MoskiX Band Review: Best Insect Repellent Band of the Year 2022


No one likes to be the food of mosquitos. Especially I hate itching and infection problem from this mosquito bite. Thanks to MoskiX Band that helps me repellent 70% of mosquitos and insects with its ultrasonic sound.

9.7out of 10

Ease of Use9.9
Value for Money9.7

This band uses harmless sound and there is no radiation frequency that is injurious for my skin. It is environment friendly and has a rechargeable battery that works for 130H. As a happy customer, I wanted to write a MoskiX Band Review by myself. So that you will understand how useful this non toxic band is in our daily life.

Our Summary
MoskiX Band Review

MoskiX Band Review

Key Features:

  • Ultrasonic Sound
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • Waterproof
  • Quality Material
  • DEET Free
  • Multiple Mode

What is MoskiX Band?

The MoskiX Band is a stylish and unique design wrist band that prevents mosquito bite. This is a portable and lightweight electronic device that is easy to use. The device uses ultrasonic sound that is a mimic of other insects and male mosquitoes. This sound keeps away the female mosquitoes from biting humans.

What is MoskiX Band

MoskiX Band is popular for its long-lasting battery service. It uses high-quality materials on the band. There is no irritation and skin problem due to wearing this wristband. It is completely chemical-free and safe for kids and older people.

While writing this MoskiX Band Review I activated the indoor mode. This mode requires less power but works effectively. When I go outside, I can activate the outdoor mood. The increasing sound of this outdoor mood helps to deter the mosquitos efficiently. And when I am not around the mosquitoes, the wristband activates the silent mode.

Main Key Features of MoskiX Band

After using this band, I found some major key features. features differentiate the MoskiX band from others. Here is my list of features-

Main Key Features of MoskiX Band

Ultrasonic Sound:

MoskiX Band uses ultrasonic sound to repel the mosquito. Female mosquitoes bites the human most. They also hate the sound of male mosquitos and other insects. This ultrasonic sound imitates the sound of insects to repel almost 70-80% of mosquitos.

Long Lasting Battery:

The MoskiX Band is easily rechargeable and you can keep this band in a standby mood for 1 month. This band has a polymer lithium battery with 90mA. You don’t have to replace or change the battery. Instead you can get fast charging facilities that will give you almost 60 hours of service. For fast charging, you only need 30 minutes.


Whenever I wear a wristband or watch I always prefer that the band will be waterproof. So that I can use the band without getting damage. This MoskiX Band is IP67 waterproof and dustproof. You can easily wash the band and wear this one when you are swimming.


Quality Material:

MoskiX Band doesn’t contain harmful elements. This band is made of rich quality materials and fabrics. I don’t face any skin irritation problems while using this band. Besides, there is no radiation emitted from this band. This is perfectly suitable for kids or younger people without any side effects.

DEET Free:

Most of the mosquito repellent band use toxic chemicals to repellent the mosquitoes. But when you choose the MoskiX band you will get 100% DEET free device. This device has no harmful chemicals and it doesn’t use C12H17NO elements.

Multiple Mode:

This MoskiX Band has three multiple modes to activate. With first gear, you can activate the band for daily indoor use. When you press the second gear it will activate for outdoor sports mode. And the third gear activated the silent mode. So, I can always make a choice while using it.

How Does MoskiX Work?

MoskiX Band works very effectively. The ultrasonic sound helps to repel almost 70% of mosquitos. The MoskiX band uses a rechargeable battery. So, I don’t need to change or replace it with others. I can charge the band for 30 mins and it will give me 130hours of safety from a mosquito bite.

How Does MoskiX Work

In general, female mosquitoes bite the people most. So, the band uses the voice or sound that they dislike the most. So, when I wear this band, the sound helps to repel the mosquitoes around me. It creates a strong barrier between me and the insect and keeps away the mosquitos from me.

The band has three activate the mode, indoor, outdoor, and silent mode. While activating the indoor mode you can minimize the power. But when you activate the outdoor mode, the band automatically increases the volume to deter mosquitos.  The last mode that is silent mode helps to deactivate the power when you are not surrounded by mosquitos.

How Does MoskiX Work 2

Normally the radiation and sound frequency stimulates the mosquitos and helps to stay away from mosquito bites. The sound is so irritating to them that you can easily get rid of 70% of mosquitoes easily.

Is MoskiX Band Long Lasting?

Yes, the MoskiX Band has long-lasting battery life. With 30 mins fast charging I can run this wristband for 130 hours without any barrier. Besides this band gives me 30 days of standby service.

Is MoskiX Band Long Lasting

Most of the mosquito repellent bands damage when they are getting in touch with the water. But the MoskiX Band has an IP67 waterproof system so there is no risk of damaging the band due to water.

Are Mosquito Repellent Bands Safe Around My Pets and Children?

When it comes to repellent the mosquitos, most of the brands use powerful chemicals. Their idea is to kill the insects or mosquitos. But those chemicals are harmful and completely unsafe for children or pets.

Are Mosquito Repellent Bands Safe Around My Pets and Children

The MoskiX Bands are completely chemical-free. There are no harmful elements inside the device. This wristband is more eco-friendly and healthier to use. I can wear it like a watch and completely forget about the mosquito bite.

MoskiX Band uses an intelligent chip, so there is no worry of infection and it can save electricity. Because of this chip there is no radiation, so you can use it all day long. For all these reasons MoskiX band is completely safe around the pets and children. Also, children are completely safe to get in touch with nature.

Where Can I Purchase the MoskiX Band?

MoskiX Band is one of the best ultrasonic bracelets that helps to repellent the mosquito. To get this amazing band with great offers I recommend this website. I bought this from here as the local stores failed to deliver this band. Also, I was worried about the quality. But this store doesn’t disappoint me at all.

Where Can I Purchase the MoskiX Band

Besides, you will get 50% off by purchasing from this store. They are now delivering this band completely free worldwide. You can also choose the packages from their store. Recently their best seller offer is Buy 3 Get 2 Free.

Frequently Asked Questions for MoskiX Band

In MosKix Review I have gathered almost every piece of information. Still for your more knowledge here is the question-answer session.

Does Moskix Band Really Help?

Yes, the Moskix Band actually helps to repellent the mosquitos. Female mosquitos basically dislike the voice or ultrasonic sounds. This is why this device is more effective and they will not bite you anymore.

Does Anti Pest Control Device Affect Humans?

No, the anti-pest control device is completely harmless for humans. There is no harmful chemical and it is completely toxin-free. So, using this band on humans is risk-free.

Final Thought

MoskiX is a nonintrusive and nontoxic wrist band that repellent mosquitoes. This band is safe for pregnant women or kids. In this band, there are no harmful chemicals that will directly affect the skin. Even the device has no radiation that you have to worry about while using.

In MoskiX Band Review I mentioned about the material that uses on the band. Now there will be no itching or infection problem due to this band. Besides I can wear it while swimming or going outside. Even when I am hiking or tracking I can wear it, because of its dustproof capacity.

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