Nanosecure Review: An Expensive Step in the Right Direction!


Old laptops and desktops have USB ports that can be used for the biometric fingerprint scanner. In the marketplace, you will see a lot of USB fingerprint scanners. Among them, the NanoSecure is the best example of the USB fingerprint scanner that perfectly fits with my desktop and laptop. The scanner is prepared with a sturdy metal that will hold out heavy use. In the NanoSecure review, I will share all about the USB fingerprint reader.

With the robust build-quality, it ensures quick fingerprint detection. So, you no need to swipe to find the fingerprint match continuously. Within a second, it detects the fingerprint and unlocks the device. The USB PC fingerprint scanner doesn’t need any drivers or supportive software to run it.

What is NanoSecure?

NanoSecure is a great PC security scanner at an affordable price. The scanner is very simple to use. Just plug it into the PC’s USB port and place the finger to unlock. Within 0.15 seconds, it unlocks any device. It allows you to use 360-degree recognition. So. I never worried about moving my finger around the scanner.

What is NanoSecure

The breath sensing technology allows me to keep all data safe and more secure. Nobody can duplicate the saved fingerprints on it. Also, it can remember 10 fingerprint profiles at the same time so families can safely access a single PC. It contains a file encryption to apply fingerprints as a key. All OS are suitable with the NanoSecure, so I use it to sign-in to Windows using the fingerprint security. It is next to impossible to steal because of the inherent fingerprint.

NanoSecure Key Features

NanoSecure has incredible features that make it the preferable USB fingerprint scanner. To feel secure, take advantage of the features:

NanoSecure Key Features

Superfast fingerprint recognition:

It takes 0.15 seconds to match the fingerprint and unlock the device and files. The information is protected without any encryption.  Its detection technology is faster than other USB fingerprint readers.

360-degree advanced protection:

One of the most significant features is its 360-degree accurate scanning ability. I do not need to move the finger on the scanner. Its intelligent scanner quickly detects the fingerprint and unlock files.

Breath sensing technology:

Once you have scanned a fingerprint image and encrypted it, there is no way to reverse the process to decrypt the images. This makes it resistant to hackers targeting devices to steal important data.

Compact and portable:

It is designed with sturdy material and easy to carry in a pocket. It lets me save 10 different fingerprint patterns. This is amazing for multiple use so you can try another fingerprint if the first one is forgotten.

Device support:

It is manufactured to be fitted with the new Windows Hello feature of Windows 10, but it is also working with Windows 7 and 8 users. No need for supplementary driver or software support.

NanoSecure Review: How Does It Work?

NanoSecure is a USB device that allows you to lock a PC or Laptop with fingerprint security. It is equipped with fast fingerprint detection technology that restricts unwanted access. It can unlock files in 0.15 seconds. Hackers cannot steal data and duplicate the fingerprints because of its breath sensing technology.

NanoSecure Review: How Does It Work?

It allows you to store 10 fingerprint records. Without authorization, nobody can enter into the PC. It scans fingerprints with 360-degree protection that ensures 24/7 alert. The saved fingerprints are totally different and unique. There is no fear of forgetting a password or pin. Also, it allows you to change the fingerprint by authorizing the previous record.

NanoSecure Has Breath Sensing Technology

NanoSecure is designed with breath sensing technology with AI biological detection that ensures strong security. It keeps the data secured from hackers and malware attacks. For technology, nobody can duplicate the saved fingerprint from the scanner storage.

NanoSecure Has Breath Sensing Technology

I have stored 10 fingerprints of my family member to use the laptop that is easy and safe for me. People from outside tried several times to bypass the fingerprint, but they failed. If anyone steals the USB scanner, he cannot use it without authorization. So, stay secured all-time with the breath sensing technology.

NanoSecure Is The World’s Fastest Fingerprint Recognition Technology

NanoSecure detects the fingerprint and unlock in 0.15 second, which is super-fast. Just place the finger on the surface and unlock it in a blinking of an eye. When I close the file or turn off the PC, it locks the device.

NanoSecure Is The World’s Fastest Fingerprint Recognition Technology

The fingerprint is required again. All fingerprint information is shown with details for better understanding. Its FIDO alliance ensures a unique security system for high-end security.

Where Can I Buy It?

The NanoSecure is only sold on the company’s official link. I recommend to get it from here and I also bought it from the same place. From the source, you will get up to a 50% discount that makes it affordable and the best USB fingerprint scanner for PC or Laptop. Get the scanner right now and a secured PC with unbreakable fingerprint security.

My Conclusion

At the end of the NanoSecure review, I suggest everyone try the small USB fingerprint scanner. I have covered features that make this scanner worthwhile. Keep all your stored data safe with breath sensing technology and ultimate security. Hackers cannot duplicate and bypass the fingerprint anyhow.

This option makes it more protected and as a result my essential data are safe. It is a great option for pairing with older hardware that doesn’t include the new USB ports. Within 0.15 seconds, it can unlock the device that is quicker than others.

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