and see if it needs an update. Updated drivers can help avoid errors like these.


Can Norton antivirus protect my computer from hackers?

Yes. Norton security software can protect against hacking in a way that it stops viruses and malware from infecting a device. In general, hackers use malware to create a backdoor in your computer’s operating system, allowing them to gain access to your device.

Not only that, but Norton antivirus continuously scan your computer for any virus and automatically isolate or quarantine potentially infected files that may compromise your computer. The Norton security software can also block you from visiting malicious web pages asking for personal information.

Can I get Norton for free?

Norton has a NortonLifeLock feature that does not offer free editions of its services and software. However, Norton services may come free as a part of some other service package.

Does Norton provide a free trial?

Yes. Norton antivirus does offer a free trial option. You can easily try out the Norton Antivirus to see if this software is for you, without paying. The Norton Free Trial can last for 30 days.


For as long as computers and devices have been and will be in existence, there will always be threats and risks involved.

And in this digitally advanced modern world, the risks only increase. Fortunately, tools like the Norton antivirus can help minimize these threats. We hope that this article has helped you solve common Norton issues on Windows 10, ensuring your computer’s top performance and protection.

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