Neck Exercises for Seniors – Simple Neck Stretches for Seniors 2022


Neck pain is one of the oldest and cringiest pain that seniors most often get. For some people, the neck pain stays with them till the last breath, but it can be cured with some simple exercises.

There are two ways, exercises without equipment and neck hammocks to reduce neck pain. If you are a victim of neck pain, start practicing neck exercises for seniors today onwards, and you will see the result of these neck exercises soon enough.

Do Neck Exercises Actually Work?

One of the most common problems for seniors is neck problems, and the solution to this problem is neck exercises for seniors. Neck exercises help to assist the blood circulation and reduce the neck and shoulder pains that individuals possess.

Do Neck Exercises Actually Work

What Neck Exercises Are Good For Seniors?

However, neck pain can be brutal for elderly people, and to make the way easy, we’re here to provide some proven neck exercises for seniors, according to experts’ opinions.

1.Neck Rotation

To solve the Neck pain issues, Neck Rotation is one of the many exercises available. The process of Neck Rotation exercise is given below:

Neck Rotation

  • Make sure you sit in a comfortable chair in a comfortable position before starting the exercise. If you are not comfortable in your sitting position, it might increase the pain in different body parts instead of helping.
  • Now, the main exercise to help your neck begins. First of all, rotate your head to the right up to the comfortable point for you and hold that position for at least 5 seconds.
  • Again, follow the same procedures in the opposite part of the body. This means you have to rotate your head on your right up to a point where you feel comfortable and hold that position for more than 5 seconds.
  • Now, you have to tilt your head to help the neck reduce the pain. You have to tilt the head in a way so that the left ear comes almost in contact with the left shoulder. When done, you have to tilt your head the other way around.

That’s it, the exercise is completed, and continuing this exercise will help you reduce the neck pain that is troubling you for some time now. You have to continue breathing throughout this exercise to get the best out of it. You may inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth to enjoy the perfect breathing condition.

2. Reach Up

A great exercise to help the elders with their neck pain is called reach up. The process of performing reach up exercise at home is given below:

  • First of all, the performer’s hands need to be free and kept wide from the body.
  • Now, the arms need to be put straight upwards from the previous position, making an invisible circle on its way.
  • You may feel pain at this stage, but you have to keep breathing the whole time to deal with the pain. The neck pain that is causing you to perform these exercises is greater than the pain you feel now in this exercise.
  • At this stage, open the palms of your hand and try to stitch them together. The palms will press against each other, and you will make them stay in that position.
  • After a few moments, do the exact opposite of what you have done so far in the Reach Up exercise. Put the hands down and standstill.

Repeating this exercise helps older people reduce the neck and shoulder pains they are suffering from.

3. Standing Tall

Virtuous people have practiced yoga for several centuries around the globe, and the practice of yoga is increasing day by day. The great benefits of yoga poses are attracting people to try yoga on their own. One of the types of yoga is this exercise, which is also known as Mountain Pose.

  • You have to assume that your head is connected to a rope that is pulling you upward continuously. Thus you will stand straight.
  • Now try to pull the chin of yours to move inwards. You need to try and relax your arm muscle as well during this exercise.
  • Maintain the position that a Neck Hammock forces people to be while lying on their back. Neck hammock is a smart device that has helped many seniors up until now to solve their neck pain.
  • You have to continue breathing throughout the process and breathe big breaths.

That is the exercise that you need to perform to get rid of the annoying neck pain. Though your standing position is extremely important in this Standing Still exercise, you can exercise in front of a mirror to know that exact position you’re holding. Besides, neck hammocks are very useful for seniors to alleviate neck pain.

Neck Hammock Review | 2021 Updated

Neck hammock reviews can help you to choose the product that suits you. Some neck hammock that is proven to help the seniors regarding their terrible neck pain are given below:

1. Neck Hammock

Neck Exercises for Seniors – Simple Neck Stretches for Seniors 2022 1

The FDA approves this hammock, so it can be picked without a second thought.However, you can carry this device anywhere because of its little space. The flexibility of the device allows the use of it the way consumers prefer.

Neck Hammock Key Benefits of Regular Use:

  • The neck pain is usually resolved within a moment by using the Neck Hammock.
  • A good body posture can be achieved if Neck Hammock is used.
  • If you start using this device, you’ll have good blood circulation.
  • Neck Hammock helps body pain, especially on the shoulder.

2. EKUPUZ Cervical Neck Traction Device

The EKUPUZ device is capable of stretching the neck so that any blood circulation issue is resolved in a matter of seconds.

EKUPUZ devices have ear holes available, so the ear will be free of pressure. EKUPUZ does not need much space to work with either, just attach it to a doorknob and start working.

EKUPUZ Cervical Key Benefits of Regular Use:

  • EKUPUZ helps to have a better sleep.
  • EKUPUZ helps to improve the body posture that an individual possesses.
  • The device can eliminate spinal pain easily.
  • The neck and shoulder pains are resolved if EKUPUZ is used.

3. Neck Relief Hammock

This device is actually a cervical traction device that assists the blood flow and reduces the upper part of the body’s pain. The hammock stand is adjustable based on your preference. However, you can use this device anywhere according to your expertise.

Neck Relief Key Benefits of Regular Use:

  • It reduces the terrible neck pain that you might be suffering from for a long time.
  • Neck relief hammock is a device that assists you in having a good sleep.
  • The blood circulation is improved if this hammock is used.
  • Better body posture is acquired by using this hammock.

Where Can You Get Neck Hammock?

Can Stress Cause Neck Stiffness

The neck hammock can be bought from the official website, or you can check our neck hammocks review to find the best one. Different promotional offers are usually available, so the customer can get their preferable neck hammock at a good price. Apart from this, neck hammocks can be bought from amazon as well.


The neck pain can be cured with simple steps and even free of cost. The neck hammocks can assist the people who can afford them; others can practice the equipment-free exercises as described.

As some simple steps can resolve your neck pain today, so avoiding these exercises will be a great punishable offense. So, start doing the neck exercises for seniors now and lead a comfortable life.

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