Photo Stick Vs Picture Keeper: Get to Know Which Is Right for You 2021

, March 16, 2021

In any outing, we captured countless photos and shot videos of unforgettable moments. We store all data on our PC or laptop and there is always a risk of losing all memories if the hard disk crashed or the laptop was stolen by hackers. Sometimes we face low storage problems and cannot make a backup.

The photo stick and picture keeper is the decisive key to this problem. I have tried both devices to back up my photos and here I will present the photo stick vs picture keeper comparison with details so you can choose the best photo backup device for keeping the memories alive.

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Details of Product  Photo Stick Picture Keeper
Size 5.98 x 3.11 x 0.39 inches 6.00 x 4.00 x 0.50 inches
Item Weight 18g 36g
Ease Of Use Yes Yes
Languages Compatibility English English
Antivirus Compatibility Yes Yes
Hardware Interface USB USB
Warranty 60 days 1 year
Money-back Guarantee 60 days 30 days
Where To Buy

Photo Stick Vs Picture Keeper: Main Differences

Photo Stick Vs Picture Keeper

The photo backup devices offer a variety of features. The Photo Stick makes backup using the computer operating system and Picture Keeper uses its default app and registered account to backup photos. Also, they have so many differences and I have discussed them below one by one. Let’s dive into it.

1. Features

The Photo Stick and Photo keeper have lots of amazing features. Let’s dig them out:

Photo Stick:

I have presented the features of the PhotoStick that make it smart and time-saving for everyone. Let’s see them below:

Photo Stick

One click load: The PhotoStick can load all media files with a single click. It allows you to organize your photos, so you do not need to re-arrange them. If the photos are deleted unfortunately, you can easily recover them.

Auto scan: After plugging the PhotoStick on the computer, it automatically scans all media files and makes a backup. So, the time will be saved and the USB stick works faster than other USB storage devices.

Remove duplicates: During scanning, it eliminates duplicate photos automatically. Also, it gives a choice to keep duplicates in a new window if you need it. Its intelligent software system can detect the best quality photo and erase the rest of the files.

Compatibility: The PhotoStick can be used on Windows, Mac based OS. It does not require any subscription charge because it is like a USB pen drive but works very smartly.

Supported files: It allows you to backup and restores both photos and videos. It supports all formats and you can adjust the format from the setting menu. It supports gif, jpeg, png, bmp, jpg, jif, jpe, heic, ico and raw format photos. Also, you can backup avi, qt, wmv, m4v format videos.

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Picture Keeper:

Picture Keeper has a variety of features that make it handy to everyone. Have a look below:

Picture Keeper

Quick backup: It allows you to backup data without any effort. Just plug and play. It looks like a USB flash drive so that you can use it anywhere. Also, it can be carried easily while traveling and keep all files safe when phone storage is low.

Compatibility: The Picture Keeper device is compatible with both smartphone and PC. It can backup media files from several accounts without any faults. There is no restriction of using the different accounts of the same device. So, the entire family can use it without any uncertainty.

Security: It keeps all files secured with strong security. Without your authorization, nobody can access it. You can create an extra folder to keep the important file and secure with strong authorization security.

Storage: It can detect duplicate files and ask you to keep it or not. Also, it can remember the previous backup and when any file is matched, it will ask your permission. So, the storage cannot fulfill duplicate files and we can keep more files.

It works offline

To use the Picture Keeper, you have to create an account to keep all files secured. You can backup photos and media files anytime without the internet. It allows you to share files without any subscription charge because it can be used offline.

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2. Benefits

Photo Stick:

PhotoStick provides usability, convenience and simplicity. Let’s see what benefits you will get:

  1. It does not require any particular login, password or account. Just link it up to your device through the USB port.
  2. This gadget is synonymous with convenience and simplicity that can be used at any age without technical knowledge.
  3. Organize and store your files instantly and automatically with the photo stick without creating duplicates.
  4. You don’t have to pay any subscription or monthly subscription and save money in the long run.
  5. It keeps your media files safe from possible viruses, hackers, and companies that want to steal your data such as Google.
  6. The Photo Stick carries out its operations and automatically eliminates the duplicate files.

Picture Keeper:

The photo keeper provides a wide range of benefits to its user. Let’s discover what you will get:

  1. You can back up your files from anywhere because it is compact and easy to use while traveling.
  2. All files are stored in a secured place, so nobody enters without your authorization.
  3. It can copy files from multiple accounts without making any problems.
  4. All duplicate files are shown and you can keep the best quality file.
  5. It scans the new file and previously recorded files to avoid duplicates and shows on the screen with details.
  6. It can be used on android, windows and Mac operating systems.

3. Storage Capacity

Both devices come in different variants so you can select the desired one to backup photos. Let’s see their storage variants.

Photo Stick:

The Photo Stick has been designed to meet different needs depending on how many files you want to store. It comes in 3 different storage capacities. The 8GB, 64GB and massive 128GB variation. The 8GB variant can store about 3000 to 3500 photos with video files, 64 variant allows 30k to 32k photos and media files, and the 128GB giant version can store up to 60k photos with some video files. Learn more about the storage capacity of photo sticks from the Photostick mobile review.

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Picture Keeper:

Picture Keeper has 4 different variants, so entry and advanced level users can choose their favorite version easily. It comes in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB variants that are enough for keeping all types of media files with high security. Beginners to professionals, grandparents to entrepreneurs, younger to elder, can use the backup solution easily.

4. Software

Photo Stick:

PhotoStick doesn’t require software to run on the PC and make the backup. It works through the PC operating system and automatically installs its driver on the computer. But the PhotoStick’s functions are smarter than a USB flash drive.

Picture Keeper:

Picture Keeper runs through the Picture Keeper Connect app and you have to install and create an account to use it. The app allows you to customize the photo organization, quick access, auto scan and many time-saving features. Also, the app can erase the duplicates and track files with initial backup.

5. Use On Multiple Computers

Photo Stick:

It can be used on several computers without any problem. It takes care of all backup files when you use it on several computers. Its organizing feature is impressive and arranges the media files one by one so you can find them easily.

Picture Keeper:

Picture Keeper can be used on multiple devices using a single account and it will not make problems in organizing files. You can create a folder into it and make a new backup by renaming it. It can fill up the photos of several computers and accounts into a single account quickly and in an organized way. You can find any files by searching its name.

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Photo Stick Vs Picture Keeper: Which is better?

At the end of the Photo Stick Vs Picture Keeper comparison, the Photo Stick is better, faster and easy to use than the Picture Keeper. If you want to get the PhotoStick, you can order the backup solution from here. If you are not familiar with computers, Photo Stick is for you because it does everything you should do automatically, efficiently and quickly, saving you any effort and reducing fears caused by errors or distractions.

Photo Stick Vs Picture Keeper: Which is better

The Picture Keeper needs to install an app/software, register an account and make a backup. With Photo Stick, you will be able to upload all the photos and videos you have stored on any computer or external system, eliminating the risk of losing them forever. The photo keeper also has an advanced backup system. If you forget your account login details, they will be lost.

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