Photostick vs Flash Drive: In-Depth Comparison Guide 2021

, March 16, 2021

Storing something on your computer or mobile phone has a risk of being damaged or stolen. You have lots of chances to be stolen or hacked your information or stored data. At this time, you can use a portable device to secure your data from any type of source. Earlier, people tend to store data on a hard drive, which is very hard to transport from one place to another.

That’s why we used a tiny portable drive. There are two famous drives that can solve this data storing problem. One of the devices is a flash drive, and another is a photostick. Both the drives are amazing, with great features and quality. We’ve pinned every detail about Photostick vs flash drive for your preference.

Table of Content:

Do you want to buy an extra storage device for transferring or storing your data? And you are confused between photostick vs flash drive? Let’s look at the table of contents to save your time.

Comparison Chart:

Details of Product Photostick Flash drive
User Interface Easy to use, no software required Easy to use and built-in software
Support All types of device, PC, Mac or mobile Supports PC, Mac, computers
Back up system Automatic Backup No Automatic Backup
Number of port Multiple Single USB port
Capacity Large capacity due to auto backup Slightly lower than Photostick
Usability Data storage, backup data storage, backup, and bootable media
Internet requirements No No
Duplicate check Yes No
Data organization Yes No
Version 1 3
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Photostick Vs Flash Drive: What is The Main Difference?

Photostick Vs Flash Drive: What is The Main Difference

1. What is it?


The Photostick is a perfect device for storing data with safety. It is so simple to use that anyone can use it without any previous technical knowledge of storage devices. It works on all sorts of devices, including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS.

This low-priced best affordable data storage in the market. It allows you to organize all data with one click. This tiny device does not require any monthly subscription fees. Besides, it scans your stored data and picks the file you stored. This is a convenient device.

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Flash drive:

It’s nothing but a compact data storage device that is micro portable and lightweight in a simple word. Flash drives connect to other devices via a USB Type-A port. Besides, people also consider it as a jump drive or a thumb drive.

It can contain all types of data files, including pictures, videos, docs files, and bootable media. Flash drives can be written and rewritten an unlimited number of times without any trouble. Flash drives do not require any monthly subscription fees, and it does not need the internet to use.

2. Functionality

We know that both devices have similar data and files safely. This device works perfectly in its way of work. Still, they have some differences between them. Flash drives and photostick differences minor. The work process of both devices is different from one another. Let’s explore photostick vs flash drive functions.


The Photostick is one of the safest data storing devices that keeps all the data in a secure place. This device is very easy to use. If anywhere you ran out of storage just connect the Photostick and transfer necessary within a few moments to free up storage.


Moreover, the auto filtering system is one of the lucrative features to revamp it in your stock. This auto filtering system helps to use device storage properly. Hence you don’t need to install it manually, and you can use it directly. It keeps your data backup and organized.

Flash Drive:

Flash is another data storing device used as backup storage for PC or Mac. Flash drives use the EEPROM format to store data. Thus format uses an electrically erasable data program with a great read-only memory. This data drive works as a small hard drive for any PC or Mac. This device does not require any battery backup or the internet.

3. Capacity

Before buying any portable data storage, the first thing we search for is storage capacity. There are different storage capacities of these two devices. More storage devices have more people who will be attracted to buy them according to their convenience.


In photostick storage, capacities are generally higher. You will get storage of 1TB, 512GB, and 128Gb, and many more storage options. Photostick transfers and stores larger data files, including photos, videos, and other files. The size or capacity of the photostick depends on what kind of work you do. You can use built-in apps.


Flash drive:

You can also use your flash drive to store various data of your work and other purposes. This tiny device can provide you data storage of 128GB or less according to your convenience. You will not get any larger flash drives to store mass data. Common flash drives capacities are 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.

4. Appearance

There is nothing much of an appearance in these tiny storage devices. Appearance means how many ports a flash drive or photostick exists on the device.


Photostick also has a flash drive to store data, but the main difference between these two devices is that photostick has multiple ports. One is used to connect photostick with computers, and another poet has variety. It may be type -B or type-C for different types of mobile phones. Few devices have three ports, including a USB port and two different ports for Android and iOS.

Flash Drive:

Flash drive has only one port on it. This device can be used in only one device at a time with a single version. This device cannot be used for multi-purpose as a photostick with one device. So, you need to purchase different versions for multiple uses.

Flash Drive

5. How to Use?


Photostick data storage is very easy to use. You have to open the cover of a USB stick, and then you have to find a free port on your device and connect by placing the stick inside the port. All the USB ports do not support photostick, but you have found the right one to use.

After connecting the device machine will identify the drives and open the screen on windows. If windows do not open the storage, go to file explorer and click on the USB icon. The most important fact is that the brand has a user manual written in its package.

Flash drive:

Flash drives are easy to use the device. When you want to use it for saving data, you just have to insert it on any free USB port of the computer. Then the machine reads your device, and windows will pop-up a message saying external storage is connected. You can access the device from that message. If the pop-up message does not appear, go to window explorer and open it to start data storing.

6. Where to Buy?


This device is available on various e-commerce platforms. It is available in various capacities in the market; you just have found an appropriate one for your work.

Where to Buy

This is an affordable device. I suggest you buy it from their website where you will be given a 60 days guarantee. Also, a large discount will be provided in bigger capacity storage.

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Flash drive:

You can use a flash drive from different e-commerce sites according to your convenience. You have to find the proper device for your work.

Photostick Vs Flash Drive: Which Is Better for You?

In the end, photostick vs flash drive comparison, we say that both the devices are pretty close in terms of features. But I would recommend Photostick because it provides a few superior functions that lack in flash drives. It has a huge capacity with auto backup and duplicates erasing.

These two amazing products will help you in saving your data from any kind of damages. You will start reading this article being confused about a decision, but you will have a decision and proper knowledge of products and their whereabouts. You can buy a flash drive, and it also is just a need for file transfer from a computer.

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