LiveGuard Pro Review 2022: Instantly Monitor Your Environment, Room, Warehouse, etc.


There are a million reasons to have a surveillance camera in home, office, store, or anywhere you need eyes in today’s world. If you have a child back home and you’re out, working, there is nothing better than setting up a camera for live surveillance. However, when you think of surveillance camera setups, what comes to your mind first?

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A hefty price for the cameras, a pile of wires with a DVR or NVR, monitors, and good networking knowledge, right? However, I’ve come across the LiveGuard Pro Review and have been using it for a while, and I’m fascinated with it! It’s the smartest solution for all those big setups, in my opinion, and today, I’m here to talk about it.

Product Summary
LiveGuard Pro Review

LiveGuard Pro Review


  • Universal Fit (Plug And Play)
  • Phone Application Access
  • Live Stream And Local Record
  • Power Backup
  • Suitable For Multiple Purposes

What Is LiveGuard Pro?

While a security camera setup can be a big hassle for most, LiveGuard Pro makes that a piece of cake. The LiveGuard Pro bulb security camera is a high-tech surveillance system with a fisheye lens to the camera. It can record in a 360° angle and get you a live feed to your mobile through the internet wherever you’re.


You can record the footage locally on an SD card and connect the camera to your wifi router to access the footage live. The camera is accessible using the mobile application both on Android and iOS to operate, watch, or control the camera. There is a two-way audio system on-board as well to communicate with the people in the feed with your phone.

Special Features of LiveGuard Pro

Just like any other product, the features of the LiveGuard Pro define how it’s going to benefit the user or how it works. Here are some special features of LiveGuard Pro camera that make it stand out from the others in the market:


  • The LiveGuard Pro comes with a 160° wide-angle camera with a 360° view perspective with a regular LED light.
  • It gets you a clear view of the whole room at any angle you want from a 3D perspective mimicking a regular CCTV.
  • You’ll hook the camera to a bulb holder like a regular LED light with multiple colors, including cold or warm White.
  • The light LED is 5 watt and the IR night vision LED is 3 watt, 940 nm that deliver an excellent day or night surveillance.
  • You can use a Micro SD card up to 128 GB for a local video recording and also Livestream with your Android or iPhone.
  • Its video quality is up to 1080p full HD which you can record locally up to a week with a 128GB micro SD and for up to 2 weeks at 720p.
  • The camera has a motion sensor to warn you; if it detects any suspicious activities, it’ll warn you right away wherever you are.
  • It comes with a two-way audio system, which means you can talk to your child from anywhere in the world through the camera.

Why Do We Need A Security Camera In Our Home?

Getting a home security camera might seem overwhelming, but it’s crucial to have one if you have your reasons. Here are the most important reasons why you might need a home security camera setup: Why-do-we-need-a-security-camera-in-our-home

Burglary Protection

The most common reason people get a home security system installed in a house is burglary protection. Burglary has become a common phenomenon lately, and it’s important to keep an eye on the premises to see if burglars are trying in. If you can see a burglar sneaking around, you can call the police or a neighbor for help, even if you’re not home.

Deterring Crime Or Aiding The Police

Security cameras get the real-time feed to the homeowner; criminals know that very well. When a burglar or a thief breaks into your house and sees a security camera, he knows he’s busted. So, the first thing he does is, get going back ASAP, which means your belongings are safe. If the thief doesn’t care about the camera, the police can have the footage and get the criminal way faster.

Watching The Kids Or Elderlies

If you have kids or elderlies back in your house, keeping an eye on them is important to ensure they’re good. A surveillance camera helps you with that and makes it easier with a real-time feed from your home. You can take immediate action if something goes wrong with any of the family members even if you’re not home.

Checking On The Pets

Keeping the pets safe and sound in the home when you’re out can be an issue, and a security camera can get you the relief. If you have pets, you can keep an eye on them, making sure they’re doing good or not damaging something. Two-way communicative cameras are even better at managing pets, especially if your pet is anxious while you’re not around.

Emergency Medical Assistance

Taking medical assistance might be the most important reason why you should get a home security camera system. If you have a sick person back at home like a pregnant wife or a sick child, a security camera is a must-have thing. You can call an ambulance right after seeing a medical issue on your mobile screen from work and then go home ASAP.

