iWater Deluxe Intl Review (Update 2022): Can Save Hundreds a Year in Bills?


Have you noticed how convenient it is to use the water faucets in the top hotel rooms with the automated water taps? Well, that’s not only convenient to use but a big step ahead for stopping the waste of water as well. Ever thought about using that technology in your home for an automated water supply?

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The iWater Deluxe is the technology that can help convert your ordinary faucet into an automated one without replacing the existing one. This device has been with me for a while and I’m going to introduce you to it here. Stick to the iWater Deluxe Review to know about the most innovative solution to water waste that also helps you with personal hygiene.

Product Summary
iWater Deluxe Intl Review

iWater Deluxe Intl Review

Top Features:

  • Automated filtration
  • Hands Free operation
  • Money-saving and portable
  • Long battery backup
  • Comes with two intelligent proximity sensors

What is iWater Deluxe?


Before I get deep into the iWater Deluxe Review, let’s know about the product, in a nutshell, to understand what it does. The iWater Deluxe is an automation technology that can passively help you prevent waste of water. It’s a water tap extension that you’ll attach to your existing tap, and it’ll convert into an automated tap.

Whenever you put your hand under the iWater Deluxe extension, it will turn the tap on and get you the water you need. After you put your hand away, it will automatically turn the tap off to prevent water waste. As there is no hand touch, maintaining personal hygiene is now possible for real. In this time of the pandemic, this innovative solution to not touching things has brought a true revolution.

Features of iWater Deluxe


I must admit, the iWater Deluxe is a piece of cool technology that actually helps the planet earth alongside making my life easy. Here are the features of the cool iWater Deluxe that you should know about before you go buy one: 

Hands Free operation

The first thing I want to mention about the iWater Deluxe is the handsfree operation it gives me. It allows me to wash my dirty hands without touching the faucet; that’s convenient! I can now leave the lever unattended forever and use the iWater Deluxe instead to have water from the tap. Whenever I come home in this pandemic, I wash my hands first, and the iWater Deluxe helps me do that without contaminating the faucet. 

Universal fixture

Universal fixture

The iWater Deluxe fits any faucet in the world using different sizes of fittings that go on the tip of the tap. It’s a universal device that’ll never miss a tap without fitting right in; no matter where you live in the world. There are 6 different sizes and types of fittings adapter that come included in the iWater Deluxe box. You can measure your tap nozzle and select the right size of the adapter to fit the iWater Deluxe to your faucet. 

Dual sensor

As I mentioned earlier, the iWater Deluxe works handsfree; that’s because it comes with two intelligent proximity sensors. Whenever you take your hands near to any of these sensors, the iWater Deluxe water tap will start and get you water. One of the sensors is on the right side of the iWater Deluxe, and the other is right under it. If you take your hand or a pot under the faucet, the sensor under the iWater Deluxe will start the device. When you’re done using the faucet, it will automatically turn off while you’re away.

Automated filtration

If your water tap has problems and has dirt, rust, or particles in it, filtering the particles is important. The iWater Deluxe doesn’t only help you with automation in pouring the water; it also filters it before delivering. It comes with a pre-filter in the adapter and another in the device itself to get you clean water. If you’re resident in an area where the water isn’t as pure as it should be, it can help you there. 

Money-saving and portable

The biggest advantage of using the iWater Deluxe next to helping the planet is the money-saving opportunity. As you’re not wasting water anymore because of the automated iWater Deluxe device, you’re also saving hundreds at the end of the year. You’ll be able to differentiate the price drop right after paying two or three months of water bill if you pay monthly. Another big advantage of the iWater Deluxe is that you can take it and attach anywhere as it eats space next to none. 

Long battery backup

As an electric device, iWater Deluxe needs a power source, and it uses a rechargeable battery to run. The battery is a powerhouse for this little device because it runs for over 6 months from a single charge. Charging the iWater Deluxe is also convenient with a USB charging port that has a nice closing flap-lid. The battery takes about 3 to 4 hours to get fully charged and saves power with an automated shut-down feature. Charging the device twice in a whole year shouldn’t be a bothersome job for this level of convenience! 

What is The Size of iWater Deluxe?


The iWater Deluxe is a really compact and small device that takes place close to none while attached. It works effortlessly and has almost no burden on the tap or the faucet to put pressure on it. To put you in perspective for the size of it, the iWater Deluxe is half the size of an adult palm. 

When you put the device on your hand, it’s double the size of a coin; how small is that to you! Close to nothing. If the design is a concern, I’d say, it’s the thing that increases the classy vibe of your house and gives your kitchen a rich look. 

How Does iWater Deluxe Work? 


