4 Pressure Points That Help Relieve Stress


Stress became a common mental disorder to modern people. It can come from various thoughts and can lead someone to anger, frustration, or nervousness. To keep good mental or physical health, you need to be free from stress. There is an ancient technique to relieve stress which we are intending to discuss today. Pressure Points That Help Relieve Stress is the most effective remedy to reduce anxiety.

According to this treatment method, the human body is a powerhouse, and the energy flows from a higher point to a lower point. To successfully flow the power, there need some points, which are called acupoints or pressure points. Today we will discuss four types of pressure points which are able to relieve stress.

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Why Is It Important To Relieve Stress?

Relieve Stress

Stress is a root problem for numerous health conditions. It became a global pain such as fibromyalgia. Physical or mental stress increases for a heavy load on school, planning for a large event, demanding occupation, managing family life, etc. Among them, emotional stress is more complicated. Fear, death, relationship difficulties, anxiety is responsible for emotional stress.

All types of stress are not bad for health. However, stress for a long time can lead someone to a dangerous health condition. Many heart diseases, high blood pressure, obesity, and depression have a direct connection with stress. Stress for a long time may also cause some chronic diseases.

So, to keep a sound body and a sound mind relieve stress is essential. Holding stress for a long time affects our mental health. This type of mental condition is directly responsible for lack of concentration and memory loss. Relieving stress not only gives you a sound body but also boosts your performance in daily work.

4 Pressure Points That Help Relieve Stress

Pressure Points That Help Relieve Stres

According to Acupuncture treatment, 21 acupoints are best for calming the mind, relieving stress, and removing anxiety. Pressuring on these points works to reduce anxiety. Since the doctor found it, these pressure points are beneficial for different kinds of people. Among lots of acupoints here, we have discussed four more effective acupoints that can relieve stress.

Large Intestine 4: For those stress-induced headaches

The  Large Intense 4 is also known as the He Gu point. This point is the jack of all trades. Large Intense point works with constipation, neck or back pain, headaches. Pressing on this point is an excellent remedy for these problems. This common acupoint also prevents chronic migraines and other sleep disorders.

This point is located on the base of the thumb and the index finger. Pressure on this point continuously can reduce stress and anxiety. For a more productive result, you need to take a deep breath while pressing the point. You can press the point by yourself, or you may use a device called Aculief to pressure on this point.

Pericardium 6: For soothing the symptoms of anxiety and prompting deeper sleep

The Pericardium 6 or P-6 is known for motion sickness. This acupoint is also great for calming the mind, ensuring a night of better sleep. The doctor suggests pressuring on this point instead of acupuncture for sleep disorders people. This point is also to work with insomnia people.

The location of these acupoints is on the three-finger below of the widths. To press on this point by yourself is easy. This acupoint is also used to help to relieve nausea and vomiting. For people who have sleep disturbance for a long time, these acupoints can give them an effective result.

Spleen 6: For battling insomnia and calming the mind

Spleen 6 is one of the most usable acupoints for relieving stress in acupressure treatment. This point is much more effective for people who have a deficit in sleep. Spleen 6 is a perfect suit for insomnia people. It can boost up the sleep condition by relaxing the mind. This point is also used for pelvic disorders and urological problems.

The point is located to the center of the leg. It is precisely on the four-finger above the ankle under the bone of the tibia. Many studies have found that stimulating these acupoints can improve women’s general health. This acupoint point should not practice during pregnancy because it may induce labor.

Kidney 1: For when you want to feel cool and collected

This acupoint has a tremendous benefit. Creating pressure on Kidney 1 acupoints can cool your mind in a short time. These points reduce the stress and remove anxiety instantly. Kidney 1 acupressure point is a solid point for boat-up consciousness. This is an excellent home remedy for calm and collecting the mind.

The acupoint point is situated in the middle of the foot. This is the lowest acupuncture point. This acupoint has excellent effectiveness in the conscious mind. Massaging the Kidney 1 point three times daily can help you calm your mind in any condition. After the massage, make sure to switch the feet.

What is Aculief?

What is Aculief

Aculief is a wearable device that creates pressure on the Large Intestine 4 acupoints. This device does the work that acupressure did. Aculief is a great alternative to acupressure on LI4 acupoints. Putting this device on He Gu or LI 4 points has great effectiveness for stress relief. This simple device comes with a U-shape. This simple, portable, and lightweight device create continuous pressure on acupoints.

The doctor suggests these devices to use instead of medicine for sleep disorders and sleep apnea patients since this device can relax the mind and body. Pressing pressure on LI 4 acupoints with Aculief is also suitable for insomnia and sinus patients. Studies have found that wearing this device for a long time can improve the sleep disorders problem that even medicine can’t do. Aculief Review can give you more information about this incredible device.


Stress affects overall health. It doesn’t connect with a certain organ in the human body. It is mandatory to reduce stress to ensure good health. Pressure Points for Relieve Stress give you the facility to do it without any drug. Pressing on pressure points can relieve all kinds of stress; it’s not a scam.

A device like Aculief makes the way more convenient to relieve stress. This wearable device can be the best alternative to pressing the pressure point manually.

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