Photostick Omni Vs. Photostick Mobile – What’s the Difference 2022?


More than 1 million people lose their cherished memories every year due to  computer crashes, lost passwords, accidents, and even hackers. The number is enormous, and in that case, most people commonly don’t get back their sweet memories.

However, two innovative devices, Photostick Omni and Photostick Mobile can automatically solve your issues by finding, sorting, and saving your loving photos and videos.

This article Photostick Omni Vs. Photostick Mobile will show a better option considering their space and convenience, even for non-techy people. Let’s get started

Photostick Omni Vs. Photostick Mobile Comparison Chart

Photostick Omni
PhotoStick Mobile
Photostick Omni
PhotoStick Mobile
Compatible devices
Compatible devices
Android, Apple, Mac iOS, iPad, iPhone, PC, Google, Tablet
Mac OS X Version 10.7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows XP, and Windows Vista
Memory space
Memory space
128 GB
Number of photos
Number of photos
Not specified
Software recommendation
Software recommendation
Using process
Using process
Plugin and Go
Plugin and Go
Relatively inexpensive

PhotoStick Omni Vs. PhotoStick Mobile: Check Their Differences?

Knowing some data or basic features is not enough to justify one product’s quality to make a buying decision.  You’ll need in-depth knowledge for this. Here are the core points of both memory storage devices.

Photostick Omni Vs. Photostick Mobile - in depth guide

What Is PhotoStick Omni?

Photo stick Omni is a powerful yet simple device that resembles a USB stick to store your lovely photos and videos. It detects your files by scanning and stores them to save forever. It’ll need one click and a minute to do the task.

Photostick Omni review - in depth guide

Key Features

When it’s a matter of buying a memory backup device, you must know the fundamental features of the gadget.

  • Compatible With All Devices: You may use different types of smartphones to capture your special moments, but that is not an issue to use this gadget. It is compatible with Android, Apple, Mac iOS, iPad, iPhone, PC, Google, Tablet, etc.
  • Super Easy To Use: It is actually designed by keeping in mind both non-techy and computer-savvy people. It is effortless to set up with simple  software.
    You have to insert its USB port into your device and click the “Go” button to connect it. After that, it’ll automatically save your photos and videos.
  • Number of Backup Files: It comes with 256GB of storage space to save your 120,000 photos and videos. It is the market-leading storage space among all the photo-saving gadgets.
  • 10x Faster Speed: When you want to organize these massive memory resources manually, that will be a time-consuming and tedious job for you. But, this iconic image and video saving device will do it 10x faster. Which saves your memories, valuable time, and releases you from this frustrating task.
  • 100% secured: Anybody can hack your PC or Mobile anytime. It is a great threat to misuse of your personal photos and videos, and this rate is alarmingly increasing day by day. However, the Photostick Omni saves them securely to ensure no hacking.

How Does PhotoStick Omni Work?

The working procedure of Photostick Omni is hassle-free and straightforward. It will work differently for PC and Mobile.

  • How It’ll Work For PC

When you insert its USB port into your device and press the “Go” button, it will start to scan all your photos and videos.

After scanning, it’ll save them in its storage space.

When you connect it with another device to see the saved photos and videos, it’ll show them on that particular device.

  • How It’ll Work For Mobile

To work for Mobile, you have to first download a free app from the Google play store named the “Photostick Omni” like the below image.

How PhotoStick Omni work

Next, plug the USB adapter into the Android mobile to connect the Photostick Omni and the app.

After getting a connection, it will detect your phone’s photo and video files and transfer them to the storage device safely.

What Is PhotoStick Mobile?

The Photostick Mobile is a flash drive photo and video storage option. It is specifically designed and made for portability. The programming application of the device fastly transfers all the files from your phone to Photostick Mobile through the USB adapter.

PhotoStick Mobile review - in depth guide

Key Features

After knowing its basic concept, it’ll be great to know the in-depth features to meet your expectations.

  • Versatile Compatibility: When there is no limit to your gadgets, it isn’t easy to find a storage unit compatible with everything. Yes, you can connect it from Mac iOS (Mac OS X Version 10.7) to all Windows operating systems (Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows XP, and Windows Vista).
  • Incredibly Easy To Use: No matter how valuable the equipment will be, if you can’t use it easily to serve your purpose, that won’t be useful for most users. As the Photostick Mobile comes with a straightforward using feature,  you can relax when using it.
    Only you need to plug in the USB adapter of this device with your gadget and click anywhere. All the files are stored in the Photostick Mobile within a minute.
  • Number Of Backup Files: It comes with 128GB of memory space, and there is no specific limit for storage files. Because the number of files depends on the average size of your photos and videos, the shorter the videos will be, the more it can accommodate and vice versa.
  • Free From Software Recommendation: In this era, everything needs specific software recommendations to get its benefits. In that case, the Photostick Mobile is exceptional, and there is no need for any software to use it.
  • 100% secure: As it doesn’t need any software, that’s why it keeps you free from the concern of attracting viruses. So no virus can damage your expensive smartphone or PC, as well as your memories.

How To Use PhotoStick Mobile?

The Photostick Mobile will work effectively and efficiently with some simple steps. Such as

When you connect the USB adapter, it will automatically connect to your phone and start dictating its existing photos and videos.

After dictation, it will access all those resources and save them in its storage space.

Finally, when you connect this portable storage device to the other devices, you can show the saved photos and videos to that device. That’s how it works.


According to our commitment, we provided all the detailed analysis and head-to-head comparison between Photostick Omni Vs. Photostick Mobile. The Photostick Omni is the winner by considering all the features and benefits.

However, if you don’t have budget issues and want to get the larger space, we suggest you choose Photostick Omni. Otherwise, you can take Photostick Mobile.

Now the decision is yours!

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