Why Is Your iPhone Screen Not working? 3 Ways to Fix it Now!

, March 21, 2022

iphone screen not workingWe all knew that every owner and user of iPhone takes good care of their iPhones phones extra care more than anything that they own. It is because owning an iPhone is also the sign of anyone’s status quo. And if iPhone screen not working, this article will give you ways to fix it.

Thus, as an iPhone owner, it will be good and resourceful for you to know some practical solutions when your iPhone screen is not working. As stated above in this article you will learn some basic solutions if the iPhone screen is not working. And you could perform it at home, just follow the guides.

Why Is Your iPhone Screen Not Working?

The very first reason apparently, for the iPhone’s phones touch screen defect of not working could be you dropped or got it wet. One more reason is due to software or hardware related issues. And other reasons could be some issues with the screen protector or because of the presence of bothersome apps.

Whatsoever the reasons of the difficult situation, you can troubleshoot your phones touch screen issue of non-responsiveness screen by following these methods which are explained below.

Methods to Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working

Frozen touch screen of your iPhone is not a rare thing phone issue. Let’s just say that you frequently encounter this frustrating issue with your frozen touch screen. In that situation, it indicates possibly with a software related problem on your iOS.

Do A Hard Reboot

In order to solve this problem, first thing to do is to reboot your phone’s iOS (operating system). And with the case of your iPhone which is the screen is unresponsive, hard reboot is needed instead of just a simple soft reset.

  • For iPhone 6 and the older versions Hard reboot 

Hold and press the “Home” button together with the “Power” button. And release both at once when the Apple logo appear up on the iPhone’s screen.

  • For iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus versions Hard reboot

Hold and press “Power” button plus the Volume button (down) at the same time. And release both at once when the Apple logo appear up on the iPhone’s screen.

  • For iPhone 8 and newer versions Hard reboot

Press then let go of the “Volume up” button, likewise with “Volume down” button. And continue pressing the “Side” button until the Apple logo appear up on the iPhone’s screen. And, finally, release the button.

Though after performing the hard reboot, if you still face an issue of unresponsive touch screen with your iPhone, and so better to completely off the root trigger. Eliminate some common triggers from your phone for example malware, bad apps, broken files, corrupt data, and etc.

Do the following steps after the hard reboot to stop the unresponsive screen issue:

  • Update apps and iOS with the latest version.
  • Reset iPhone’s entire
  • Uninstall the unwanted apps.
  • If needed, erase all the content of your iPhone.
  • Delete the suspicious files and messages.

Device Firmware Update(DFU) Restore Mode

After the hard reboot and still, your iPhone is not working correctly you could perform the DFU restore mode troubleshoot. But before that, make sure that your phone is stable condition. If there is a liquid damage this will cause your phone damage permanently.

  1. Connect iPhone to a computer througha USB cable.
  2. Press and let go of the “Volume” button (up) instantly. Same with “Volume” button (down).
  3. And, press and hold “Power” button till iPhone turn off and screen blacks out.
  4. Once the screen turns black, just keep pressing ”Power” button and hold & press the “Volume” button (down).
  5. Let go the “Power” button after 5 seconds. And, keep holding the “Volume” button (down)  until you see your iPhone phone in the computer iTunes.
  6. Release “Volume” button only right after getting a prompt to restore your iOS on your computer.
  7. Just, keep following the given commands shown on the screen of your computer. On this, you can restore and repair your iOS in DFU mode via iTunes.

Third-party iOS repair software- iMobie AnyFix

These days there are more third party repair software are available in the market. The simple concern is to be able to choose the most genuine and reliable software. And the most recommended tool is this iMobie AnyFix.

AnyFix could fix whatsoever iPhone issue, such as disabled screen, boot loop, battery drainage, touch screen disabled, and etc. Anyfix tool can repair iPhone without losing data. It offers three types of repair modes.

  • standard repair – troubleshoot the common problems
  • advanced repair- fix the stubborn problems
  • ultimate repair- gives new life to iPhone

Still iPhone screen not working? Try this Tenorshare ReiBoot the top-rated iPhone repair software. Use its standard function and without losing any data and iPhone will be restored in a couple of minutes.

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