The working process of the iWater Deluxe is pretty straightforward, and operating is also simple and easy. Here is the process that the iWater Deluxe device works with while attached to your kitchen faucet: 

Attaching the fixture

Attaching the fixture

I mentioned earlier that the iWater Deluxe comes with multiple fixture sizes to fit any tap nozzle in the world. Take the right fixture adapter from the iWater box, insert the filter in it, and screw the fixture into the tap nozzle. You can use the included multipurpose driver to tighten the adapter into your tap nozzle so that it gets a strong fitting. 

Connecting the iWater Deluxe

Connecting the iWater Deluxe

The adapter design is simple to put the device in; push the device into the adapter, and it will snap into its place. Once inserted, align the nozzle of the iWater Deluxe to the centre of the basin, making sure the water is going in the right direction. Now, open the regular lever to let the water flow through the iWater Deluxe device. 

Using the device 

Using the iWater Deluxe efficiently doesn’t have a complex process to understand. All it takes is a gesture of your hand or something in front of one of the sensors it has. Take your hand under the device or the side sensor of the device, and it will let the water through. After use, you can gesture again to stop the flow or get away from it. 

Charging the iWater Deluxe

Charging the iWater Deluxe

The iWater Deluxe works with a rechargeable battery, and as I said, it runs for 6 months in a row with a single charge. Charging it easy; pull it out from the adapter, take the USB flap lid away and insert the USB to start charging it. It will take about 3-4 hours to full charge, then put the flap back in, and reattach the device into the adapter. 

iWater Deluxe Can Protect Your Home From Flooding 


If you have children in the home who love to play with the kitchen sink, you know how dangerous it is to leave them alone. Often, they don’t close the faucet; even they enjoy seeing the sink or basin flooded with the tap water. 

The iWater Deluxe will help you with that by turning the tap off when nobody’s using it. If you or your child turns the tap on and forget to turn it off, iWater Deluxe will detect the attendance and turn it off after a few minutes. 

Why We Say It Is Great For The Environment? 


From the 1.7 trillion gallons of wasted water in the US alone, a hefty amount of it is because of the household taps. People just don’t care that the environment is paying in several ways for this and leading the world to a massive extinction. With the iWater Deluxe in action, you can completely eliminate the waste of water from the taps you have in your house. 

Plus, if you’re annoyed about the hefty bills from the water supply, you’ll notice a big drop when you have the iWater Deluxe. No more waste of water, no more excessive bills at the end of the month, and no more environmental hazards. Plus, you’re doing something greater for mother nature and nature always pays back for good deeds. 

How Long Does The Battery Of iWater Deluxe Last? 


The battery of the iWater Deluxe is rechargeable, and it runs for over 6 months from a single charge. You have to charge the battery only two times to run automated water and money-saving devices for a whole year seamlessly. You’re helping the environment and yourself from a very little hassle of 6-8 hours a year, isn’t that amazing? 

How iWater Deluxe is Different From Other Devices? 

There are other similar devices available in the market, but none of them stands against the quality of the iWater Deluxe. The main thing that makes it stand out is the smaller footprint with a whole bunch of high-tech features like dual sensors. 

Once you have the iWater Deluxe attached to your taps fully charged, you don’t have to worry about recharging it for half a year. What else do you need for leading a seamless and hassle-free life to help your wallet and the environment? 

Where Can I Purchase The iWater Deluxe? 


Buying the iWater Deluxe automatic water faucet can be a smooth experience if you buy it from the official vendor. Plus, the official purchase will ensure the product is 100% authentic and comes with no-fault. On top of that, the official vendor is rolling out a huge discount of 50% on a single purchase

They are also offering 2 iWater Deluxe for free if you buy 3 of them in a single purchase. This discount may not be there for long, and I’m sure the price won’t be the same afterwards as well. Check out the availability and purchase your water-saving companion from a fraction of its original price. 

Frequently Asked Question

Here are the most frequently asked questions about iWater Deluxe that you might have an interest in:

Does iWater Deluxe really saves water?

Yes, the iWater Deluxe is the most efficient way to save water and the best way to save your home from flooding out. It turns off automatically when nobody is attending the faucet for water.

Do we need to replace the battery after every use? 

No, the battery in the iWater Deluxe is rechargeable, and you don’t have to replace it after it runs out. You can recharge the device every 6 months, and you’re good to go for the next many years. 

Final Thought

Saving water isn’t an option anymore considering the planet’s good; it’s rather mandatory for us. Plus, saving money by helping the environment is a thing that everyone must consider doing. I hope the iWater Deluxe Review has shown you how you can do both simultaneously and get the mother earth a better help. 

Grab your iWater Deluxe water-saving automated faucet and contribute to your own wallet and the mother earth as well. I’m contributing to the earth and being safe from wasting water, the playing children, and the bills, of course! 

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