OBDLink MX+ vs BlueDriver: Which is Better for You 2021?

, December 3, 2020

Vehicle scanners are the hot cake in the automotive industry. They are connected to the vehicle’s OBD2 port to detect and diagnose the possible fault that may be causing a malfunction. In the automotive market, there are lots of OBD2 vehicle scanners. Among them, BlueDriver and OBDLink MX+ are performing well and working for a long time. In this article, I will present the battle of OBDLink MX+ vs BlueDriver. After reading this, you can pick out the right one for your car.

Table of Content:

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Comparison Chart:

Below the comparison chart of OBDLink MX+ vs BlueDriver for your easy understanding.

Details of Product BlueDriver OBDLink MX+
Supported vehicle Latest model cars

Old model cars since 1996

All model cars, light trucks
Battery No No
Security No 128-bit encryption
Mobile Apps Third party apps Third party apps
Verification Expert technicians RoHS, Reach and ISO certified
Operating System Android, iOS Android, iOS, Windows
Suitable for Professionals Professionals
Number of supported vehicles 1 1
GM access No Yes
Connectivity Bluetooth Bluetooth
ABS, airbag Codes Yes Yes
Live Data Yes Yes
Car Monitoring( TPMS) No Yes
Warranty 1 year 3 year
Money back Guarantee 180 days 90 days
Where To Buy Amazon Amazon

OBDLink MX+ vs BlueDriver: Main Differences

OBDLink MX+ and BlueDriver are working to diagnose car problems but have some differences. Let’s see them in detail.

OBDLink MX+ vs BlueDriver

1. OBDLink MX+

OBDLink MX+ is the highly secured OBD2 car diagnostic tool in the market. It can read all types of car’s error codes, detects the problem and more with 100% accuracy.


What is It?

OBDLink MX+ is a Bluetooth 3.0 technology-based car OBD2 adapter that diagnoses any vehicle within 3 minutes. Its real-time monitoring makes it convenient for all users. It is encrypted with 128-bit data protection so nobody can hack the report. You will get live data after starting the ignition. It can read problem codes, freeze frame data, onboard monitoring and more with accurate data. It can be installed in all cars and mini trucks, and has an OBD2 port without any hesitation.  It is the safest car diagnostic tool in the automotive industry.

OBDLink MX+ Features:

OBDLink MX+ provides lots of features with a quick diagnosis. Let’s see its amazing features below:

  1. Quick detection: When you start your car and the device is plugged in, it sends a complete report within 3 minutes. The hidden problems will come out through the scanner. All data are shown in graphs for your better understanding.
  2. Reading performance: It can read engine light check issues, transmission codes and measure all parameters of all models vehicles. Also, you can use the device on those vehicles that have EOBD, JOBD and OBD support.
  3. Protection: It uses 128-bit data encryption security that protects the diagnosed report from hackers. Without your authorization, it is impossible to steal data from the used app. Also, it hides your location so hackers cannot find you.
  4. Compatibility: You can connect the OBDLink MX+ with a smartphone using several 3rd-party apps. I recommend DashCommand, Torque pro and lite versions to track your vehicle data. You can check vehicle settings, fuel economy and overall performance with details.
  5. Reliable car scanner: In some selected models, you can unlock doors and start the car remotely. It keeps protected from overvoltage and dump issues using a 12-volt system. Also, it has a smart sleeping mode, lifetime updates with a data saving option that ensures its reliability.

Number of Vehicle Coverage:

OBDLink MX+ is for a single vehicle. If you want, you can use it on several cars without any limitations. You have to organize and save data separately for clear understanding. Wherever you connect the device, it shows transmitted data on your phone instantly.

What We Liked?
  • It shows a detailed definition of problem codes using its intelligent sensor.
  • All data are shown in the graph chart for quick and clear understanding.
  • It can be operated from a smartphone and laptop that has a BT connection.
  • The sleep mode prevents over usage of power and saves the car
  • Its real-time diagnosis and data parameters support all car models.
  • The 128-bit data encryption keeps the recorded data safe and secured.
  • Support many 3rd-party apps with strong hack-proof security.
  • 3 years regular warranty with 90 day satisfaction guarantee.

