Lumenology Review (Update 2022): Portable Motion Sensor Light


You might be facing difficulties installing a lighting system in your house or office. That’s because it is maybe costly and might affect the beauty of your space.

Lumenology is a modern solution to your lighting problem. This is a wireless LED light that is portable and has motion sensor technology.

Don’t worry! Allow us to show you why and how lumenology is the best lighting solution for your space. After that, the decision is yours.

9.8out of 10

Ease of Use9.9

Value for Money9.8




So, without any further delay, let’s check out the amazing facts.

Product Summary
Lumenology Review

Lumenology Review

Top Features:

  • It is a wireless device
  • Compare to a wired lighting system, it is affordable in price
  • The device has motion detection technology
  • You can easily attach the device without any technical knowledge
  • It is all weather-proof

What Is Lumenology?

Lumenology is an amazing LED light with so much modern technology. It is a pure wireless device that can be placed anywhere you want. You can place it in your house’s backyard, in front of the entrance, and even in your closet.

What is lumenology

Needless to say, you can install it within minutes all by yourself without any technical knowledge. That means it is saving you thousands of dollars of electrician costs. Plus point is, you can detach and replace it anytime & anywhere you want it to be.

It can endure any kind of tough weather situation, be it heavy rain or snowfall, or high heat. Because lumenology is IP43 water-resistant certified. That makes it impenetrable.

The most interesting part of lumenology is that it has motion detection technology. It can detect motions within a 13ft distance. That will warn you of any sort of unwanted danger beforehand.

Features and Benefits

Let us provide you some reasons why you should purchase lumenology.

It is affordable

The first reason why you should buy Lumenology is its affordability. Setting up a wire-based lighting system will cost you thousands of dollars at one go.

Also, it might badly affect the current structure of your place. But lumenology will only cost you around $40. It also offers you amazing features at the cheapest rate.

Reliable for its user

Reliable for its user

Lumenology becomes reliable because of its amazing smart features. It also gives you a sense of security. You don’t need to worry even if the electrical power goes off. Because lumenology will be there to provide you light and warmth.

Has motion detection technology

Its motion activation mode helps you to save battery energy. Because it will provide light only if there is any person present or if there are any movements within13 ft distance. Otherwise, it will automatically be off and save energy.

This way, its power can last for 1 year. The automation system also prevents you from manually turning on/off the lights.

Can endure hostile weather

It can resist all sorts of weather be it heavy snowfall or heavy rain. That is why this modern light has received IP43 water-resistant certification. That can be a perfect reason for you to purchase this product.

Gives you professional lighting experience

This LED light provides you 148 lumens. That enables you to have crystal clear and bright light within 40 feet radius.

Can be attached anywhere

You can attach lumenology anywhere you want. A normal wire-based lighting system is installed permanently. And it requires a lot of labor and money. But lumenology is movable to any place and also easily detachable.

Has refund guarantee

In any case, if you feel this product is not suitable for you and want to return it. And if you can return it within 30 days of purchasing you will get a 100% refund. It is included in their sales strategy.

A good option for renters

Living in a rented place might be costly for you to spend thousands of dollars for lighting only. Even when leaving the place, you won’t be able to detach and take the installed wired lighting with you.

Lumenology offers you a solution for this. Because it is cost-effective, easily attachable, and detachable.

  • It is a wireless device
  • Compare to a wired lighting system, it is affordable in price
  • The device has motion detection technology
  • You can easily attach the device without any technical knowledge
  • It is all weather-proof
  • You have to change its batteries frquently

How Does Lumenology Work?

How does lumenology work

The power source of lumenology is 3 AA batteries. That makes lumenology a very cheap source of lighting yet the most effective one. As mentioned earlier, it has 3 modes of options:

  • Off mode
  • On mode
  • Motion activation mode

Off Mode

When you don’t require its service (in daylight) just turn it off. In off mode, it will simply stop providing you light, which will save energy.

On Mode

When you need light, you can simply turn it on and brighten your place. But if the light is turned on for a long time, it will only last for eight hours max. So, make sure to turn it on only when you need light.

Motion Activation Mode

The motion activation mode solves the previous problem mentioned. That because the device has motion sensor technology. If you turn on the motion activation mode the battery may last for a whole 1 year. Because the light will automatically turn on when it detects any motion or movement.

It can detect movements within a 100-degree area and 13 range. That will allow you to notice arrivals of any sort of unwanted guests. Be it a thief or wild animals. This mode can also save power because of its unique feature.

How To Use Lumenology?

How to use lumenology

Lumenology has 3 basic parts before you install it. First, the LED light then comes a powerful magnetic plate, and lastly, a tripod legs. The LED light is the main object to brighten your surroundings. Now, to install it, you have the following options available :

Option 1

You can simply attach the magnetic plate to any metal surface with a screw. But make sure you attach it to a flat surface area. It can hold the light strongly to any condition. Game on! Just turn on the light and do your business! You can also easily detach it without any hassle.

Option 2

Here, you can use the tripod legs to wrap around any objects that don’t have a flat surface. It can be attached to tree branches or handles of BBQ grill, poles, or fences of your backyard, etc. You can bend the tripod legs in your convenient direction. Yet it will strongly hold your light.

Purchasing Lumenology

The primary price of one lumenology kit is $39.99. But they have several attractive packages where you will get discounts. Let us show you its pricing strategy:

  1. Buy 1 kit- $39.99
  2. Buy 2, Get 1 Free- $99.98
  3. Buy 3, Get 2 Free- $149.97
  4. Buy 4, Get 4 Free- $199.96

Purchasing lumenology

Are There Testimonials To Support The Above Claims?

Yes, there is proof that this product is the best solution to your lighting problem. If you go online and search about lumenology, you will find thousands of 5-star reviews from its users. That might be enough to prove its effectiveness.

Yet, if you are not satisfied with the reviews, there is another way to prove it.

And that is lumenology has a safety certification of IP43 water-resistant. That means its quality meets the standard of “FCC Standard Part 15” and also “RoHS Compliant”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they provide a warranty?

Yes, they provide a 1-year warranty with a 30 days money-back guarantee.

Is this light all-weather suited?

Yes, this light can be used in any kind of hostile weather.

How long does its batteries last?

By turning on the motion activation mode, its batteries can last up to 1 year

Is it better than solar power lights?

Yes, because solar can’t be charged during rain or snowfall.


So, finally, we have come to know a lot of information about lumenology. We believe after gathering all this information you will be interested in buying lumenology. For purchase, you can peep here

After all, lumenology offers you the best professional lighting experience. That is also in a very cost-effective manner.

We hope you won’t miss the opportunity to use it.

9.8out of 10

Ease of Use9.9

Value for Money9.8




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