Photo Stick & PhotoStick Mobile Reviews: MUST Read Before Buying it

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We take photos, shoot videos while traveling to a wonderful place, visit on occasion, and store memories with the special person. For small storage devices, storing a huge amount of files is challenging. Also, there is always the fear of hard disk or storage device damages. So, backup is a must-needed for everyone. For backup, the USB flash drives are very effective.

Photo Stick & PhotoStick Mobile is the best and reliable solution for backup files. The first one is designed for PC and another is for phones. Both devices allow me to backup files within a few minutes. I have stored more than 50 thousands of photos and several video files in the devices separately. In the article, I will share my thoughts and experience with amazing USB devices. Stay tuned.

The PhotoStick Reviews

To solve storage and backup-related problems, today I will address the Photo Stick. The one I consider the best, easiest and safest way to save and store your digital albums on your computer. Just a single click, eliminating the risk of losing them forever.  Let’s keep eyes on ThePhotoStick Reviews:

The PhotoStick Reviews

What is ThePhotoStick?

The PhotoStick works via a USB port with the computer. It is an innovative system that allows you to upload and organize all your files (photos, videos, music, and documents) instantly and automatically. Without installing additional drivers and software, it can be used easily on all types of computers. It helps me to protect my identity and private files without monthly costs and complicated processes.

What is ThePhotoStick

How to Use PhotoStick?

ThePhotoStick is a revolution because it was created for everyone who is not a computer expert or just doesn’t have the time. To use it and achieve your goal of safely saving your precious memories, just follow these simple steps. Let’s see them together:

How to Use PhotoStick

  1. Connect it to the computer’s USB port.
  2. After a few seconds, an initial window will appear directly on your screen or at the bottom of the taskbar. Click Start.
  3. You are at the Now screen, click GO.
  4. Wait until the software has finished collecting and organizing all of your media files.
  5. Once the photo backup is finished, you can close the program.
  6. All your photos and videos are now stored and organized without duplicates inside this thumb drive.

How Many Photos Can You Save?

The Photostick comes in 3 different variants. They are 8GB, 64GB and 128GB. The 32GB variant is absent. The 8GB version of the PhotoStick can store 3500 photos with video files. With the 64GB variant, you can back up more than 30k photos and the 128GB variant can backup about 60k photos with videos.

How Many Photos Can You Save

Where Can You Use it?

The Photostick is considered for only PC use. After capturing the photos and videos, I transfer all files to my PC. Then, make a backup of the photos on the device. It works with all Windows and Mac operating systems. This gadget is synonymous with convenience and simplicity that can be used at any age without requiring technical knowledge.

Where to Buy Photostick?

The PhotoStick is designed to meet different needs and storage capacities. Its price is really affordable, cheap and includes several features.

Where to Buy Photostick

You can only get it from the company’s official website. From here, they offer discount offers on different versions. Pick the greatest one that fulfills your demand. Also, they provide a refund guarantee within 30 days if the device is faulty or not working.

Photostick Mobile Reviews

The Photostick mobile is a USB flash drive for smartphones that allows you to backup files automatically. It helps to free up memory space quickly. Learn more about the device in The Photostick mobile reviews.

Photostick Mobile Reviews

What is Photostick Mobile?

Photo Stick Mobile is the best solution to save your memories automatically. This small USB stick for mobile is available for Apple and Android devices. It works with ThePhotoStick Mobile app that allows me to backup files and control other functions. I only backup the important files manually. After all, the Photostick mobile is the best product that works as an alternative to the cloud currently on the market.

How To Use Photo Stick Mobile?

The PhotoStick Mobile has a micro-USB and USB-C ports that allows you to link it to any phone. Let’s see together how to upload all your photos and videos:

How To Use Photo Stick Mobile

  1. Download the free PhotoStick Mobile app on your phone.
  2. Insert your cell phone’s USB key into the appropriate port on the phone you usually use to recharge it.
  3. Open the application. You will have several functions on the main screen, including viewing the files you have on the stick, backing up (sending all your files to it) and disconnecting Photo Stick Mobile.
  4. Everything okay so far? Right. Now click on Backup.
  5. Wait a few seconds to finish collecting and organizing your memories.
  6. You can now safely disconnect it.

The photo and video collection process are complete. Your phone’s space is back to normal and your memories have been safely saved at no additional cost.

Note that the PhotoStick mobile is available in several sizes. Select the one based on how many files you want to save.

How Many Photos Can You Save (Storage Capacity)?

The PhotoStick mobile comes with two different versions for apple and android phones. Both versions have a 32GB storage capacity that allows me to store more than 20k photos with some video files. No limitations in storing HD and super HD quality files on it.

Where Can You Use It?

The PhotoStick mobile is designed for both apple and android smartphones. The iOS version has a lightning port and the android version has a Micro-USB USB-C port. Both versions work fast and compatible with all versions of the operating system. I have already used it on the latest smartphones and get better performance.

Where to Buy Photostick Mobile?

The USB PhotoStick mobile flash drive is designed to meet your needs. It has only a 32GB version that is best for regular use.

Where to Buy Photostick Mobile

I have purchased it from the manufacturer’s website and I recommend you to get it from here.  Try it for up to 30 days and you can return if you see any problems or are unsatisfied with it.

Final Verdict

Photo Stick & PhotoStick Mobile is the best solution to back up and storage problems. On my computer and smartphone, I have tried both devices. If you are searching for a fast, practical and simple way to backup important files, both devices are the best option. After getting the devices, I have all my files structured in a folder. It does not need a data connection or Wi-Fi to use. Keep your files safe from viruses, hackers and syndicates with its strong security.

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