MemorySafeX vs Photo Stick: In-Depth Comparison 2021

, March 16, 2021

You live through your photos and videos now. These memories give us hope and joy. And when you miss someone, the only thing that can console you are these memories.

Now you won’t want to lose your favourite images. So, you want to get a backup device. And photos and videos dedicated drives are now hitting the market hard. Today we are going to check the in-depth comparison between MemorySafeX vs Photo Stick.

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Comparison Chart Between MamorySafeX vs Photo Stick

Through this chart you will get an idea about MemorySafeX vs Photo Stick within a second.

Details of Product MemorySafeX Photo Stick
Storage Up To 64 GB Highest 128 GB
Antivirus adaptability Yes Yes
Compatibility PC, Android & IOS PC and MAC (Photo Stick)

Android & IOS (Photo Stick Mobile)

Internet Connection No No
Warranty 30 day 60 days
Guarantee 3 years 30 days money back guarantee
File Type Photos and Videos Photos and Videos
Document Adaptability Yes No
Auto detection Yes Yes
Service Response Immediate Slow
Where to Buy MemorySafeX Photo Stick

We got the idea what are the main comparisons and similarities on both of the devices. Let’s check what the main differences on both devices are. How do they work? And what are the benefits?

MemorySafeX vs Photo Stick: What are the Differences

MemorySafeX vs Photo Stick: What are the Differences

What is Memory SafeX

MemorySafeX is your solution for secure storage when it comes to your cherished memories or desirable files. MemorySafeX is a heavy memory stick capable of transmitting media from your computer, tablets and smartphone. When you update your computer or tablet, you don’t have to fear about messing up your photos and files.

What is Memory SafeX

There’s a large amount of space on the memory stick to hold over 60 000 photographs and digital content files. You can also save space on your devices for new media to store your home movies, videos and memes. Memory Safe is a safe, one-click way to keep your memory from getting your photographs and videos lost.

What is Photo Stick

ThePhotoStick and ThePhotoStick Mobile may look like an ordinary USB flash drive, but they’re really so much more. You could have seen it presented like a photo stick or a photostick, and it is the same. You’ve probably come across a time in your life where you took images of significant occasions. But you lost your hard drive crash and deleted all of your photos. Then a photo stick can be a sigh of relief in this regard.

What is Photo Stick

First, a regular usb flash drive functions the same way and you can save your pictures in seconds. This means that not only can all pictures stay in the same place, but if you have a hard drive damaged, you don’t have to think about losing it all. The cool thing is to be able to connect it up to other things, including a laptop or phone. You can thus migrate images in only a couple of minutes from smartphones without using any external apps or equipment.

Special Features In MemorySafex

MemorySafeX is a versatile USB drive that you can use to save your photos. You get some special features than regular USB.

Special Features In MemorySafex

Versatile Device Support:

One of the best features of this device, it can work with all devices. No matter where you keep your files this one can back up from anywhere.

Works with MAC and Windows PC. Also works with Android and IOS phones. Just plug and play and that’s all. One device with so much versatility.

Quick Saving:

This is a very fast USB drive. The technology is based on 3.0 USB architecture. So this means you can get file transfer in jiffy. And this one is automated so you don’t have to look in folders to back up photos and videos. The inbuild AI tech will do that for you.

Massive Storage:

The 64 GB storage helps you store up to 64000 images as they claim. Yet let’s just say it can contain 60000 images without losing the quality. MemorySafeX supports all kinds of files. Your files will remain as is in the drive.

Safe and Secure:

Your images will never be lost in that drive. And encrypt and decrypt features let you have a chill. Your images are both safe and secure once backed up.


Whether you’re using this drive, you don’t need to be a tech master. The drive is very easy to use. You don’t have to be a tech geek. Once you insert it into the computer, it will show you a “GO” prompt. However, you need to click on it to see the magic and proceed to further action.

And for mobile you get an app that will help you in backing up files.

Special Features On Photo Stick

Special Features On Photo Stick

Variety in Size:

Unlike MemorySafeX, the photo stick comes with the user’s choice storage. You can get a 8 GB drive if you need and 128 GB if you have a huge number of files. And the price varies according to storage. That means you can work on your budget to get what you want.

Dedicated Design:

For those who keep everything on PC can get PhotoStick and for mobile users PhotoStick Mobile is a great option. You will get a micro-USB, USB C type male port. This works with an OTG as well.


This is a portable device that you can carry anywhere. But most of the USB drives are portable and that has to be special. You backed up files from your desktop last time and have copies on the laptop as well. The next time you add more files to the laptop and connect your photostick, it will save only the new files.

Avoid Duplication:

You may have duplicate copies or saved files remain on your main device. Photo Stick will only save one of the files. And no matter how many times you try to add the duplicate photo it will always keep one copy of the same file. Not more than that.

Benefits of MemorySafeX

Benefits of MemorySafeX

  1. It makes sure all your favorite memories are safe. And if you have scattered files everywhere you get one organized storage.
  2. Very user friendly and don’t need to be an expert. Just plug in and the AI will do the work for you.
  3. It works fine with any kind of OS. Either you are on Android or IOS it works smoothly.
  4. Any device for example Phone, tablet or digital camera as long as it has OTG support this one can work on them.
  5. Save your memories once and keep it for generations to come.

Benefits of PhotoStick

Benefits of PhotoStick

  1. The mini packet size but high-capacity storage device.
  2. File saving is convenient. You don’t have to look for different files manually.
  3. Very organized storage device.
  4. You can get a weekly backup if you keep it inserted all the time.
  5. Super quick in identifying photos and videos
  6. Remove duplicates and keep the original and original file only.
  7. Takes very little time no matter what is the size
  8. You can get a free delivery.
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MemorySafeX vs Photo Stick: Which One is better?

I’m pretty sure that there might be a question in your mind, which one is better between MemorySafeX vs Photo Stick? Have you figured out the requirements that you need to serve your purpose? However, the MemorySafex is slightly better if you want a Pen Drive like USB flash drive. But between these two our pick would be Photo Stick.

We have reasons to declare that better. The photo stick comes with a variety of storage options and price. This one is much faster in identifying and saving. Moreover, you’ll get a decent 30-days money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with its services. And you’ll also get a 60 days replacement warranty too.

The customer support is excellent as we speak. MemorySafeX is not available in amazon too. Their official website lacks important contact details. And the support system is not very convincing. So, we recommend you buy the Photo Stick.

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