Memorysafex Review: Never Lose Your Photos and Videos Device 2022

, January 20, 2022

Back in the days, it was hard to keep all files and photos in one place safely. Though I used a USB flash drive, I always suffer from storage problems. Also, I was able to connect with only one device at a time. But now, with the latest technology, I can get lots of devices with new features

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Well, today I’ll share a great experience with a new gadget called MemorySafeX. I read all the MemorySafeX Review, and then I purchased this to enjoy the service. And guess what it was amazing. Now, I am here to share all about MemorySafeX and how I get the most benefits of this amazing gadget. Let’s roll.

Product Summary
Memorysafex Review

Memorysafex Review

  • This device has larger storage to accumulate almost 60000 photos in a place.
  • It is easy to use and the interface is completely user-friendly.
  • Duplicated files automatically delete so that you can get more space.
  • One of the safe and secure storage devices to store your precious memories.
  • This gadget is applicable to both mobile and PC. 

What is MemorySafeX?

MemorySafeX is a portable and tiny USB storage device that helps to keep your memory through photos. When you watch those photos a few years later, those photos bring the memory like a fresh clip in front of your eyes. Though it looks like a flash drive or pen drive, the amount of advantages this device provides is amazing.
What is MemorySafeX

I can keep the photos completely safe on this device. Also, I can connect this on my android, and PC. When I first chose this, I was afraid because there are lots of reasons for destroying this USB Flash Drive. But the best thing is, this device has a backup system. I can download this app from any play store.

I don’t need any internet or ID to back up thousands of photos or video files. After downloading the app, I can directly use it. Besides this MemorySafeX can store almost 60000 photos or any type of files. I can keep any format on this device including video files.

This device automatically removes duplicate files and frees the storage. Just plug in the device from where you need to transfer the photos and the MemorySafeX is ready. It is lightweight and supports both android and iOS formats.

The manufacturer tries to keep the price minimum so that everyone can purchase this product from an online store. With a reasonable price and larger storage capacity, I would recommend choosing this product. Because it ensures the safety of photos and files.

Main Features of MemorySafeX

I already introduce and provide information about the MemorySafeX gadget, so that you can understand it easily. Still, there are some amazing features of this MemorySafeX that will help you to understand how this MemorySafeX benefitted the users.

Faster Automated Service:

At first, I thought this faster option doesn’t matter at all. Because every flash drive provides faster service. When I start transferring with this MemorySafeX, then I realize the differences.

This device is faster than any other flash drive during photo and file transferring. I just need the device where I wanted to copy the files and press the option. The rest of the process will be done automatically.

One clicks solution:

Like other flash drives, I don’t need to follow a step-by-step process. I can go to the store to get the app. According to the operating system, this app is available both on the google play store and apple store. No need to open an account to backup the photos. After connecting this gadget, the app automatically takes back up and stores the files with the secure transfer.

Requires No Internet:

When I heard about the app that is linked up with the MemorySafeX USB photo device, I was worried. Because sometimes I am unable to connect to the internet. What if my photos are not saved on the app. What if the backup space of the USB drive is not enough to keep audio files and photos.

Requires No Internet

But the amazing thing I found is, to backup or save photos or audio files I don’t need any net connection. This app automatically backs up the photos, videos, or related documents from the connected device.

Prevent Duplicate photos:

The most annoying thing about keeping all photos in one place is sometimes I find duplicate files. This is so irritating to search for those duplicate files among all other files and then delete them.

But, the MemorySafeX USB Photo device reduces half of my work. While keeping all files, this portable device automatically skips or ignores duplicate files. This way I can easily get free space on this wonderful device. 

Support All Formats:

Whenever  I select or save images on my devices, there are lots of image formats. On other flash drives, I have to select the formats and then try to save photos or files. But, this device supports almost all types of photos and file formats. Such as PNG, GIF, PDF, DOC, PSD, JPEG, etc. Also, I can save WebP, EPS, INDD files on this device.

Larger Storage:

Normally, when I purchase any flash drive, I always preferred size that has larger storage capacity. In the case of MemorySafeX, I get the space up to 64 GB. This space is huge. I can now save all my photos in this large space. Besides, I don’t have to carry multiple devices for keeping the photos on external devices due to disk space.

Why Do You Really Need The MemorySafeX?

I already present some features of MemorySafeX. Those are the reason people always prefer while choosing any flash drive. But here I will tell you some more reasons, why specifically you need to choose the MemorySafeX as a secure device.

Effective Performance:

Looking at any photos from storage take hours to find. Besides, maximum time I can not be able to find the accurate files. But, in MemorySafeX this searching process only needs a few seconds to find the exact results that I want. With an effective performance, this backup drive helps a lot.

