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, January 20, 2022

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to measure the temperature of your family members. Especially for the child because they are not likely to sit in a place. Besides, most of the time when they become sick they don’t seem to be. As a father of three children and considering the matter of other family members, I was looking for the easiest solution.

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So that I could take immediate action if unfortunately, they get sick. Just two months ago, I had read this LiveTemp Pro Review & it showed me the easiest way to track the temperature. Stick to this article to know my experiences with this device.

Our Summary
LiveTemp Pro Review

LiveTemp Pro Review


  • User-Friendly Device
  • Temperature Fluctuation History
  • Keep You Safe From Infected People
  • Fast & Accurate

What is LiveTemp Pro?LiveTemp Pro Review

The LiveTemp Pro is a newly emerged warmth-sensor thermometer that is used for measuring body temperature by using infrared rays. The device uses the infrared-waves emanation to detect the accurate temperature of any human or object. 

By using this device, you can track the temperature from a protected separation. This smart contact-free thermometer effectively utilizes the infrared waves to capture the heat of the body & shows you the result within a second.

You just need to point the thermometer like a gun to a subject and then press the trigger on the handle to get the result. The temperature can be view in Fahrenheit/Celsius as per your need. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using The LiveTemp Pro Thermometer?


Before selecting a product, knowing its benefit will help you to understand if the product is right for you or not. Well, here in this LiveTemp Pro Review, I’m going to show you some magnificent benefits of this product. 

User-Friendly Device

After using this device these days, I can tell you that Live Temp Pro is a very much user-friendly device. It is completely a hassle-free device. With its three, physical buttons you can easily control it.

The device uses three different colors to explain if your temperature is normal, medium, or serious. By using this device, you can record the temperature of your body while relaxing at your home. 

Temperature Fluctuation History

The device allows you to record the temperature fluctuation history of your body by using its three physical buttons. On the other hand, these three default buttons of this device allow you to read the history of any temperature that has been recorded.

Doctors and patients are highly benefited by this feature. As the device recorded the temperature history so they don’t need to write it down manually. With this amazing feature, I can easily track the health condition of my family members.

Keep You Safe From Infected People

To measure the temperature there are lots of thermometers available in the market but none of them are capable of measuring the temperature of a person without touching his/her body. 

But LiveTemp Pro is completely different here, it uses infrared beam technology that measures the temperature of a person without touching the body. Point the device to the person’s forehead & the device will automatically record the temperature. 

Fast & Accurate

This device is impressively fast & accurate compared to other thermometers. You don’t have to wait 10-12 minutes to measure the temperature like other thermometers. And the accuracy level is greater than any other regular thermometers. Before using this device, I’ve used several thermometers but compared to all of them this one is the fastest and accurate one.

What Makes LiveTemp Pro Better than Others?What-makes-LiveTemp-Pro-better-than-others

There are many features & factors that make the  LiveTemp Pro superior to others. At first, I loved to mention it is a contamination-free infrared thermometer. As a result, it doesn’t require touching the body of the infected people to measure the temperature. This makes it completely different from other thermometers available in the market.

The device is perfect for all kinds of people, from a child to an adult. It takes only one second to read the temperature of your body. That means it is faster than other thermometers. You can use the device as much as you want, there is no contraindication to use the device frequently. It records all the temperature data and you can trace them whenever you want. 

How Does This Device Work?


Using the LiveTemp Pro is very easy & simple. It is easier than playing with a toy. Now below in this section, I’m going to share with you my user experience that will help you to understand how to use this device perfectly. 

  • First, select the person or object that you’re going to calculate the temperature.  Then bring the device closer to the body of the person or object & hold the device for a moment.
  • Now the LED buttons of the LiveTemp Pro will display the result by using its three different buttons. The device is equipped with three color buttons, red, green & yellow. When the red & yellow button turns on, it indicates that the person requires immediate medical help. The green button declares that the person is all okay & healthy.
  • Read the level that comes with the parcel for more clarification. 

Basically, you can use the device in 2-different ways, by hovering & by contacts. Have a look at the below section to know these ways. 


  • Turn on the thermometer.
  • Dry the forehead of the patient.
  • Now point the thermometer on the patient forehead.
  • Once the device records the temperature it will make a beep sound.
  • Now remove the device from the point & check the temperature.

Hovering Method

  • Turn on the thermometer.
  • Now point the device one or two inches away from the user’s forehead.
  • Press the thermometer button to display two red circles on your forehead. 
  • Move the device until both of them merge into one.  During this process, the patient has to remain on standby, until it completes.
  •  Now rescue the button & wait for the temperature indicator sound. 
  • Add one degree more with the given temperature to get the inner temperature. 

Our Pros And Cons Of Livetemp ProOur-PROs-and-CONs-Of-LiveTemp-Pro

Here in this section, I’m going to mention the pros & cons of the LiveTemp Pro so that you can analyze the product at a glance from this section. 

  • Measure the temperature of a person from the safest distance.
  • Provides accurate data with super fast speed.
  • All types of people & ages can use it.
  • Very easy & convenient to use. 
  • Records all temperature data. 
  • The product is available only online.
  • Stocks are limited.

Where Can I Purchase The LiveTemp Pro?


The device is now selling like a hot-cake! You can easily get the “LiveTemp Pro” from the main website of its manufacturer. The manufacturer is currently offering the device with a 50 % discount & free shipping all around the world.

So if you have a plan to get one of these smart devices then this is the right time to get the product with a 50% discount. Even if you order for three-unit at a time then you will have two more extra units for completely free. Or, if you buy two-unit, you will get one more extra unit until the promo ends.

Frequently Asked Question

While reading this LiveTemp Pro Review, there might be a lot of questions that arise in your curious mind. Here in this section, I’m going to add some questions & answers that people frequently asked about LiveTemp Pro.

What Are The Symptoms of Fever?

When a person suffers from fever, there are a couple of symptoms that will indicate that he/she might be suffering from fever. Such as, Sweating, Headache, Chills and shivering, Muscle aches, Dehydration, Loss of appetite, General weakness, Irritability.

Does It Come With A Warranty?

Yes, LiveTemp Pro gives you a three years warranty at a very low cost. 

Why Is It Important To Monitor Body Temperatures?

Monitoring your body temperature will let you know if you are suffering from fever or not which is very important during this pandemic time. 

Who Should Use LiveTemp Pro?

There is no restriction on who can use Live Temp Pro or not, who never needs the measure the temperature can use this device. But the doctors, nurses, and patients will highly be benefited from using this device. 

How Do Infrared Thermometers Work?

Basically, infrared thermometers collect the temperatures from infrared waves by using infrared rays to capture the heat of the body.

LiveTemp Pro Review: Conclusion 

The infection of the last pandemic expands all around the globe. People are fighting to survive & trying to control the situation. Nobody knows who is the next, so it is your duty & responsibility to keep things under control. After reading the LiveTemp Pro Review, now you can understand how this device can help you to handle this situation.

Fever is one of the main symptoms of this virus and LiveTemp Pro can quickly detect the temperature of yourself without touching your body. As the device reads the temperature of a person from a safe distance the virus can’t spread out & you can get a continuous update if you or other peoples are infected or not. 

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