NeckMassager Review 2022: Ultimate Solution to Chronic Neck Pain


I hear about NeckMassager all the time and finally, I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? Neck pain is one of the common issues that always make me worried. So, I decided to try NeckMassager. It uses the built-in flow somatic movement therapy program to stimulate nerves for therapeutic purposes. It targets the neck’s painful areas through invisible infrared rays that penetrate deep into the internal tissues, muscles, and bones. 

The device is a completely drug-free solution, so I never worried about its side effects. Its weight is low and you will not feel uneasy if added with the neck all day long. It can be adjusted using the control panel according to comfort that makes it convenient for everyone. Young adults can try the massager to get rid of neck pain without hurting ourselves. In the NeckMassager Review, I will share my feelings and experience with the massager and how it helped me to relieve neck pain. Stay tuned.

What is NeckMassager?


The NeckMassager is equipped with the latest technology to ensure comfort on neck muscles without using medicines. In this way, the headaches and shoulder pain will completely be eliminated. It has heating pads to improve the blood circulation on neck muscles. So, the pains, inflammation, stress, and tension will be eliminated quickly.

Its EFSMT helps to release the endorphins so that the nerve becomes free and we feel better with a fast healing process. It provides vibration during massaging that simulates the skin tissue and keeps the pain away from the neck. I have experienced 6 massaging modes and 16 strength settings that will cover all aged people with greater comfort. It is a perfect ally for fighting with stress and fatigue in the neck muscles.

NeckMassager Main Features

NeckMassager Main Features

Most of us have tension on the neck or headaches that are often unable to tolerate. The NeckMassager has some amazing features that helped me more ways and made it incredible. Let’s see together:

Quick pain relief

It applies massage on each point of the neck muscles and increases blood flow to reduce pain immediately. Also, its pressure acupuncture points release essential hormones like endorphins, so the stressed neck will be eliminated. It improves the nerve system, oxygen supply, and the nutrition of the surrounding tissues.

Modes and strengths 

The device provides three different massage modes and 16 different strength levels to get the right massage for perfect comfort. All functions are easily controlled using the button during massaging.

Design and console

The device’s compact design allows it to suit perfectly on our neck. It helps you to manage tight nerves with comfort. Also, it has a bright LED display to switch between massage modes. You can operate several functions from the console of the NeckMassager.

Portable and lightweight

The NeckMassager should be lightweight because being overweight can cause extra pain instead of reducing pain. It can be carried on hand or on the neck as a headphone. Also, it is convenient because it has no moving parts and runs through 2 pcs AAA sized batteries up to 7 hrs.

Safe and affordable

The NeckMassager uses the Electro Frequency Stimulation Massage Therapy system that is totally side effects and drugs free. It only applies massage on the neck and ensures instant pain relief that I have experienced. In comparison with other neck massagers in the market, it is worth the cost.

Why Should This Product Help Me?

Why should this product help me

The NeckMassager is essential for those people who spend their time in front of the desk. Most of them have neck pain and the massager will be the best choice in relieving pain without medicines. 

  • Its different massaging modes and strengths can instantly reduce neck pain by promoting blood flow on the neck muscles. After a long time of work, it will provide relaxation on discomfort and pain in the neck.
  • Its operation is very simple: wear, adjust, and start. Also, it runs through AAA sized 2 batteries that can go up to 7 hours on time.
  • The massager’s weight and design are so compact that I never feel uneasy after long time use. It seems like wearing headphones on the neck.
  • It works fine on a stiff neck, headache, body aches, tiredness, and shoulder pain that I have already experienced.

How Does NeckMassager Work?


The NeckMassager works as a therapeutic massager on the neck. Its use and operation are very simple. Let’s see how it works:

  1. When I start the massager, it delivers infrared rays that enter into the neck tissues. Then, I feel the heat on my neck, and stress, pain and fatigue gradually go out. The IR heat improves the blood flow on the neck muscles and increases oxygenated blood that quickly reduces pain.
  2. It used high-frequency therapeutic ultrasound that works fine with injured and inflamed problems. I assure you that injured neck pain will be gone with the natural healing process after regular use.
  3. Its EFSMT helps to reduce pain in muscle spasms, nerve pain, and other pains by releasing endorphins on the neck. So, anyone can feel relief from severe pain.
  4. Its working process is advanced, but users feel comfortable when they are applying it on the neck. Just plug, adjust, and play.

How to Setup NeckMassager?


Maximum Neck Massagers seem difficult to use, but the NeckMassager seems easier to me for the first time. 

  • First, I insert 2 AAA size batteries into it. 
  • Then, set the mode and strength according to my needs and comfort.
  • On the backside, I choose anyone from the 3 different settings.
  • During massaging, I can change the vibration speed, modes, and strength.

The best way to use the massager is to start first and then adjust the setting according to comfort.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Neck Massager?


The NeckMassager is an electronic device, so it has advantages and disadvantages. I have shared the advantagees and disadvantages of a Neck Massager. Let’s have a look below:

  • NeckMassager is practical, comfortable and designed to provide solutions to problems such as pain, muscle stiffness or lack of elasticity. 
  • It is compatible with doing another type of activity at the same time. For example, I used it while working with my PC, reading or listening to music.
  • I can use it when I need it, and as long as you want without problems. Its ease of use increases its effectiveness.
  • Its different massaging modes and strengths can reduce all types of neck pain quickly by promoting blood circulation.
  • Its weight is very light, so I never feel pain or uneasy during long time usage. 
  • The massager does not require drugs or medicines, so you do not feel worried about the side effects.

  • It runs through AAA size batteries that do not provide long-lasting performance and we have to change them frequently.
  • For severe neck pain, the massager will not be effective to reduce pain. In some cases, the problem increased for severe patients.
  • Its efficiency is not the same as that of a professional masseur.

Where Can I Buy Neckmassager?


You can only buy the NeckMassager from the manufacturer’s website and you will get free shipping with a discount of 50 percent or more. If you can buy two or more NeckMassager, you will get more discount or a massager for free.

Frequently Asked Question

I have presented some frequently asked question’s answers.

How long should you use a neck massager?

You can use a neck massager 30 minutes to 1 hrs according to your comfort and relaxation. I recommend never to use it daily and use a maximum of 3/4 times a week.

Is neck relax legit?

It is legit because it provides a painless and comfortable massage on the neck that relieves any type of neck pain. Also, it has no side effects like medicines.

Are neck massagers good for you?

To get rid of neck pain, neck massagers are good for everyone. It ensures great feel and comfort on a stiff and painful neck by promoting blood circulation.

Can a neck massage cause a stroke?

A neck massage can cause a stroke to the trauma and blood vessel block patients because they are located in front of the chest and heart. 

How do you relax your neck?

Always make sure to sit in a proper sitting position on the chair and sleeping position on the bed to relax your neck. If you have a stiff neck, you can use NeckMassager to relax your neck.

Final Thought 

The neck massage is among the first remedies recommended for people suffering from neck pain or commonly hurting his neck. I have been working in a bank and have to spend more than 7 hours sitting in front of the cash chamber. I have tried lots of medicines, but the NeckMassager provides me instant comfort during pain.

Its several massaging modes and methods help me to get rid of stiff muscle on my neck. Also, its weight is so light that I never feel discomfort when wearing the massager on my neck. At the end of the NeckMassager review, I will say that it seems to be a great remedy for everyone in the world today.

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