Keyless Pro Review 2021: Portable Bluetooth Virtual Laser Keyboard

, June 23, 2021

I hear about Keyless PRO all the time and finally I decide to buy it and test it to see if it is a SCAM? Or is it REAL? I am a freelance photographer and carrying a heavy laptop with me. This device allows me to carry a keyboard for a mobile phone or tablet in the pocket and use it at any time. It is the perfect solution for tired persons like those who feel uneasy on the smartphone’s small keyboard. 

9.7out of 10

Ease of Use9.8
Value for Money9.7

One of the most annoying aspects is having to type messages, emails and posts using the mobile phone keyboard. The Keyless pro is very simple to use. Just drag the finger inside its perimeter to move the mobile phone, tablet, and computer cursor. The absence of various cables and wires make the typing lot easier. I have used it on tablets, netbooks and PCs without any complications. Its fast and instant input makes it convenient for me. Here, I will cover my experience in the Keyless PRO review. Let’s dive into it.

Product Summary
Keyless Pro Review

Keyless Pro Review

Key Points:

  • Easy to use and setup
  • It works everywhere
  • Compact
  • Wireless
  • Bright and clear Keyboard

What is Keyless PRO Max?


Keyless Pro is a virtual keyboard that ensures relief from typing a small keyboard on the smartphone. It is easy to connect with any smart devices via Bluetooth. After turning on the device, the holographic keyboard will magically take shape on the surface you want to use. It can be used with any device, with a tablet, computer and mobile phone. 

This is a reasonably futuristic technology as you can write the text of your messages using a hologram that will be projected on the surface you wish to use. With this projected keyboard, the words will be displayed on your mobile, computer or tablet. By following a few steps, you can quickly write emails, posts and messages directly to your mobile phone using Keyless pro.

What Is a Laser Projection Keyboard?


Laser Projection Keyboard is the keyboard that consists of a holographic projection of a standard Qwerty keyboard on a flat surface. When we type a key projection, it makes the realistic sound of a key and the appropriate letter input. The keyboard system consists of three modules: the projector module, the lighting module, and the sensor module. 

The projection module only projects the red keyboard (using a red diode laser) onto a flat surface. The lighting module projects parallel beams of invisible (IR) signals – similar to signals produced by TV remote controls. The projector’s sensory module contains a CMOS camera and a microprocessor to convert the returned signals into clicks.

What Are The Main Key Points?


Transporting an extra keyboard is unrealistic, so I decided to use the convenient and quick solution for typing. Here, I will share its main key points that I like most. Let’s see below:

Easy to use and setup

It required a flat surface where the projection light would be shown. With BlueTooth, connect it with the smartphone and start typing over the projection light keyboard. After finishing, turn off the device and do another work.

It works everywhere

There is no device restriction to use the KeyLess Pro. It allows me to type faster, accurate and smooth as a physical keyboard and make sound when I type any keys. It supports those devices that have Bluetooth connectivity and it is now a common thing in the tech world.


Its construction and design are very minimal, like a box. I carry it in my pocket and backpack to use it when I need it. It is better than a physical keyboard on the baggage. It can be placed in a small area to do typing or sending a message from any device quickly.


To use the Keyless Pro, I never used any cables to power it. The wire is only required to charge up the device and it goes a full day on a full charge. Using Bluetooth technology, it can perform typing tasks easily. Its sensor is very accurate, so when I type a single word, it shows it instantly. 

Bright and clear Keyboard

When pressing the start button, the projection light presents the keyboard and the input shows through the sensor. The keyboard is bright and vibrant, so I never feel uneasy in daylight situations. It allows me to use the finger as a mouse cursor.

Keyless Pro Laser Keyboard Works Anywhere?

The Keyless pro works on any type of surface and device that has Bluetooth connectivity. I have used it near the coastal beach where the surface is uneven and it worked fine. The manufacturer recommends to use it on a flat surface to get smooth and more accurate performance. When I press the finger on any keyword, I show the result on my device screen instantly. So, android, windows, mac and other OS devices will 100% support it.

How to Use This Virtual Keyboard


The Keyless Pro Laser Keyboard seems very easy to use to me. Let’s see how it is easy to use:

  • Turn on the device by pressing the start button.
  • Connect to a device or gadget via Bluetooth connection.
  • Open a text app.
  • Then, I click on the keys to start writing on the surface where I have decided to project the keyboard’s hologram. 

