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A printer is something that we all need at different moments of our daily life. For example, if you want to create special memories with your beloved one, making an album, or complete any project. Then the first thing that you feel a necessity is a personal printer. Based on the same necessity, I had been searching for a portable, small, and compact printer.

Then one of my friends suggests me to check this Printx Pro. Giving priority to his suggestion, I did some research about this printer and decided to get one. After using this smart printer these days, I have become a great fan of it. This is the reason here in this PrintX Pro Review, I’m going to share my practical experience with you. So that after reading this article, you could make a wise decision for yourself.

About Printx Pro

Printx Pro is a smart, small, portable, cordless, Bluetooth thermal printer that assists you to transform digital photos and documents into a print form. The printer works with a very smart process by using the latest technology.

About Printx Pro

Basically, it uses heat and the thermal expansions of molecules of paper to draw photographs, illustrations, and designs on real paper. The best part of this printer is you can take it everywhere you want and get instant printing documents.

Besides this smart printer doesn’t require any cable to print out your documents. It uses a software-based Bluetooth connection to print your photographs and other documents. Moreover, the printer allows you to pair with several devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. By using any of these devices, you can print out your file anywhere you want.

Special Features of PrintX Pro

Before making any decision about this portable, printing device, it’s better to learn about its core features and other characteristics. This will assist you to realize if this is the device that you’re looking for. Now here in this PrintX Pro Review section, I’m going to show you some special features of this printer that I’ve enjoyed these days.

Special Features of PrintX Pro

Cordless Connection:

Its wireless connection is the most amazing part that I really love about this printer most. The printer uses Bluetooth 4.0 connection with a software-based app. As a result, you can print anything, anywhere you want, without any complexity.

Record Your Story:

The printer helps you to get a physical and permanent record of your story from anywhere, anytime you want. It means you can print a photograph or any documents and get the physical form of that file.

Environment Friendly:

Basically, PrintX Pro uses thermal printing technology with a high-quality printing head. Instead of any ink, the printer uses thermal paper. As a result, you get chemical-free printing. Besides that, the printer is typically faster, quieter, and more energy-efficient and it supports powerful USB fast-charging.

Compact Shape:

To ensure the user’s easy hand tasking the manufacturer of PrintX Pro designed it ergonomically, make it small and lightweight. As a result, you can comfortably grip it and easily move it anywhere you like.

Print Anything you Want:

The printer allows you to print anything you want. For example, you can print photos, a memorandum, or any other documents and records. With the app of this printer, you can customize your printing by using different themes and fonts.

Devices and Apps:

PrintX Pro supports a variety of devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and computers. Using any of these devices, you can comfortably print your documents. It has a dedicated free app for your phone and computers. By searching the name of Peripage, you’ll find the app on the play store & APP store.

Why Do You Really Need The PrintX Pro?

There are a lot of reasons to have this printer. Below this segment, I’m going to show you why I brought this device for myself. So that you could match your requirements and make a wise decision.  The first thing that impressed me about this device is its portability, wireless connectivity, and multiple device support.

Why Do You Really Need The PrintX Pro

Besides that, the printer is made with great construction with durable materials that make it resistant to breaking. Using the printer is very simple and easy, anyone with no previous knowledge can easily use this printer. Compared to other regular printers, its price is also very much affordable. You can have this printer without burning your pocket. With the help of this printer app, you can customize your documents with different fonts and themes.

How Does PrintX Pro Work?

Well, as a new user of this device this is a very common question that will arise in your mind. Below I’m going to show you how this printer actually works based on my practical experience with it. First, you need to pair the printer with its supported devices. You can use your smartphone, tablet, or computers. In my case, I use my smartphone to print out my personal documents.

How Does PrintX Pro Work

After paring the printer with your device, you can print any kind of image or other documents within just 30 seconds. You’ll just need to place the paper inside the printer and give it a command through the app from the paring device. Then within 30 seconds, you’ll receive your documents HD-quality print out.

PrintX Pro is a perfect option for those people who want to print something instantly with a small size and less period of time. To provide you a quieter and faster print copy the printer comes with the latest thermal technology of printing.

How Can I Use PrintX Pro?

Using PrintX Pro is more easy and simple than drinking a glass of water. Then again, to meet your curiosity, below this segment, I’m going to tell you how I use this device.

How Can I Use PrintX Pro

Step-1: Turn on your printer and pair it with your selected devices. It could be your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Step-2: To pair the printer with your device, you need to install the default app of this printer. You’ll get the app on Google, play store, and app store.

Step-3: Once the app is installed, you can easily pair the printer with your device through its 4.0 Bluetooth connection.

Step-4: Once the printer is connected with your device, you can print any photographs or other documents within 30 seconds.

Advantages of PrintX Pro

Let me tell you some advantages of this PrintX Pro portable printer that I have enjoyed these days.

Advantages of PrintX Pro

Easy Operation:

Actually, I have never seen any printer with such a simple operating system like PrintX Pro. All that I have to do is to install the default app of this printer on my device and connect the printer with its 4.0 Bluetooth. Then whatever I give the command to print within 30 seconds it gives me the HD print paper.

Supports Multiple Devices:

This is the most flexible part of this printer. You can use it with your smartphone, tablet, or computer comfortably without any problem. Besides that, its default app is perfectly supported with Android, ios, and computer operating systems.

Instant Printing:

With this smart portable printer, you can print any photographs or documents instantly within 30 seconds with HD quality.

Lightweight And Portable:

This is the exclusive part of this device. The printer is ergonomically designed, comes in a compact shape, and super portable. Because of this, you can easily grip it and move with it anywhere you like.

Disadvantages of PrintX Pro

During this period, since the time I’m using this printer, I didn’t experience anything wrong with this device. The only thing that I could clarify as a downside of this device is it’s only available only online and the manufacturer of this printer produces it in limited quantity. Because of this, most of the time the products get quickly stock out.

Is PrintX Pro a scam?

This is a very fair question if you recently hear about this device. Even, I had the same question when I heard about it 1st. But the features of this printer impressed me a lot that I started research on it and studied the real buyer’s review.

After that, I have decided to check it by myself. Since then, this printer is my best travel companion. Wherever I go it goes with me. It helps me a lot at different times in different situations with its smart printing facility. If you have a plan to get this printer then I can assure you that you can blindly go for that.

Where Can I Purchase The PrintX Pro?

The PrintX Pro portable printer is available only on its official site. If you want to have this device, you must have to order it from its official site. I had purchased mine from its official site with a huge 50% discount and the printer is perfectly working till now.

The manufacturer again announces the promo offer for a limited time. So if you want to have this printer do it hurry to get the huge 50% promo discount. For your convenience, down this section, I’m including the official site link of this device.

Final Thought

As you’re now at the end of this PrintX Pro Review, you have a complete concept about this portable printer. No matter what is your profession, this is your perfect companion.

It allows you to print a photograph or document instantly within 30 seconds with HD quality. Because of its compact shape and super portability, you can easily move with it anywhere you like.

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