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, January 20, 2022

We’re destroying over 18.7 million acres of the forests worldwide and a hefty amount from that goes behind the disposable tissues. Americans alone use more than 255 billion disposable facial tissues each year, which is coming hard on the forest. The LastTissue has the solution to that problem with the world’s first reusable facial tissues.

9.6out of 10

Ease of Use9.9
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When I first learned about it from the World Economic Forum and a LastTissue Review online, I knew I’m the next customer of it. I’ve been using the LastTissue for quite a while now, and I feel like I’m doing a good thing for mother earth. I’ll get you an overall review of LastTissue to help you understand what it is and how it can help you as well as the environment.

Product Summary
LastTissue Review

LastTissue Review

Special Feature:

  • The most useful feature of the LastTissue is the reusability of the tissues we use daily and doing a favor to mother earth. All the tissues inside the pouch are made with 100% organic cotton and are reusable, washable with your regular laundries.

What is LastTissue?

The LastTissue is the world’s first washable, reusable, and eco-friendly tissue pack that replaces the disposable tissues we use now. With LastTissue, you can forget throwing single-use tissues away or carrying them if you cannot find a trash bin. It comes with a packet of 6 reusable tissues that you can put back in after using one above one.


You’ll get a nice carrying pouch with an innovative design to keep the unused and the used tissues separate. For the case, LastTissue used 100% silicone rubber, which is dishwasher safe, Latex-free, and flexible to fit in anywhere. The tissues are 100% organic cotton that doesn’t irritate with allergies, and usable anywhere a tissue could be used.

How Does LastTissue Work?

The best part about the LastTissue after the tissues themselves is how it works; it has a brilliant way to serve you. I take the packet while I’m out, pull them out one by one and use them all whenever I have to. After using, I keep them back in the pouch from the above inlet to store the used tissues until they are all used up.


The pouch keeps them separate and protects the good ones from the bad ones; that’s hygienic! I wash them when I’m back home and start using them the next time again; that’s like using handkerchiefs, but in a smarter way! You can wash them with regular laundry like other clothes, no special treatment needed; now, isn’t that a brilliant idea?

Special Features of Last Tissue

I’m sure the LastTissue Product itself is pretty self-explanatory at giving us a big opportunity to act smart without harming nature. Here are some features and the most interesting things about LastTissue you should know about:


  • The most useful feature of the LastTissue is the reusability of the tissues we use daily and doing a favor to mother earth.
  • I’m saving a big chunk of money myself by not buying disposable tissue packets anymore.
  • All the tissues inside the pouch are made with 100% organic cotton and are reusable, washable with your regular laundries.
  • According to LastTissue, the 6 tissues inside the pouch they’re providing can replace a minimum of 2800 disposable tissues.
  • The LastTissue pouch is 100% reusable silicon, dishwasher-safe, and doesn’t contain toxic compounds like latex, and it’s soft and comfortable to touch.

LastTissue Review: How to Use It

Using the LasTissue should be a piece of cake because it doesn’t have a complicated process. Nevertheless, here is a complete guide on using the LastTissue from using the tissues, cleaning up, and reusing them instead of throwing away:


Step 1 (Using the tissues)

Let’s start by understanding how you use the tissues from the dispenser or the LastTissue pouch. An outlet under the pouch has a tiny opening that allows you to pull a tissue at once; you pull it, and it will come right off. After it’s out, you can use the tissue just like any other one-time tissues you use in your regular life now. There are no allergens in the tissue as it’s a 100% organic cotton build, just like a hygienic handkerchief.

Step 2 (Keeping the used tissue)

Once you completely use up the tissue, it’s time to keep it safe so that you can use it later. The pouch uses the same compartment to store the used tissue, but you push it from the upper inlet. You can push the used tissue inside using the opening on the top of the pouch, and it won’t mix up with the unused tissues. The pouch comes with an invisible barrier for the tissues inside to keep the unused tissues. There are 6 tissues inside; you can keep a track yourself when they’re done, or you’ll know when they’re all used just by seeing it.

Step 3 (Cleaning them)


After using the whole batch of all 6 tissues inside the LastTissue pouch, you have to clean them up for another round of use. To clean them up, pull the tissues out of the pouch and wash them with a regular washing machine. However, make sure you wash them at 60° temperature to help it last longer without losing integrity. After cleaning them with regular towels and clothes, dry them the same way to use dry other clothes. You can also clean up the pouch with a regular dishwasher because the silicon packet is safe to clean that way.

Step 4 (Reusing the tissues)

The beauty of using the LastTissue is its reusability, which is not possible with one-time facial tissues. After you use up all 6 tissues, clean them, and dry them up, it’s time to refill the pouch with the tissues and reuse them. Open the lid, fold the tissues, and pour them inside one after another, do that for all 6, then you close the lid. This way, you can use each tissue 460 times minimum, forget the one-time disposable tissues, and welcome to a cheaper way to stay clean outside!

Is There a Money-back Guarantee and Warranty?

The LastTissue manufacturer is selling the product with 30-days money-back guarantee. That means you can ship the product back to the company if you’re not fully satisfied with the quality. It doesn’t serve the purpose it promises to do, you can file a claim, and LastTissue will be happy to take it back. When I had this issue, I used it, and instead of returning the product, I ordered two more for my wife, and that’s how it helps me.

Where Can I Buy It?

When I first read about it on a LastTissue Review, I searched and found out that the manufacturer is selling the item online. I believe that buying something from the manufacturer is the safest option to get the original product. If you also want to get one, you should get it from the official website of LastTissue for the best deal.

LastTissue Review 

Furthermore, LastTissue offers an amazing deal now; they offer a free LastTissue package if you buy two of them. So, that’s 3 LastTissues with the price of two, which I think would be a great deal. You won’t regret getting the LastTissue as I didn’t; saving money in the long run and helping the earth also point to consideration.


Here, I’ll mention the most asked questions about the LastTissue online that you might have an interest in:

How to wash LastTissue?

Washing the LastTissue is pretty straightforward; you can machine wash the tissues and the pouch with a regular dishwasher. Wash the tissues at 60° temperature to keep the integrity. 

How are used and unused tissues separated?

There is a hidden separator between the user and the unused tissues inside the LastTissue pouch. The separator keeps them not touching the nasty tissues with the clean ones. 

How compact is it?

The LastTissue is fairly compact, and you can easily fit it in your pocket without any issues. The tissues inside are 18 x 18 cm in size, and the size of the silicone case is 11 x 5.5x 2.5 cm. 

What are the available colors?

You can avail the LastTissue in 5 different colors to match with your outfit or personality. However, the color variation is only for the silicon case, not for the tissues; they’re white. 

How does it help the environment?

The LastTissue replaces the one-time tissues that we cut millions of trees to make. You can stop using single-use tissues with LastTissue to eliminate the ongoing environmental hazard. 

Why is it cool? 

You can wash the Lasttissue box and the tissues to reuse them like a handkerchief. Each tissue can be used for a minimum of 460 times, and there are 6 of them inside the flexible silicon case.


The world has enough environmental hazards, and it’s high time to act for everyone and start using reusable items. With LastTissue, you’re doing actively something to eliminate the use of single-use tissues. You can replace more than 3000 single-use tissues with a single pack of LastTissue and can contribute to the world anti-deforestation movement.

In the LastTissue Review, I tried to portray everything about the LastTissue because they’re doing it actively. We’re sensible enough to understand that every resource that works to better the earth should get appreciation. I’m appreciating the LastTissue initiative and using it to replace single-use tissues. Are you doing so?

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