What We Didn’t Like?
  • It takes 3 minutes to diagnose vehicle data.


OBDLink MX+ car scanner uses Bluetooth 3.0 system with 128-bit encryption that ensures high-level security. Nobody can steal data from your smartphone, even using 3rd party apps. Also, you can set a pin to access the app to see data.

Battery Saver:

The car scanner has a default sleep mode that effectively saves the car battery from draining. While running, its used electricity is less than other OBD2 scanners. It stopped working when the car ignition is off.

Where to Buy?

The OBDLink MX+ is sold on Amazon by the OBDLink Official Store. The device has limited stock, so check the availability before purchasing. Be aware of a fake car scanner and get it only from an authorized seller with a warranty and guarantee.

2. BlueDriver

BlueDriver OBD2 is the professional OBD2 diagnostic scan tool, trusted by mechanics and suitable for beginners to professionals.


What is It?

The BlueDriver is an automotive scanner that connects to your iPhone, iPad or Android through a Bluetooth interface. Its cable-free connection makes this automotive scanner a convenient and versatile tool. You just have to connect the BlueDriver to the OBD2 port of your vehicle and send a diagnosed report of your car. It gives you the ability to access fault codes typically only provided by much more expensive professional scanners. You access all the real-time data that your vehicle’s ECU is capable of providing. You can save reports of this data and then export it for later analysis.

Main Features:

  1. Reading and erasing fault codes: When connected to the car’s OBD2 port, it can read the fault codes and suggest the best way for a solution. You can change sizes and rearrange the data on the screen for better visualization and comparison.
  2. Improved diagnostics: It can read error codes and erasing such as Airbag, ABS, Engine transmission, etc., of popular car brands.
  3. Repair reports: In the report, it defines codes, possible causes and errors by vehicle brand. It displays the diagnosed report graph format through phone display.
  4. Data Freeze Frame: The classic picture of the vehicle’s condition when a fault code is reported.
  5. Emissions check: Check emissions checking availability of the vehicle. Easily access the database with solutions to problems.

Number of Vehicle Coverage:

BlueDriver is supported only by a vehicle. It presents an overall scanned report on the smartphone. It is compatible with all GM, BMW, Honda, Ford, etc., models sold in the US, Asia and EU that have activated OBD2 port.

What We Liked?
  • The connection is very easily established through the Bluetooth between the mobile and BlueDriver.
  • The App opens automatically on phones with auto-pairing through Bluetooth.
  • Access to more than 6 million fault codes with their solutions.
  • Shows active error codes sends alerts to the phone.
  • No batteries are needed to operate it.
  • Small, easy to transport everywhere.
  • 180 days satisfaction guarantee with 1-year regular warranty.
What We Didn’t Like?
  • You cannot command actuators on the vehicle.
  • It does not work on diesel vehicles.
  • Cannot diagnose EVAP codes.
  • No TPMS, so you cannot monitor the car in real-time.


When the BlueDrive is connected to the car’s OBD2 port, it provides data on the smartphone app. Here is a little bit of risk of hacking the data of your car. You can secure the data using security apps. Activate authorization to enter into the data folder.

Battery Saver

The BlueDriver uses BlueTooth technology to send diagnosed data within a few minutes. The task needs less power so the car’s battery will not drain. When you stop the ignition of your car, it stops working. Because it has no default battery system.

Where to Buy?

I recommend you to get the BlueDriver from Amazon and the link is here. Amazon is the trusted source for getting the device with warranty and satisfaction guarantee options.

Obdlink Mx+ Vs Bluedriver: Which Is Better For You?

Obdlink Mx+ Vs Bluedriver: Which Is Better For You?

Without a doubt, we must choose the scanner that adapts to the requirements. In the OBDLink MX+ vs BlueDriver battle, I recommend the OBDLink MX+ for its hack-proof security. It has TPMS features that are absent in BlueDriver, so you can monitor your car in real-time. Also, it is certified by RoHS, REACH and ISO that ensure its reliability. You will get a 90 days replacement guarantee with a 3-year service warranty.

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