I can also use it in mouse mode to move the cursor on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. It is also possible to adjust the brightness with the appropriate key at the keyboard’s bottom right.

Keyless Pro Review: Benefits and Advantages


This device is truly unique in its technology and convenience.  It is a real travel keyboard that offers you the convenience of always having your QWERTY keyboard with you. After using it, I have read tons of Keyless Pro reviews and among the most useful features of this keyboard stand out the following:

  • Easy to connect with the phone: the use of BlueTooth is enough, the keyboard is easily detected by your mobile phone and is very easy to connect.
  • Works with IOS and Android: you can use this keyboard, whether you have an iPhone, a Huawei, a Samsung, etc.
  • Easy to carry with you, modern and light design: carrying your QWERTY keyboard in your pocket is now possible with Keyless Pro. At any time, you can draft any document in the blink of an eye without having to lose sight to type with the tiny keyboard phone.
  • The hologram can be transmitted on any flat surface. Keyless pro keyboard projects laser light onto any flat surface. You’ll see the keyboard projection on your desk, any table and even the sofa in minutes. The simplicity with which you can use the numeric keypad and the Bluetooth keyboard is incredible.
  • Economic technology: This technology costs more than 200 euros until a couple of years ago but is finally within everyone’s reach thanks to Keyless Pro.

Keyless Pro Review Users’ Reactions

Before reading about keyless pro reviews on the web, I had my doubts. Many of these devices are very expensive and finding one at such affordable prices seems a strange thing. Despite the uncertainties, public opinion on this virtual keyboard is very positive and this brand of projected keyboard is among the most purchased on the web. Here are some of the opinions and user’s reactions to Keyless pro reviews of those who bought it:

  1. I have had severe vision problems that made focusing tiny characters on my mobile screen a lot of effort. Although I have always been reluctant to buy any keyboard, a colleague suggested using the Keyless test. I searched for KeylessPro on Amazon and risked ordering many copies of the original at a lower cost but of much lower quality. For this, I bought Key less Pro at a discounted price on the company’s website. I highly recommend it!
  2. I am satisfied with my purchase. The keyless Pro is very useful for travel. Being always at the airport or on the train, I find it very inconvenient to work on my tablet without a keyboard and this is perfect. The only thing is that you have to look at the keyboard and move your gaze to the monitor to check that the text is written correctly, but it is really a good laser keyboard. I must say that it also catches the eye. Many see the laser projection keyboard and are surprised.

Where Can I Purchase The Keyless Pro?


Keyless Pro can be purchased online from its official website with decent offers. The offer is valid for a limited time and while stock lasts. Never get it from a third-party website because the maximum delivers fake products. By purchasing from the company’s website, you can also avail yourself of the right to return the product within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s get some answers to the frequently asked questions about KeyLess Pro.

Is it possible to have this keyboard in xxx languages?

The KeyLess Pro input system completely depends on the device which we connected. If you have installed XXX languages on your phone, you can use those languages with the virtual keyboard.

How fast can I type on a laser keyboard?

In the standard speed of typing, I can type up to 400 characters per minute on average. Some experts can do more and it depends on practice and skill.

What should be the distance between the device and its projection?

I recommend keeping 2/3 inches distance between the device and its projection. Also, never let the light pass before your eyes.

Can I use this product both indoors and outdoors?

It can be used indoors and outdoors because its vibrant color helps me to see the alphabet clearly. I recommend using it indoors for impact and accurate performance.

Does this device project keyboard in different languages?

You can use those languages installed in your smartphone or gadget where you want to type through the KeyLess Pro. It has no default language setting so that any language can be typed easily.

Is it work with pc/smartphones?

If your phone is Bluetooth enabled, you can use it with a PC and smartphone. Now, all devices have Bluetooth support so that it can be used with all smart devices.

Final Thought – Keyless Pro

Considering the technology and its usefulness, I can only confirm the Keyless pro review I have read on the web. It really works and is a handy tool for those who want to have their QWERTY keyboard always at hand. It has a lot of advantages and can trust the manufacturing company’s years of experience. 

Virtual keyboards are indeed the future, so say goodbye to the traditional physical keyboard’s annoying wires and cables, just connect the Keyless test to your mobile to use your futuristic holographic keyboard.

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