What Are The Benefits Of Liveguard Security Bulb Cam?

As you can see, the LiveGuard Pro security camera comes with a handful of features that are only found in the high-end security surveillance systems. Here are the benefits of the LiveGuard Pro LED bulb camera that’ll surely blow your mind:


Universal Fit (Plug And Play)

The LiveGuard Pro LED bulb camera fits any Standard E27 Normal Bulb Socket that you might already have in your house. All you have to do is, get the camera, attach it to the threaded socket, and you’re ready with the camera setup! While most surveillance systems need dozens of mounting for the cameras and the wires, the LiveGuard Pro makes it easier.

Phone Application Access

With the LiveGuard Pro camera setup, you don’t even need any DVR, NVR, or computer setup to operate it. You’ll get a phone application to operate, control, organize, and livestream the feed from the camera. The included application with the LiveGuard Pro is available both on Android and iOS.

Live Stream And Local Record

You will connect the camera to your home wifi router and access the feed with your phone following the IP address. After connecting the camera, you can live stream the feed from anywhere in the world using your smartphone. You’ll also get a motion alert on your phone whenever a suspicious activity is happening under the hood. You can record the feed locally with a Micro SD card and watch the live feed simultaneously.

Power Backup

The LiveGuard Pro camera also has a built-in battery inside to keep it alive for up to 30 minutes if you have a power cut. So, in case the burglars cut the wire from the outside thinking they’re out of sight inside, they’re certainly not! As the camera has IR sensors and motion sensors, it’s going to capture the thieves or burglars just fine, no matter if it’s dark inside.

Suitable For Multiple Purposes

Catching burglars and thieves isn’t the only purpose of the LiveGuard Pro; it does more than that. You can set it on a loop recording mood for a better archive system, which is only available with high-end cameras. It will record at your desired quality from 480p to 1080p and keep the record on a loop system to review later.

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How to Use LiveGuard Pro

Attaching the LiveGuard Pro is like setting up any LED bulb in your home using an e27 bulb socket. Setting it up and controlling it with your smartphone is even easier, and the LiveGuard Pro review is here to show you how you do that. Here is what you’ll do to use the LiveGuard Pro LED bulb security camera:


Setting Up The Camera

First off, you need to attach the camera to the bulb socket and connect it to the internet. Take the middle socket on the ceiling of your room and attach it to that socket to get an optimal view of the whole room. Now, install the app by scanning the QR code printed to the side of the product box. Open the application and search for the camera; it will automatically detect the device(s); then press Connect to pair the camera. Use the wifi connectivity to connect to the router, and you’re all set.

Controls With The Application

Controlling the camera and how it works is a piece of cake with the application it comes with. You can control the angle it shows you the feed from and which quality it does the recording job. The application also gets you a 3D perspective view of the feed you’re getting from the camera; you can customize it with any display ratio you want. It also allows you to use the intercom mode with the two-way audio option, takes snapshots, and playback older clips.

Storing And Accessing The Feed


You can use up to 128 GB of micro SD card with the camera, and it stores the footage of the camera. Depending on which level of recording quality you’re setting the camera, it will store the footage in a loop orientation. The loop recording design records the newer footages and erases the oldest footages to accommodate the new ones. If you want to have the older footage, you should backup the old videos from the memory archive.

How Do I Purchase The Liveguard Pro Bulb Camera?

Purchasing the LiveGuard Pro is easy; I bought it from the manufacturer’s official website, and they were super quick at delivery. As I bought it from the official website, I’m also sure about the product’s authenticity.

You should also get it from the official website of the LiveGuard Pro, where I got it from as well. It’s the best way to avoid any scam, third-party cuts, or even avoid after-sales service quality. As of today, they even have a promotional offer going on; if you buy 3 of the LiveGuard Pros, you can get 2 more for free!


Ensuring home security has never been easier with cool technological advancements in the last few years. The LiveGuard Pro is such a bright example of the high-tech surveillance system that takes only the place of a regular bulb. You can get security surveillance with a much easier process and neat setup.

After going through the LiveGuard Pro review, I hope you’re now quite familiar with the cool features of the LiveGuard Pro and understood how you could implement it in your life. Get the LiveGuard Pro app to control the bulb, and the security camera features like a pro and take your home security to another height.

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