PhotoStick Omni Vs. PhotoStick – Head to Head Comparison 2022


Nowadays, capturing sweet moments to store them in the digital album as memories is a common aspect of most people. Losing these precious memories is also easy by malfunctioning, virus attraction, or accident.

A reliable photo backup device is a must to avoid this risk. In this guide, we’ll compare every feature of Photostick Omni Vs. Photostick to show you what to choose for what reasons.

Comparison Chart

PhotoStick Omni
PhotoStick Omni
First release date
First release date
February 6, 2017
17 September 2021
Compatible devices
Compatible devices
iPad, iPhone, Mac iOS, Android, Apple, PC, Google, and Tablet
Mac OS X Version 10.7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Mobile
Memory space
Memory space
8,64,128 GB
Number of photos
Number of photos
3500, 30000, 60000
Software recommendation
Software recommendation
Using process
Using process
Plugin and Go
Plugin and Go
Relatively inexpensive

PhotoStick Omni Vs. PhotoStick: Which One Is Better?

Above, we just only share some basic features of both of these popular photo backup devices for ice breaking. However, this information isn’t enough to make a fair decision. So let’s see a side-by-side comparison between them to determine which is better than the other.PhotoStick Omni Vs. PhotoStick - head to head comparison

What Is Photostick Omni?

The Photostick Omni is the newest version of the ongoing backup solution. It was launched by adding some unique features and enhancing the storage space. It automatically scans, organizes, and saves your 120000 photo files within a minute. Besides saving photos, it also saves your time, money, and energy. Basically, it is not only just a photo saving and sharing device; it is a device of peace of mind.

what is PhotoStick Omni device

What Is Photostick?

The Photostick is the magical but older solution to back up all your media files through a USB adapter. It is a self-storage unit that works automatically to remove the duplicate files from your phone’s existing memory, and the rest of them are organized and saved into its own storage space. So it will save your phone memory space besides saving photos. That’s amazing!

what is PhotoStick

It works automatically, so you don’t need to do anything, from removing duplicates to saving photos. That means it saves your valuable time and energy that you can use for other work.

What Are The Main Features?

Now, it’s time to focus on both the gadget’s main features. In the first phase, we talk about the Photostick Omni’s main features, and next phase, we’ll talk about Photostick.

Key Features of PhotoStick Omni

Synchronizable With All Devices

The most valuable feature of this powerful device is its synchronization capability. You can sync it with iPad, iPhone, Mac iOS, Android, Apple, PC, Google, Tablet, etc. As a result, you don’t need to think about whether it works with your preferred device or not.

Easy To Use

Though we all live in the era of technology, that doesn’t mean we all are becoming tech experts. Many people are non-techy guys and it is designed to be used with one click by considering everyone’s needs.

It’s straightforward to use, and no need for any expertise. You can use it only by inserting the USB stick into your device and clicking the “Go” button. The Photostick Omni will do the rest itself for you.

Easy Sharing

Besides being easy to use, easy sharing is another top-notch feature of this device. You can easily share your lovely moments with your family and friends via email or Facebook post by clicking the sharing button.

Massive Storage Space

Can you imagine how many years memories hold the 120000 photos and videos? Yes, you can save this huge number of PNG, JPEG, MPEG4, MOV, and GIF format photos, and MP4 videos with its 256 GB memory. That means its huge capacity can save your every moment to cherish them when you get old or feel lonely.

Save Money On Cloud Storage

Whether it’s Dropbox, iCloud, or any, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee to use those to save your photo files. Moreover, you have to know how to use cloud storage, and the subscription fee will increase over time. But, once you own the Photostick Omni, you can use its benefits forever. So, it saves your subscription fee cost every month.

Ensure 100% Security

Safety and security are always one of the main concerns when using any electronic gadget. Because who knows when hackers will hack the device and get access to the precious information.

The Photostick Omni prioritizes it from top to bottom to make it secure and hacker free. So it is 100% safe and secure.

Key Features of PhotoStick

Synchronized Devices

Though it is an older version, it is synchronizable with most devices. It is mobile, PC, or laptop friendly and compatible with Mac OS 10.7 to the later version, all Windows operating systems, including Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. So no matter which gadget you have, you can use it.

Ease To Use

You don’t need to be a techy guy to use it, as it is designed for mass people. It is programmed to do everything once it is connected to the devices. That means you just need to connect it with your device manually from where you import the photo files. After connection, click anywhere and the Photostick application will find, sort, select, remove the duplicate, and save the PNG, JPEG, GIF, and other photos to its memory.

Different Size Storage Space

The Photostick comes with 4 different size memories 8 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. So it can back up 3500 photos and videos for 8 GB memory, 30000 for 64 GB memory, and 60000 for 128 GB memory. The price also varies depending on the memory size. So you can choose anyone based on your needs.

100% Secure

It keeps all your photos and videos safe and ensures security from being damaged or hacked. At first glance, it seems like a USB model adapter, nothing special. But the application is extra powerful to keep everything safe all the time.

What Are The Differences Between PhotoStick Omni and PhotoStick?

Now, let’s look at the core differences between PhotoStick Omni and Photo Stick.


You can use the PhotoStick Omni from iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple to all computers, where you can use the Photostick laptop, computers, and some smartphones. However, Photostick prefers mobile phones over computers.

Winner: By considering its version and usability, the PhotoStick Omni is the winner. As it is good to use for both computers and mobiles.

Storage Space

The Photostick Omni offers 256 GB memory and 120000 photo-saving opportunities, whereas Photostick offers the highest 128 GB memory and 60000 photo-saving benefits.

Winner: This time, Photostick Omni boldly wins.

Ease To Use And Security

Both are head to head in this case of easy operating and security, as both offer you the same advantages.

Winner: Now, we are bound to say it is a tie between them.

Where To Buy Photostick Omni?

There are mainly 4 options to buy the Photostick Omni photo backup device.

The first option is to collect it offline. By visiting your nearest mobile accessories shop, you can collect it.

The second option is to buy it from its official website by clicking here.

The third option is to visit the world’s largest e-commerce website Amazon, and buy it from there.

And the last option is another e-commerce website Walmart. There you also get your required device.

Basically, we love to reduce your toil to buy the Photostick Omni, that’s why we provide all the possible ways to buy it.

Where To Get PhotoStick?

Yes, you can also buy the Photostick both offline and online. If you like offline shopping, you can visit your nearest shopping mall to buy it. And if you don’t like the offline shopping hassle, placing an online order will be very convenient.

For online shopping, you can visit the Photostick official website. There you get the information to buy it.

Amazon is another good option to own the Photostick device. Here, you can read the authentic user’s review to justify its quality and durability.

Final Verdict

So, finally, we have reached the endnote of this head-to-head comparison between Photostick Omni Vs. Photostick. Yes, it’s tough to announce that one is better than another because most of their features are similar except for some.

However, as you don’t need to buy both of them, it’s necessary to determine which is better. For this, let’s reconsider their features once again.

By considering storage space, adaptability, and faster speed, the Photostick Omni is a clear winner. The easy using system and security are similar to Photostick. So we like to recommend the Photostick Omni, as it is far better than Photostick.

But, if your available devices are older versions and you don’t need much space, you can also choose Photostick.

Wish you safely keep your memories alive till the last day!

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