Pairing Apple Watch With Android Devices: Will It Work?


Apple Watch with Android

With a wearable device as popular as this, it is not surprising at all that some Android phone users might want to try it out. Pairing an Apple Watch with Android devices can offer you the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, it’s never simple when it comes to Apple and Android.

The Apple Watch is probably one of the most popular wearables today. This fully-loaded smartwatch has proven its worth in the realm of health and fitness tracking. Its design, features, and general experience with this smartwatch made it one of the most popular devices around. Not only that, but Apple is also making its smartwatches more affordable for the public.

Can I Pair An Apple Watch With Android Devices?

Apple Watch with Android

The plain and simple answer is no. You can’t pair your Apple watch with any Android device. Android and iOS are two very different OS. It only means that these devices don’t just play nicely together.

While you may attempt to pair the Apple Watch with Android devices via Bluetooth, they would simply refuse to connect. The Apple Watch is explicitly made to work only with the iOS ecosystem.

If you want to set up your Apple Watch and maximize its use, you’ll need an iPhone. You’ll need to use the built-in Watch app on your iPhone or iPad to activate the watch and set up things such as Apple Pay and iCloud.

So, to answer again — no, you can’t pair an Apple Watch with an Android device.


Technically speaking, there’s a way to at least use both your Apple Watch and Android phone or tablet. Take note, that it comes with numerous, resulting in a subpar experience that’s just not worth it for most people. Especially with the fact that you’ll need an iPhone to accomplish this.

However, if you’re going to insist on taking this route, continue reading below.

Using LTE Apple Watch For Android Devices

The longer answer to the previous question is that yes, there’s a workaround to using the Apple Watch with Android devices.

But it requires you to be brave enough in fiddling with some hardware. Depending on the model of your Apple Watch, it may have another way to communicate other than Bluetooth — LTE connectivity.

Apple offers higher-priced versions of smartwatches that can stay connected, get messages and receive phone calls, even when a standard Bluetooth connection with your iPhone is lost. With these LTE smartwatches, you can use your carrier’s network, ensuring that you don’t get disconnected if you visit the grocery store or go for a run and leave your iPhone behind.

These same features allow you to take advantage of a loophole to use it with your Android phone and achieve partial functionality. More accurately, this workaround allows you to use your Apple Watch while you’re using an Android phone.

What You’ll Need:

  • Unlocked LTE Apple Watch
  • Unlocked iPhone that supports LTE Apple Watch
  • Unlocked Android Phone
  • SIM Card Tray Pin

Steps To Pair LTE Apple Watch With Android Devices

1. Set Up Your Apple Watch

First off, you want to set up your Apple Watch on an iPhone. You can do this by connecting it to your network’s carrier.

From your iPhone, launch the Apple Watch app. Tap, on Start Pairing. You can choose to pair it manually or simply hold your apple watch to your iPhone’s camera.

Then, enter the 6-digit code that will appear on your watch. Tap the “Set Up as a New Apple Watch” and choose a Wrist preference, either right or left. Agree on the Terms and Conditions, then enter your Apple ID. After a few windows, you can create a 4-digit passcode for your Apple Watch. You can set other features such as Emergency SOS and Apple Pay when prompted.

Then, choose to Install to start the download of the updated Apple watch software version of your app or you can also do this later. After that, the syncing of your iPhone and Apple watch will start. You’ll receive a notification once the Apple watch was completely set up and synced. Lastly, you can connect your Apple watch to the LTE network of your carrier.

2. Connecting To Your Android Smartphone

Okay, so now that you’ve finally activated and set up your Apple Watch, it’s time to connect it to your Android devices.

Start by turning off your Apple Watch, iPhone, and Android device. Then, remove the sim card from your iPhone and insert it into your android device. Turn on the Android device and connect to the network. Then, turn on your Apple Watch. Both your Android phone and Apple Watch should now be connected to the carrier.

What Functionalities Should I Expect?

To sum up everything above, your Android device and Apple watch are not communicating with each other. However, when the Apple watch is set up with LTE, some of its features can be used without being connected to an iPhone.

You can send and receive messages and phone calls via a cellular network, but it will become cumbersome. Also, it won’t allow for updating of devices and software. If you need to install a new app on your Apple Watch, you’ll need an iPhone to complete this function.


Will an Apple Watch work on its own without any phone?

Yes. There are actually several things you can do with an Apple Watch without it being paired to an iPhone. For instance, you can pair your Apple Smartwatch with Bluetooth headphones instead to stream music.

LTE versions also allow you to call or text on the smartwatch without needing an iPhone connection.

Is there an Apple Watch equivalent for Android users?

There may be no devices that provide the complete and unique Apple Watch experience on Android, however, there are plenty of great alternatives. For one, Samsung’s line of smartwatches is a direct competitor of Apple. In particular, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is their latest device that offers a fuller experience and strikes a balance between a fitness watch and a smartwatch for Android devices.


Pairing an Apple watch with android devices is impossible, especially if you’re looking to take advantage of its various features. However, it can allow you to at least access network-related functions, but it can be cumbersome and comes with limited functionalities.


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