Low Costing:

As this MemorySafeX provides so many benefits and has lots of advantages, at first, I was worried. Because this device may cost me lots of money. But when I visit their store, I found that this gadget I can buy at a minimum cost. Also, I can get a larger space with this cost.Low Costing


One thing I can assure you is that this amazing device doesn’t slow your mobile or PC. Earlier when I choose other devices to transfer photos, at one moment, my phone gets stuck. Also, the device stops working at a time. But, with this device, I can easily transfer lots of photos and files. And this transferring process smoothly works on my mobile. There is no slow down or hanging problem with the phone.

How Does Memory Safe X Work?

The MemorySafeX looks like a flash drive. This device has two ports. At first, I was confused and thought that the working process may be different. But, while using it on my device, I realize that the part is not that hard. Besides two USB port helps to connect the MemorySafeX on my phone and PC at a time. Let’s see how this MemorySafeX works on my other devices.

How Does Memory Safe X Work

  • First, I check the devices that mean phone and PC where I will connect the storage device.
  • Then I connect the device with my mobile. As I wanted to transfer photos on my PC.
  • As I was using an android phone, I was searching for the MemorySafeX app from the google store.
  • The downloading process will take some time. Then You can use this app to back up your photos.

That’s how MemorySafeX works on any device. After installing the MemorySafeX app, the device will automatically sort out the photos and files. Also, it will automatically keep the files in a place.

Who Can Use MemorySafeX?

The MemorySafeX is not for some particular people to use. Everyone can buy and use the product as long as they want. As I love traveling and capturing photos, sometimes it’s not possible for me to save all photos on my mobile. besides, there is a risk of losing photos or files due to a crash.

Who Can Use MemorySafeX

So, this is better If I choose another option to keep my photos, files, or videos completely safe. And this is why MemorySafeX is my first choice. Because this device is a great backup device and it can keep my photos safe. Also, if you asked any techies for a great backup device, they will surely suggest this MemorySafeX.

Advantages of MemorySafeX

Some advantages of MemorySafeX I like to add here. They are-

Advantages of MemorySafe

  • This device has larger storage to accumulate almost 60000 photos in a place.
  • It is easy to use and the interface is completely user friendly.
  • From this device, the duplicated files automatically delete so that you can get more space.
  • One of the safe and secure storage devices to store your precious memories.
  • This gadget is applicable to both mobile and PC. With two USB ports, you can randomly use the device.

Disadvantages of MemorySafeX

Besides the advantages, this device has a few advantages. Though this doesn’t matter, still it will be better if I warned you before using it.

  • Using both USB port at a time, may crash or hang the device sometimes. So, it will be better if you use it wisely.
  • This product is available on the online store and provides all the offers online-based.
  • Due to unlimited features and demands, this device often gets out of stock.

Exceptional Money Back Guarantee

Whenever I purchase an online product, one thing I just checked is the money-back guarantee. It’s a common feeling that all customers always looked for. Because after spending so much money what if the product is not good. If I get the broken device or the device is not working?

That’s why this option I first checked before buying any online product. I am happy to say that, MemorySafeX offers a money-back guarantee on their product. If you buy from their store you will get this big offer. For your convenience, I attached the link in the below section.

Where Can I Purchase The MemorySafeX?

Where Can I Purchase The MemorySafeX

What say, are you interested to buy this product, after reading my review on MemorySafeX? Then, visit this link and get some amazing offer during purchase. Recently they are offering free shipping all over the world with a 50 % discount. Just click on the link and have a tour of this site. You can easily purchase the product with lots of offers.

Frequently Asked Question

I hope the above MemorySafe X reviews give you enough knowledge about the device. For more queries, you can read this section.

Does MemorySafex work with iPhone?

Yes, the device MemorySafeX works with an iPhone. As this device has iOS USB flash and without connecting the wi-fi I can directly connect through the plug-in.

Which Computers Can I Use the Memorysafex For?

The best thing about choosing MemorySafeX is, besides an android device I can run or use this gadget on any computers. It doesn’t matter if the operating system is windows 10, 8.1, 8, or 7. This device can be run smoothly. I can also try this device on Vista, XP, Mac OS X version and I get the best result.

Does Memorysafex Work With iPad?

Yes, the MemorySafeX works with an iPad. This device provides a USB 3.0 connector along with an iOS connector. So, you can easily connect the iPad and use this gadget.

Final Thought

I gave the MemorySafeX Review based on my user experience. Before using this gadget, I was worried about keeping my memories or photos in a place. I was afraid of losing data because of so many reasons. But this device has an app to backup all files and photos.

Besides, the larger space of the device and two USB port options make this popular. Especially I love the features of using it easily on both mobile and PC. Also, those who have iPhone or iPad can easily use this MemorySafeX. The device is completely worth buying, those who love to keep memories through photos like me.

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